Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – September 8, 2019 | NBC Nightly News

Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – September 8, 2019 | NBC Nightly News


    Aren't the people, and the government (such as it is), aware that there are hurricanes in that part of the world, and have been ever since their ancestors came there more than 500 years ago? Isn't 500 years enough time to figure out the weather in the place you live? I am so sick of seeing photos of these helpless people who have no foresight or ability to plan for the future. Chimpanzees live for the moment, and lack foresight, but these are supposed to be human beings, and more should be expected of them. Oh, yes, I know, they cannot afford to build structures that will withstand a hurricane, but each town should at least have a school building that is reinforced and high enough – stocked with food and water- to survive a storm.
    This is the responsibility of the government. Every group has some people with I.Q."s over 100 who can lead the others and make these plans. It is not the responsibility of the U.S. to bail these people out, and make up for their shortcomings. You say there is no money? They have plenty of money for rum and cigarettes, but none for planning for the future.

    She talks out side of her mouth, lester still locked up in max security. They need to rotate anchors out so we dont get stuck with canuck Tom Brokaw. Any one can do that job . Ez pz

    NBC with their alarmist negative rant attack on our prez. He broke of meeting which was probably fake anyway. We should never let Taliban, or their people in this country.

    Remember when Liar Trump called out a real President Obama for telling the enemy what you are going to do before doing it. President Moron Donald

    Is the poppy/opiate,s/heroin that important!!! You bet your bad back, heroin addiction it is baby!!! An this is coming from someone with severe degenerative disc disease chronic pain 24/7……

    SO, the reward for you STEALING/EMBEZELLING money from your OWN CLIENTS as an accountant watching your bank account grow with their money, is that you (also) get to: "watch my child's every little tooth grow." …Oh, How nice…SMFH

    Drumph is using his Stupid Fat Gut feeling! Remove 5 time Draft Dodger, Liar, Cheat, and THIEF! Trump hates America, Remove Republican Corruption, take down Moscow Mitch too!

    Keeping babies in prison huh? awsome😉👌 STOP LOCKING MOMS UP! put them into a program, smh. You people are devils. So 700 kids were sentenced to PRISON TERMS having never committed a crime? Makes sense, smh.😔

    I like how lester tried to claim prison reform is bipartisan, the only reason the Democrats got on board is because of trump's success

    I'd like to know the numbers on women returning to prison after raising their child in prison. I noticed it's been going on for twenty years. What no data on that? Or was that left out of the report because the program doesn't actually work?

    15:51 I'm sorry… Did she just say we need to "stop incarcerating men and women the same?" Listen, sweetheart, I'm all for reforming this country's hideously corrupt prison-for-profit system, but last time I checked, incarcerating every criminal the same regardless of gender is part of that whole "equal rights" thing.

    Let's ask the one question no one asks when they judge these beautiful sisters…..WHERE ARE THE PENISES THAT ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE 50% CONTRIBUTION TOWARDS THE CREATION OF THESE CHILDREN????? I always see the women, always the women….ALONE!!

    As many years as it takes to be rid of you heathens. Keep ignorant and keep ignoring your biblical demise 🥊🥊⚖

    Wahmen: "We want equality. We NEED things to be the same for men and women. Except that prison and workplace deaths and custody awarding stuff. We want the upper hand with respect to those issues. But equality is our motto!……."

    YEAH OK….

    All the Dems throwing in their 2 cents worth re: Afghanistan peace talks: STFU & allow your Commander-in-Chief to do his job!

    Trump is just showing how he can be a bad guy too, and feels power by being a "bad". He doesn't like to be known for any wisdom. Now Russia who knows America's weakness with Trump at the helm, are upping their military prowess testing Alaska.

    Me thinks trump has met his match w/Chrissy Tiegen….If he think he is a master at name calling- just wait. If anyone think that she is disrespecting the Prez. – think again…..trump has degraded & disrespected every & anyone. trump especially hate women & POC.- If he can "dish it out- he should be able to take it in"…….

    Wow guess you can't build a wall around this. Sending ships and planes to help bring people from tragedy how ironic

    pull it into shallow water and pull it up right,it us still afloat and drafting shallow, its about the only way to keep it from will be easier to repair or salvage and get it out of the shipping channel

    So Trump was merely selling wolf tickets and the Taliban was never coming to town? GOOD! The phony. He's creating a stupid resume for himself, in an effort to make the most spectacular resume of any president. As Fred Sanford would say to Lamont, "You big dummy."

    God is REMOVING his BLESSING from AMERICA (that's because her people taught their tongues to speak LIES and because they say "Peace, peace" to men who HATE GOD, Psalm 109:17, 28 & Jeremiah 23:17-22). Someone want obviously wants to "get away with murder" — then point the finger and say "GOD DID IT! — I DID NOTHING!", Jeremiah 5:1-12* (get it now, Rabbi)?

    The Meeting the President Scheduled at Camp David, was an marketing ploy. What better than to announce on 9-11, that he had brokered a "Deal", to end the war and pull out all or troops.
    Thank goodness it was cancelled. 😔
    Prayers to the Troops and Their Families!

    NBC, nothing more than a terrorist organization…Like the Taliban NBC placed explosives in cars and blew up GM pickups… they continue with their anti america radicalized reporting

    Men want to raise their children in jail too. Prison family's, prison cities. All private corporate prisons, shame…

    Zionist have two political parties here in the USA; can you name them, and which one do you support with your vote; which political party wasn't involved in the planning, execution, and cover-up of 9/11? The voters are probably the smartest that America has to offer?!?

    Taliban had nothing to do with 911. It was a movement by the NWO HWGB and company. Badly designed and easy to pinpoint. Still nothing but lies about that day, despite all the proof needed to round them all up and put them in a nice cell for life.

    First Katrina now dorian.
    These storms are always in the paths of Black Peoples living space, specifically.
    Social engineering -life by design – using nature as a weapon .

    thats what happen when a country does not believe in climate change,.so stop complaining. they.always believe that climate change is a hoax or a joke.

    So, he's building a wall to keep out the Mexicans yet he's willing to be buddies with the Taliban. You Trump supporters are something else.

    Fake news .you can report anything you want ..but trump will be sitting in the office 2020 lol kate snowflake. Sux it baby.gfydems .

    If lost in the mountains, walk down hill, soon you will find a stream, follow stream, in the usa within 3 to 8 miles the stream will go under a bridge, get on road, get found by passing car. 90% of lost adults walk up hill because we believe we can magically see where we are if we walk to "the top".

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