One Bad Reddit Post Brought $198 in Adwords Traffic

One Bad Reddit Post Brought $198 in Adwords Traffic

So, last week I posted my vlog to Reddit. It only got up to 23 upvotes,
but that generated over 2,000 views and 170 subscriptions. Then, over the next two days, I tried to duplicate
that Reddit traffic using YouTube pre-roll ads
to find out the monetary value of that Reddit post,
As well as what views and subscribers cost, right now, during Adpocalypse, using YouTube
pre-roll ads. Now, I know that numbers aren’t for everyone,
and this episode is going to be particularly number heavy,
so I wanted to add, next week, I had an idea, I came up with a website, it
was I had 169,000 users. I haven’t talked about it since I shut it
down, but in next week’s episode I’ll discuss my
experience turning an idea into a website. Make sure you’re subscribed so you don’t miss
it. Now back to the current thing. First, I’m going to show you the raw numbers
and then we’re going to go through them again slowly to really pull out the meaning. So, I took my vlog and paid to play it before
any other video on YouTube, as an ad, to see what it cost to get views and subscriptions. Untargeted, the ad ran 1,137 times for $26.79. That happened all within ten minutes. It played all over YouTube on 1,050 different
channels and brought in 30 subscriptions. Targeted ads were viewed 780 times for $86.47
and brought in 67 subscriptions. Then, finally, Reddit. This post was not popular on Reddit. It peaked at 23 upvotes and stabilized around
8. The Reddit numbers were awful. The YouTube numbers they generated were AMAZING. That post alone brought in 2,335 views, 170
subscriptions and $1.01 in ad revenue. Now there are a lot of ways to do the math
here. For Reddit I’m going to use peak votes, because
I think the number of votes a Reddit post has at its peak is the most influential in
driving traffic. So now, let’s do meaning. Unrestricted views cost me 2.36 cents per
view. When the ad shows and people skip before 30
seconds, I didn’t pay anything. But, anyone who hit 30 seconds I paid 2.36
cents each. Now, with unrestricted views, 1 out of 43
people who watched for 30 seconds or more, ended up subscribing. That made the price per subscriber using YouTube
pre-roll ads, on unrestricted content, during Adpocalypse, 89.3 cents per subscriber. I’ll link to the video I used in the description
below, if you want to see what they saw. Next, targeted views. I targeted several channels and even up to
a bid of 30 cents per view I could only get on the channel called “Crash Course.” Because I was targeting, the views cost much
more. I paid 11.1 cents per view on average, which
is 4.7 times the cost of an unrestricted view. But targeting worked in that 1 out of 11.5
people who viewed 30 seconds of the ad ended up subscribing. So, that’s a conversion rate almost four times
higher than the unrestricted views. But because those eyes cost so much more,
it ended up averaging out to $1.29 per new subscriber using targeted ads. So this could be different for your type of
content, but for me, the niche I’m targeting is so expensive that it’s worth just shotgunning
my ad out to unrestricted, untargeted viewers. But trying targeted ads for similar content
was really interesting for market research. What that means is that advertisers think
that users who watch this type of content are more than ten times more valuable than
random YouTube eyes. To make this all better, Adwords has a coupon
that I mentioned last week, which I link in the description below. When you spend $25 they’ll add $75 to your
account. I was able to get a coupon for a hundred dollars
when you spend $25 by calling the 1-800 number on that page. Using my actual numbers, unrestricted views
which spent just the bare minimum 25, plus the hundred dollars from the coupon would
bring in 140 subscribers. If you use the $75 coupon, that would bring
in 112 subscribers. Using my targeted numbers and the hundred
dollar coupon, that would be 97 subscribers. And with the $75 coupon it would be 77 subscribers. This is a great example of why using data
is important. With the same $25 you can either get 140 subscribers
or 77. Now, if you’re a huge channel this is a really
bad idea. Even at the cheapest possible option, those
users would have to watch an average of 90 more videos just to make back the money it
cost to get them in the first place. But if you’re a tiny channel, like me, then
this is an amazing deal. I have 324 subscribers, so I still know everyone’s
name and would be overwhelmed to get 140 more. But before we hit conclusions, let’s do Reddit. At the peak this post had 23 net upvotes,
with upvotes being the currency of Reddit. Now here’s the really amazing thing, 1 out
of 13.7 views that came from Reddit ended up subscribing. If you compare that to the two Adwords options,
