Off The Page with Lage Raho Munna Bhai | Coming Soon

Off The Page with Lage Raho Munna Bhai | Coming Soon

Good morning, Mumbai! Welcome to our new
show – ‘Bapu’s Magic’. My dad has chosen a groom
for me from the matrimonials. The pension officer has
withheld it for 2 years and is asking for
Rs 5000 in bribe. I lost my father’s savings
in the stock market. For 3 days, I’ve cleaned his
mess. I know he won’t change. You’re wondering
what happened to me, right? I was shot down years ago, but my thoughts will keep causing chemical
cock-ups in some brains. Three cheers for Gandhigiri!


    This need to appreciated…. Thanks Film Companion for this…. Celebrating collaborations and Wonderful Cinema…

    I think the Subs of Film Companion will increase with a greater extent ,after these episodes will be Uploaded, As they Feature not just #LRMB cast But also ,3 Biggest Youtubers of India….!!!!!

    The most difficult 24 hours! ☺️
    I really love the way Team FC is upping their game… While Rajeev Masand came up with 'the bold punch' and 'actor's cut'…

    I was wondering what Anupama Ma'am would come up with..
    And here it is..
    First 'spill the tea', then 'on the move', 'fc disruptors'… And now this!!

    Kudos!! No comparisons here…
    Coz for me its just more and more and more content on cinema!

    Doped already☺️
    Waiting eagerly!!!!!!!

    Film Companion is not only best Indian YouTube channel but one of the channel dedicated to movie's in the world.

    somewhere right wing youtube channels : "this is conspiracy against our culture by libtards like anupama and raju hirani. gandhi is not the father of nation. it's modi."

    Trust me,After these episodes film companion gonna shine and shine.What a content .Thank you FC,your oldest subscriber!

    Mai ne to subscribe bhi krdiya aap
    Log bhi jal di krlo taki aani wali
    Video ki notifications mil jaye

    This program is incomplete without the greatest Rajkumar Hirani………. What the hell he was involved in #Me too……… Very sad about his not coming on this show😭😭😭😭

    Maa ki chut sanjay dutt ki.. why Anupama and rajeev dont have the efing guts to ask him the tough questions !!!!

    What is this youtube kachra doing here? I dont have problem with youtube stars but what is the purpose? Just to attract more viewers or something else.

    Wonderful initiative ..

    And all those who are commenting against Ashish Chanchlani being there, he'll ace it.

    FC is going going to get thier highest views ever on a single video within a week when this full video is out.😊😊😊😊

    when it comes to promoting the movie they'll do it.. but they won't do a sanju review due to conflict of interest.

    That guy spitting on the door (wearing black shirt) is none other than Sajid samji from (sajid-Farhad duo). Who noticed this? Film companion?

    Raju Irani, should have re-release this movie, on 2nd October.
    It would have done well again.
    And people would also re learn lot more — Gandhiji's non-violent movement.
    We need these in today's world.
    I love this movie, excellent.
    Thanks for sharing.

    Film companion ke LRMB wali segment dekhne ke baad kis kis ne Movie dekh dala batao
    Apun ne dekh liya
    Bole toh Gandhi Giri Zindabaad 😍

    Next if you could get the whole cast of Sholay movie…will miss Amjad khan and Sanjeev Kumar 😊👍👍👍

    The timing is so perfect.. thank you film companion , on the behalf of the public of the country to bring this in these politically and socially corrupt and turbulent times.. so so required and essential right not for the country .. when godse amar rahe trends on Gandhi jayanti.. we are living in such sorrowful times right now.. this effort is so subtle yet going to be impactful I believe.. really applaud your thought!!!!

    indian youtubers are the last living creatures you want in Munnabhai…yes, they can make faces & say a few unsavory things but at the end of the day, you gonna need actors who doesn't begin every sentence with चलिए दोस्तो शुरू करते हे। even in youtube fanfest

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