Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – September 13, 2018 | NBC Nightly News

Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – September 13, 2018 | NBC Nightly News


    Liked your report about hurricane after that it went straight wonder alternative media is so popular. You are being fed rubbish America.Time to research things for yourselves.

    Is it true the Queen of England is purchasing land in the Rocky Mts.? I thought Obama was moving himself and family to England? Did they move? I never hear anything about the man since he left office.

    these reporters are so stupid…they'll do anything for a report to make them look like they know what they are doing…unbelievable!!!

    Too bad Puerto Rico didn't have disaster perpetration readiness when they were hit with MARIA last year. Lives could have been saved. A lot more preparation for Hurricane Florence!

    Seriously NBC?!?!? People are at risk of this hurricane and you take this opportunity to blast president Trump???? You are shameless and disgustingly self-centered NBC


    15:55-mr trump offered president obama $5,000,000.00 to any charity he wanted for PROOF of a U.S. birth certificate!
    (i downloaded obamas alleged original birth certificate(WHITE HOUSE), but it wasnt real(i used an adobe program and it showed(just like i seen on a video on youtube) that every piece of the document was fabricated)
    and President Trump is still waiting for obamas U.S. birth certificate

    Ok exactly how can an Ambulance get to someone’s house in a hurricane?! Massive flooding and high winds, and they attempt to go out and help people anyway?!

    It is obvious that reporters covering the orange shenanigans are finding it harder and harder to do it with a straight face.

    Trump is not “fixated” on PR hurricane. The NUMBERS WERE INFLATED – Puerto Ricans said it was. Names? Even on PBS, they said somehow 65 deaths turned into 3,000 almost overnight without explanation.

    diversity is not strength,but unity with some common grounds is.dnc been promote worship of foreign govs under skin color, they carve up US from within.the gingsburg law is double standards hide stuff

    Why exactly do they have to be in the rain & wind to report? they think we won't believe them that the weather's bad?!

    Не хотите не смотрите и вас скоро бедствия постигнуть бог судится с народом и свами. Боитесь божий суд. Но он и к вам прийдет. Это не конец.

    Human blood type O are living free by welfare under name FINANCIAL . But how bad they are . They are mixing bad , bad Toxic at homes , schools , Hospitals . . Then they lied "Nuke" . So what ever all burn , wild fire . . .

    why does the storm have to have a human name why not something like MegaStorm Of Death approaching or Hurricane Dooms Day comes ashore bet you that would get people out of there real fast.

    The goverment spends billions on military but they spend literally nothing on updating infrastructure, first Flint Michigan now Boston, but oil companies have all legal right to take land from citizens and to pollute our fresh water rivers with little accountability.

    God is punishing the Americans for supporting Israel Zionest Jews and the killing of innocent palastanian civilians in Gaza and Golan heights, God's wrath towards the USA , more storms TO follow, DEATH AND DESTRUCTION TO THE AMERICANS, for supporting Saudi Arabia and the massacre of innocent Yemen children,

    Go to 2:30 and watch Gadi…green screen with a wind machine. So many tells, but the biggest is that the wind completely stops blowing him and his clothing several seconds before the segment is cut. Unfortunate that you can’t even believe a weather report is valid these days, and only proves that deception is the only value nbc brings to its news channel.

    The middle class loses money and the poor die. The super rich are insured, have evacuated. They appreciate your vote in protecting them. Hopefully something will trickle down to the working folks that voted for the rich to get more help. You may have to eat your vote in a mold infested shelter of a house. Your millionaires are living it up in California for a few weeks. I'm sure they appreciate the help.

    careful when you break word of God and the forfathers of this country, as Apache/German/Dutch, death is death natural desasters are the norm, no one has control on that and Puerto Ricans thought they could ride it out and they speak Catalan so go to SPAIN as you refuse to speak our elected language ENGLISH! so go to SPAIN!

    The skanks n whores are at it again! Another extermination–land grab event. Will YOU have to swear never to bad-mouth Israeli Khazarians to get YOUR ins? Just shades of Texas.FEMA lurking,…already in place to get the helpless…& THEIR kids?

    What a sick and twisted media! It is disgusting how you twist words to accuse president Trump of things he is not guilty of. Shame on you! Thank God for president Trump he is the best thing that has happened to this country in a very long time! And by the way b.o. was not born in America… Do your research!

    Why must we suffer this fool TRUMP any longer. He is dangerous to America and our people . TRUMP IS LOOKING FOR A CATASTROPHE TO PUT AMERICA UNDER MARSHAL LAW. CHECK MATE.

    What is that weather guy doing in 3ft of water with no life preserver on? One slip and a rip current could drag him under.
    He has too many clothes on, could drown in 5 min. Be careful and God be with you all.

    Seems like NBC doesn't like Lester very much.. Is it really necessary to have him broadcast the entire half hour in a rain suit? Like… we don't know there is a hurricane? Childish programming.

    woohoo..The blokes with big balls ..your own CAJUN NAVY..HAVE ARRIVED…WITH THE RIGHT TESTED…RESCUE EQUIPMENT..GOODONYA CAJUN NAVY…from an aussie watching this unfold..

    common sense in andover. and other suburbs..TURN OFF THE GAS PIPELINE..SHUT IT DOWN…NO GAS…NO EXPLOSION…what a bunch of clusterf×*k fools are these people..SHUT OFF THE GAS…PERIOD!!!

    President Obama last speak in chicago was at Russian or China will hit us in a cyber attack knock out power and water well I guest gasline wouldn't be out of the question.

    The guy in the 70 mph winds … is he keeping that baseball cap on? Is this a skill Americans are born with? I am a Brit, it isn't taught in school and I need this skill, impressive .

    South with debris bug inform, acc using bases joining come find me. West assign from Florence stayers and human reactors are stayers in circle if housing need some of off survivers cases of Carolina if no accomodation don not trend a virus through the debris will harm you.

    Water outages are not free causing preferential statue do not adjust from own fumigated zones and fh visibility’s not storm resistant not to act towards excess insurance is not a claimant.

    Now…once you see the areas effected by flooding…DON'T rebuild there again…get it? Geez..not that difficult to figure out folks.

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