Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – October 23, 2018 | NBC Nightly News

Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – October 23, 2018 | NBC Nightly News


    Wake up America.we are going to lose our the Native American did.too much Alcohol ,with us too much Both Alcohol and Drugs.will make your mind weak .they put this stuff on the do what they are doing to you can’t see because you are too high ,and having fun.while your country is being taken away from you.

    Not sure why nbc is reporting on sick babies , you vote for planned parent hood and killing healthy babies . Hipocrites , lock up Soros , send the caravan home , and fire Megan Kelly like they did Roseanne … and vote red for the future and saftey of our children
    Trump 2020 maga 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    Trump is a racist sociopath that only won because he a con artist that bought his way to election! He will be laughing when anyone anywhere whoever beats him in two years. He’s the one who will pay the emotional consequences of constantly having to live in the fear of God. He will learn soon that he is NOT God.

    Plastics Have Entered Human Food Chain, Study Shows.

    Our laboratory detected nine different types of plastics," said Bettina Liebmann.

    Most common are polypropylene — found in bottle caps, rope and strapping — and polyethylene, present in drinking bottles and textile fibres.

    Together with polystyrene (utensils, cups, coolers) and polyethylene (plastic bags), they accounted for more than 95 percent of the particles detected.
    two most common were polypropylene — found in bottle caps, rope and strapping — and polyethylene, present in drinking bottles and textile fibres.

    Together with polystyrene (utensils, cups, coolers) and polyethylene (plastic bags), they accounted for more than 95 percent of the particles detected.

    There are initial indications that microplastics can damage the gastrointestinal tract by promoting inflammatory reactions or absorbing harmful substances," Schwabl said.

    There's ISIS in that caravan i don't have proof or evidence but my spidey senses say there's middle easterns in that caravan



    "OVER THE YEARS THERE HAVE BEEN….." that's true.

    PRESS JUMPS…" where is evidence today????"

    Cool off and l i s t e n.

    Trump is not a liar. He admits to facts.

    RepubliKKKans DO NOT CARE who they hurt. Soros is being used to Promote their Hate Agenda because they KNOW the BLUE TSUNAMI is Coming! Repugnicans are Desparate!

    I'm going trick or treating as Miles Davis or Whoopie Goldberg ,im not sure yet, and sorry but Saint Nicklos was white , the tradition comes from the U.K. and Germany where white people come from , ooops ,sorry😞 ,but anyone can celabrate x-mass for whatever reason they want . You live in a free country? . Just like i wouldn't say that quanza or a gewish holiday or idol is racist tward me who celabrates x-mass because my parents wanted me to have nice stuff at least once a year😕

    lets send bathroom Spartacus Abusive ellison and orange lemon or is he to lemon to go. bail out walters and insider dealing polosi can back you up email Hilary touch it Bill, can go as well Then we we find out about who is funding this and go after them who ever they are they need to go to GITMO.O fake news #walkawaynbc #walkawaycnn FOX NEWS THE BEST.

    'Jesus was a white man, too…' HAHAHAHA And where did you get this information from, Mrs. Kelly? Were you there when he hung at cavalry? Not saying he is or isn't but the way she says it with authority you would think she was one of the people that stabbed the Most High with a spear smh. . .

    wow NBC got through the first episode in over two years that did not constantly bash the president and his twitter account – amazing

    Jesus was white, too????? What?? Megyn Kelly, your can't be serious… Jesus was Jewish and from the Middle East… He had brown skin… Jesus was not this golden haired, blue eyed man that some folks seem to think he was. I wish people were smarter….

    In other news, Dr. Klenner lost no one to polio.

    What can history tell doctors about meningitis? In 1949 Dr. Frederick Robert Klenner was a family doctor in North Carolina when the great poliomyelitis epidemic struck North America. Klenner had no training in treating polio and no laboratory facilities. But he was placed in charge of 60 patients suffering from early polio. At that time there was no specific treatment to prevent paralysis.

    In 1948 Klenner had previously cured several patients of viral pneumonia using intravenous vitamin C. So he decided to give his polio patients up to 30,000 milligrams of vitamin C intravenously for 14 days. None of these patients developed paralysis. (Ironically, in 1949 I developed polio in my final year at The Harvard Medical School and I did develop paralysis. But none of my eminent professors were aware of the benefit of massive doses of intravenous vitamin C).

    Dr. Klenner presented this monumental research to the annual meeting of the American Medical Association in Atlantic City, New Jersey on June 10th 1949. Klenner should have been awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine. But his discovery failed to make headlines around the world and is still collecting dust.

    Spurred on by this scientific finding, Klenner later reported that he had cured meningitis, encephalitis, measles and other diseases by large doses of IV vitamin C. Since his death other researchers have verified his findings.

    Klenner stressed that dangerously ill patients should receive large doses of vitamin C when doctors need more time to make a diagnosis. And that, unless our white blood cells, needed to fight infection, are saturated with vitamin C they are like soldiers without bullets. I believe his sage advice could save lives today and might have saved the life of this child.

    And they were going to pull the plug on this fellow as well. It's a good thing his family persevered.

