Odette Guide 1 | Try This New Role For Odette | Master the Basics | Odette Gameplay | MLBB

Odette Guide 1 | Try This New Role For Odette | Master the Basics | Odette Gameplay | MLBB

what is this new role that’s good on Odette? in this mobile legends guide we are going to talk about the positive and negative things that can happen if you do this role also included here the right and wrong things that I did on this game before we start, if you want to join our weekly giveaway hit like, share and comment your ID# and In game name and also where you shared the video then hit subscribe and the notification bell but most importantly you must finish every video ok, let’s go! in this game this is the emblem that I chose more on magic damage because of the scaling of her skills meaning the higher the magic damage she has, the more magic power will be added on her skills and mystery shop to have more items that increase her damage when it comes to spell, flicker is the best for her because she can do ultimate + flicker in this game, my role is Support we are going to know here if Odette will still be strong even if she is a support as a support, the 1st thing you need to remember is you need to buy roam item most of the Odette player that I see, they want to go side lane but they only take the farm of the marksman when you are a support you don’t need to share the farm with the marksman, that means he can farm faster and to understand more how you can make you ally farm faster when you are a support I made “Nana Guide 3” that you can watch you will know there the different things you need to do to make your ally farm faster even if you are just a support now we are going to fast forward on the boring parts as a support you need to remember that if there’s a teamfight near you, you must join them another reason why Odette is a good support because She has crowd control or stun that’s why it’s also good for her to join the teamfights to be able to catch enemies easier aside from that, because Odette is not that fast when farming jungle, it’s better for her to be support after he took the crab, it’s better if he take the jungle creeps here because there’s a teamfight on top, he doesn’t need to be defensive one of the negative side when you do Odette Support you won’t reach level 4 fast but because you are just support, it’s ok even if getting to level 4 will be a delayed my mistake here is I became so greedy even if my allies are already gone, I still went in next thing you need to remember when you are using a support don’t be afraid to harass the enemy as much as possible you must pressure your enemy in lane it’s ok even if both of you became low hp because if you go back to base you will still have gold and the enemy in lane won’t have and because we won the teamfight, we should push not because you are support, doesn’t mean you won’t push it’s not important how much damage you can deal or if you can already destroy the tower what’s important is you must atleast deal damage to the enemy towers another thing you need to remember, you must always use Odette’s passive as much as possible, after using a skill you must basic attack before we continue the video I want to shoutout Jc Sanchez, Desi Israel and Sanetiago whoever is the first three comment on every video, I will shoutout on the next video so if you’re not yet subscribed, hit subscribe and the notification bell when it comes to item build because the enemy has Esmeralda that’s why I need to go Necklace of Durance first this is my item build for this game but if there’s no Esmeralda, this is what I can do you can still change the last 2 items depending on the situation and to understand more how to item build I made an item build guide part 1, 2 and 3 that you can watch you will know there all the items on mobile legends now, because Granger already has farm, I can already leave him on lane it’s more important now for me to join the teamfight but you need to remember, the teamfight you should join is the one you can take objectives if you think the marksman is the one taking objectives, just join the marksman when it comes to Odette, her 2nd skill is so important as much as possible you must hit her 2nd skill and when it hits, don’t hesitate to use your ultimate you just need to remember, whenever you are using the 2nd skill you just need to get close a bit to make your ultimate reach the enemy next thing you need to remember when using Odette don’t forget that she is a mage that’s why your positioning is important as much as possible you must not get close to the crowd control skills of the enemies or much better, just wait for them to use their crowd control skills before going in it’s so important that the enemy won’t be able to cancel your ultimate and if you want to understand more what mage heroes does I made a mage guide that you can watch you will know there everything you need to know if you’re using mage heroes another thing you need to remember, as a support you should be the one giving vision to your ally you don’t need to show or farm in lane because you already have roam item I hope you learn a lot from this guide and if you have a guide that you want me to make, just comment below and I’ll try to make one about it and because you finished the video I want the winner of our weekly giveaway are the one watching ’til the end for me to know if you really watched it you need to look for the keyword on this video comment the Keyword plus your ID# and In game name, but you should not comment here comment it on our latest weekly highlights one with the keyword will win our weekly giveaway so if you are not yet subscribed, hit subscribe and the notification bell always remember if you want to improve #justmasterthebasics I’m out


    Maraming salamat tlga lods kahit mythic na ako dahil sa mga tutorial malaking tulong po saakin na improve ang gameplay ko maraming salamt tlga lods keep it up ๐Ÿ™‚ godbless


    I love Odette and my support/mage hybrids like Nana. My playstyle is support for early game then as a mage from mid to late game.

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    Kung mag suSupport ka dapat siguraduhin may kasama ka lagi. Pero para sakin mas maganda parin burst build mo sa odette kahit e supp mo mn sya

    The Pro Player of Odette for me
    ngayun alam kona papano gamitin si odette thanks Master The Basics

    KeyWord: SkinGiveAway
    IGN. sMithYan
    ID. 335194798 (3656)

    imo best supportmage parin valir cause adequate damage kahit wala pang items and insane slow+knockback and stun

    master pwd favor naman gawa ka tutorial pano ka mag edit ng video mo at anong recorder gamit mo kasi gamit ko mobizen sa oppo auto cancel out sya kaya hirap akong makapag record sana po gawin nyo to master hihintayin namin

    Ty sa tutorial na to boss Master. Try ko gawin supp si odette. Add ko lang boss, mas ok pataamain yung passive ni odette bago sya mag ult kasi mag bobounce ng mabilis at malaki damage nun. Skill 2-1-basic atk ( 2stacks of passive na mag bobounce)- ULT. manonotice mo mag bobounce ng mabilis yun tas malaki damage, dagdag lang po. Sana makatulong po

    My fav. Hero, my main hero ๐Ÿฅฐ๐Ÿฅฐ๐Ÿฅฐ Nasa world rank na veve ko ๐Ÿ™‚

    Naka abot ako ng Mythic rank dahil kay Odette (6 winstreak with her) … Pero nahihirapan na ako mag odette sa Mythic Rank ๐Ÿ˜ญ

    Mas magandang gamitin ang purify kay odette pag puro CC ang skills ng kalaban but GREAT VID!!!

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