Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – October 11, 2018 | NBC Nightly News

Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – October 11, 2018 | NBC Nightly News


    Trump signs executive order rolling back Obama’s climate change policies

    "Hurricanes" aren't real. It's fake news. Those were crisis actors pretending to have been in this so-called "hurricane." Probably liberals paid by George Soros and Shrillary. It was a movie set made to look like there was some sort of storm. It's a NASA conspiracy along with the National Weather Service to promote the fake "global warming climate change" nonsense. You can bet that anyone who says they went through this so-called "storm" is a global warming shill for Big Science which wants to shut down corporations and make everyone ride bicycles and take away our God-given rights to burn coal and throw plastic anywhere we want to!

    And I can't believe they convicted that poor white guy who was victimized by that thug. You can tell that the big, scary thug was out of control and on drugs. He intimidated and frightened that poor man even after he tried to help him on his way by pointing that stick in the direction the thug said he wanted to go! Running away like he did to get other thugs to join him must have terrified that poor homeowner. It's obvious the thug was trying to rob him! Why else would he have a backpack if not to put stolen goods in it?

    I can't understand how anyone can watch all this fake news and believe any of it! Using terms like "verified" and "sourced" and "multiple witnesses" which are NOT in the Bible! Or on FOX News! It's language like that which has marginalized those who know the Real Truth™ like Q-anon!

    A learning curve. Homes today are just cardboard. The cost unbelievable. Imagine the cost for your hurricane proof house. Developers don't learn. We have one in the white house. Do you feel safer? I don't. They will rebuild just like before. Then they will get blown away again.

    Stupid rapper Kanye? First your cussing tells me you are low class ..I lose interest in your speech

    Why they gotta make it about race? And why was the kid looking for directions, if he didnt have a phone go to a gas station. The story doesnt add up and im tired of seeing this racist crap. Racism works both ways, no one is innocent and no one should be held above others.

    I don't know maybe I am crazy but it seems like all States that voted for the current president are being destroyed the president bases are being punished.

    📣📣📣📣Jesus is coming people repent from you sin Jesus warning and many part world Repenttttt before go late📣📣📣📣

    And many of these people decided to stay behind. I do not feel bad about them nor do I think ocean front property owners are somehow victims. They should’ve known better.

    West raising his voice like that in the WH was so disrespectful. In New Jersey there are many neighborhoods like Kansas City.

    Just more proof that shows price hikes on building materials and lax building codes aproved.
    All they care about is easy proffits, not a well built home sold for 20 life's savings.

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