Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – November 19th, 2019 | NBC Nightly News

Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – November 19th, 2019 | NBC Nightly News


    Looks like perjury for you vindman, saying you don't know who the whistleblower is. Millions around the world know, but you who worked with him, don't. LOLOLOL

    NBC, are you getting dementia? You already did the panda story. I think we're informed enough. Perhaps some real news? Maybe something about the 100 dead protesters in Iran?

    My laundromat has much better video camera security coverage than that federal jail. Pathetic. Beyond pathetic. Downright criminal.

    You are in trouble Lester!!! When Rosemary Harold gets shitcanned you will go down with her! You stnkin' bum!!!

    Don’t lose sight of the big picture: Trump did this, extorted Ukraine, to aid Russia, again. It was Russia that interfered in the previous election, Russia currently and Russia in 2020. Russia is why trump cannot let anyone see his financial records. Trump=Russia. Russia=Putin. Putin=Murder, extortion and dictatorship.

    Ukraine "did receive" the U.S. military assistance that they had requested…even more, so…$400, 000, 000 worth of artillery, with President Zelensky's request, IRONICALLY…

    what time PST do you post the nightly news to youtube? i want to use it more; i can get it via internet vs roku. scheduling?? Thx!

    16:07 if you are a moral society, you can't charge people for basic life needs, that's housing, food and medical. you can't build a fence around all the crops, prohibit people from working there or getting food for free, then charge them.. that's the basis on which crime is built.

    God knows Big Pharma is so unethical it would be satisfying to witness Bernie administer karmic justice. Sanders 2020

    prosecute Adam Schiff he is the one lying to the American people along with mainstream media this is an embarrassment to the nation imagine what other countries think about us this is ridiculous all the Democrat Party wants to do is divide the country Americans need to wake up they wasting my tax money on this BS

    THANK YOU Vindman and Williams!!!!!! People like you give me hope that the US will remain STRONG AND JUST!!
    Only a manipulative psychopath would pardon murderous war criminals while threatening Purple Heart war heroes!!
    Trump is a nuisance everywhere he turns, now he makes our military unsafe in regions worldwide.

    This is so outrageous that officials in our Government allow this President continue to commit Corrupt behavior and,are Traitors to our Constitution and, our Democracy. How can they do this and,allow this Leader implement Fascism in our Government and let Foreign Governments interact in our affairs being buddy with Vladimir Putin!!!!***🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    "Do not worry, I will be fine for telling the truth." Says Lt. Col. Vindman — These words will go down in American history, as an indication dignity and honor in an imegrant American , an Armed forces service member, a true patriotism speaking truth to a corrupt backstabbing power.

    I don't know why you keep telling me about one of your girlfriends she's your girlfriend I don't need this information.. I guess you're through with Diana.. Where is she going to go? Back to her family?

    Republicans are Soulless Men who will let this President run amok and, do anything and , everything he wants they’re very Racist white men that trued to destroy President Obama’s Legacy because of the jealous of this now sitting so called President.
    Lt. Col. Vindman has Credibility,Integrity and, Honor and, Republicans are trying to destroy him and, anyone who’s not a criminal and, doesn’t kiss Trump butt their King!!!!!

    Funny how Bernie attacks the drug makers after President Trump has been the one who actually originated the investigation into big pharma. Funny how the left sneaks up your back door and takes credit for everything.

    It's so sad how America. Is still blame it on the black man and woman. Prison guards overworked tired. Not getting any recognition. White America. Judgement Day is coming

    Inez Qtaish say" I don't need or wear glasses , i was prescribed reading glasses , i don't use often only for tiny words, and I don't wear or need a hearing aid

    the one good thing about all the nonsense president trump has caused , is that now you know that if someone is a republican , that person is bad , and you should stay away !

    Treasonous Trump and ALL of his enablers, from Pathetic Jordan to Moscow Mitch, belong in PRISON for the rest of their anti-American lives!
    Lock them up!
    Lock them up!
    Lock them up!

    If they were doing their job the Biden's would be in jail for extortion and Trump wouldn't have needed to ask the question ??..Another Obumer Administration, OOPS !!!

    We could be 10 years away from societal and economic collapse due to the climate crisis, and all we get are these inane impeachment stories. Same with Brexit in the UK, and the Yellow Shirts in France! We seem to be a dead civilization walking…..


    What amazes me is 70 years after operation mockingbird, people still believe what MSM tells them. Do you need a notarized letter from the CIA to convince you you're being lied to? It's only a 3 minute clip, but it should open the eyes of every Democrat.

    Prov.3 Verses 5 to 6
    5 Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.
    [6] In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.