    60 Minutes New Zealand ran this story years ago about how IV vitamin c saved Alan Smith from swine flu and hairy cell leukemia, IV c is expensive but Liposomal vitamin C (Amazon and VitaminShoppe)  is highly absorbable being that it is encapsulated inside sunflower lecithin. At the end of the video Alan’s wife is giving him liposomal encapsulated vitamin c, 1000 mg per packet, 6 packets a day.

    All of these culturally ignorant people are allowed to have these huge communication platforms. Megan Kelly is not the only one.

    i want to watch nbc news in the night as before not the news for the newxt day thats boring i love this channel but please if today is 24 of this month i want to see the news at night you understand

    What is going on with these babies? God please have mercy on these little precious babies….People look what's going on in this world with these babies and all we worry about is what this lady said….We know how these people feel about us who cares….There was a time that if a person made a racist comment they could get in trouble I guess that no longer exist so when you hear someone make a comment like that don't let it get next to you just know that person just introduce you to their character…..and you feed them out of a long-handled spoon…..but in the meantime we need to come together and pray for healing for these children and for this country….PEACE TO ALL!!!!


    This is such a old star trek episode klingons killed a gederation embassador the federation making back door deals to sell closking devices to fight the firengees in exchange for dilithium crystals.the so called mexican talibán pushing toward the boarder is a peaceful planet members asking the federation for sanuary while a businessman roger mudd a con artist sits at the head of the federation

    Jesus … I feel bad for the children ! Why can't we take care of them ? I will take one family of 5 or 6 I will feed and cloth them i don't care how long it takes "til they get on their own feet . Can we do that ?

    Why did'nt anyone press the button on the STOP button on the escalator? Of course someone was recording it on their phone. USELESS!

    Sorry, but Megyn Kelly has never belonged on NBC… and probably not elsewhere. She's too often, too vile toward interviewees and public figures… way out of proportion to their supposed offense, usually with zero justification. Get rid of her.

    If there was a Jesus like in the Bible, you know that would have been Middle Eastern brown skinned, if he was such a great man and performed Miracles why did it take 4 to 400 years for anybody to document it? Was it because the bar for performing miracles was set so high? If that's the case everybody must have been able to perform miracles! Sounds a lot like a Santa Claus story to me! Then again the guy who made Santa Clause signed his work!

    God they are going to need coats, gloves and boots. If only I had the money. How could he not hear that word "nationalist when his father was a Nazi Plus KKK'sman . Trump is Bonafied for sure

    you cant guarantee that all the people in the caravan have good intentions and are hard workers, and that is why they wont let them in. Its in our best interest to keep them out

    Send the Caravan to the open border of Southern California! Dems Pelosi, Feinstein, Waters, Brown and Left Entertainment and Tech Industry claim there are no gangs, criminals, terrorists, amnesty California will give them all homes, jobs, and benefits and keep all the families and children together!

    We have plenty of workers in the US and we’re over populated. Homelessness is on a rise and the dirty homeless conditions is spreading disease . Honduras, Guetamala and Mexico stay in your own country!!!

    I don't understand if it's Health Department Hospital had an issue before and this is the second issue and 6 kids has died someone needs to be punished for this those innocent children. They are not here with us anymore because of that. 😢

    Megan Kelly is a brat racists. I do not like how she interviews people with her smurky face and better than you attitude. Remove her from that platform and replace her with Rosanne Bar. You will get way more views.

    Untrusted Hollywod ,media Cbs Abc Nbc, Dems, Colluded together to rig current and past Elections and the Russia colution turns out was the Dems false fisa, What a scam American people can see the

    Good time to Begin many Internet New source's totally switch off main News Includes Hollywood fake traitorous movie's so easy to see agenda wow.

    If you don't like what's going on in Washington, VOTE ON NOV. 6. Honestly I think it's Hillary's fault that Trump is President. If she would've left 2016 alone, Bernie might've won and we'd be much better off.

    Where are the Good Capitalists who may have a petty cash fund for that purpose; and take advantage of any market based opportunity to make a profit. A real estate venture could create jobs for many along with housing.

    Why is Megyn Kelly still allowed a platform, ANYWHERE? She's done this numerous times before, been through racial sensitivity training, what more can be done to educate this moron?

    Turn the Channel – Stop Feeding the Racist Beast!!

    The blazing heat? These people live and thrive in blazing heat! Been down there many times yes it is HOT , humid and miserable to me but the locals seem to take it quite well!! Go figure that a human can adapt to their environment?? Get off the poor people in the heat.

    That is a trouble thing to go thru I am taking care of my mother she will be 94 next month and she has dementia she is not my mom any more. Its sad and its not easy

    Obama-weather underground, Clinton- money laundering foundation "what difference does it make", Soros- instigator and funder of all anti government movements, Waters- calling to attack and harass white people or any supposed republican, Holder- fast and furious, supplied weapons to illegal gangs ending a border patrol agents life. This selfishness is absurdly out of hand, these people have gone insane, the weather underground is now fake bombing itself with baking powder. It's been none stop lies.


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