the people who showed up were much more like targeted viewers than like random viewers. So each net upvote on that Reddit post brought
in 101.5 YouTube views, 7.4 subscriptions and 4.4 cents in ad revenue. That is huge. So, now, if I use my actual, combined numbers,
that one unpopular Reddit post was worth $198.71 in Adwords driven subscriptions. Or it was worth $128.52 in Adwords driven
views. So, if you were equally targeting views and
subscriptions using my actual data, then each net upvote at the peak added $7.11
in Adwords advertising to my post. And each down vote took away $7.11 in Adwords
ads. Because you have the power to vote either
way, your one vote made a $14.22 difference in how many people came and saw my video. This might be the one part of life where your
one vote makes a huge, meaningful, instant difference, regardless of what the majority
ends up choosing. So, summary points. If 140 new subscribers would make a difference
to you, from my experience, spending the $25 pre-rolling your ad, especially during Adpocalypse,
is really worth it. This was in last weeks’ episode, but if you’re
going to buy a house, you buy it right after the crash. If you’re going to buy stocks, buy them right
after the crash. If you’re ever going to buy YouTube ads, do
it during Adpocalypse. I was able to get the $100 bonus coupon by
calling, I don’t know that everyone will be able to get that. Leave comments below on what works and what
doesn’t work, if you do call the number. Test out targeted views. They convert better and teach you about the
value of your market. But don’t be afraid of untargeted views. For me, untargeted pre-rolls were so much
cheaper that they were the better option. Next, don’t use an adwords expert. When I called to get that coupon, I got transferred
to an “expert” who tried to help. They’re trained in selling products and external
websites. Mine didn’t know what a vlog was. And even after watching the episode and consulting
with her manager, she suggested that instead of running YouTube ads that I use regular
Google search and buy the keywords “Free Online Movie Download.” That’s an adorable misunderstanding of what
YouTube is and my “expert” was super nice and really trying to help, but I deleted her
entire campaign as soon as we got off the phone so I could do it right. Next, Reddit is better than Adwords for the
effort you put in to get each viewer and subscriber. YouTube is better than Reddit for friendly
comments. Reddit’s thing is anonymity. People make up weird usernames, and can say
whatever they want with no repercussions. That makes Reddit a really safe place to be
mean and write mean comments. If you have bile in your soul, Reddit is the
place to take it out and spread it all over the Internet. So, post your content to Reddit.There are
lots of good people there and it brings tons of high quality traffic. But then read your comments on YouTube where
people use their real photos, their real names, and people are much more supportive and friendly. Adwords sells a great product, but dealing
with them was one of the worst consumer experiences of my life. I was permanently banned, for life, from Adwords,
while I was still on the phone with my Adwords “expert” setting up my account for the first
time. Once you’re banned, they send you a letter
telling you that they won’t tell you why you’re banned. I ended up figuring out that it was because
there’s a # sign in my mailing address. Billing cleared my ban as soon as I removed
that pound sign. But I had to open a second account in order
to get the data for this video, that’s how I figured out that the # sign was
the problem. And now Terms & Conditions has permanently
banned me for life because I opened that second account. Despite being banned, I’m going to try to
find a way to repeat this experiment with each vlog. Day 1 will be Reddit. Day 2 will be Adwords ads. And, over time, hopefully the numbers will
get better and better. Looking at numbers like this, you can really
see why entertainers make so much money. If untargeted eyes are worth 2.36 cents each
(per ad!). And targeted eyes are worth more than 30 cents
each (per ad!) then anyone who can draw a huge audience is
really drawing a huge amount of value for advertisers. So, to Redditors, thank you for all the traffic
and subscriptions. To YouTubers, I was overwhelmed with how friendly
and supportive complete strangers were to me, just because I posted one video. Mouse over this floating face icon for the
subscribe button so you’re here for the eChemistry story next week. And the Reddit / Adwords updates, whenever
they happen. This is still the beginning of this channel,
so you being here means way extra right now. So: Thank you. And I will see you next week.


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