    Well the ugliness of Men now is before all, you can't imagine the pressure this President has put on many including Ivanka. Yes, the chair doesn't fit his butt, it's about how all American are threatened for Tax dollars, What are we going to do to create a good solution.

    Do the Democrats have a solid case against Trump? It's not that clear that they have.
    What recent history tells us? In the case of Russian meddling in the election – that wasn't solid at all and ended up being a huge blunder.
    And what about Trump and lawyers? The guy apparently made himself a career out of winning litigation cases.
    So…… shame on you, dems. Your efforts to impeach Trump (and I'm far from a fan of the guy) so far seem as lame as it gets.

    NBC and totally BIASED NEWS as usual covering phony Impeachment hearings using phony Witnesses and Mainstream Reporters without honor! The real criminals are the quid pro quo Bidens, corrupt Hillary and shifty Adam Schiff running Soviet style hearings!

    The Southwest thing shows us something in a very clear way : we're all guinea pigs of big companies.
    People have to die before they move a muscle in order to fix preventable problems.
    Is there incentives for companies to act the way they do? I bet there is..

    The nation needs to know what's going on between trump and Putin going back to Helsinki.There’s absolutely no doubt that trump is effectively a russian operative who is being manipulated directly by Putin, regularly confers with him and is surreptitiously following orders.


    Amazing that low security county jails do hourly checks on inmates throughout a 24hour period. Even at 1am they do head counts of each inmate. This was a federal prison! High security!

    I hope next year when Ukraine ask for money Trump tells him to go after Russia I'm sure Russia be more than glad to help them ungrateful f**

    Vindman talking to much Schiff! Biden's son Hunter should be on trial with his father?
    Schiff will be impeached, Biden is so corrupt him and Schiff will be sharing a cell in Gitmo.

    I didn't have to much time for President Trump until I seen the Democrats and most of the media were mostly lying about everything Russia, what happened to Schiffty Schiff's Russia evidence that was so compelling that President Trump would be in Gitmo.

    Some people in America are so gullible to believe first Hillary Clinton and now the three stoogers,
    Adam, Nancy and Jerry.

    I didn't care who one the election, I'm an Aussie from Australia and what got me interested in American Politics, was a story I was reading about Hillary Clinton coming to Australia on a book tour and someone left a comment about the Australian government giving money to the Clinton foundation.

    The Australia Government had donated $460,000,000 (460 million dollars) to the Clinton foundation and it's affiliates as well as another $18,000,000 while she was here in Australia on her book tour.
    Then I found Australian politician's who were backed by George Soros.
    Once I started to find out about this, Russia, Russia, Russia was the big rage in USA, the more I researched the more I found that some USA politician's were pushing this Russia hoax that was put forward by a corrupt Australian ambassador who was leaking false information to a American Republican campaign worker.

    I just wish the people of America could open their eye's and ears and wake up to what's happening and if this impeachment keeps going forward, the next will be a fake election, Hillary nominate as President, win and next you know the world will be under the rule of the United Nations also known as the New world order.

    I'm not the smartest person by all means, but reading, research and common sense can find the truth, I just hope more American's can see what's really going on.

    God Bless you all. Mark, Australia.

    Id vote Bernie at this point …I don't trust warren , Trump was never president just someone who filled the empty position and Biden ahhNo but thinks 4 coming …

    Shemp has brought on seven witnesses, and none have stated that President Trump has done anything wrong!!!! Only 348 days until Trump will be re-elected!!!!


    Anyone notice that nobody is talking about jobs or the market. While running for president 🤔 I think Trump's gonna win in a landslide 👌😎

    It's such a different narrative being from different news sources. I don't know whether to laugh or be sad with the divisive information. Smh.

    It is Hypocritical of the Government to go after Trump when the actual phone call shows no wrong doing. Yet, Clinton uses her role as Pay for Play. Biden smuggle announces he in fact used Goverment money as Leverage to get what he wanted inUkraine – where is the out cry from the Democrats. Our media political parties are making our country a joke in the eyes of the world! We would feel the same if another major country was doing what we are. It’s ridiculously stupid. Where is our country headed when we have a corrupt ( both sides) goverment.

    Crime on the streets is going to go out of control as people struggling have zero respect for a failing Government! It will take years to reverse the effects if ever. When children grow up having no respect for their own Government – it’s already here now! The young Democrats are revolting by demanding Socialism and the Republicans are responding with the middle finger saying Trump is a far better choice then a Government that dose nothing! What is sad 😞 is 90% of the public don’t get what’s going on and the Politicians are so clueless it’s beyond ridiculous.

    hearsay – the report of another person's words by a witness, which is usually disallowed as evidence in a court of law

    Hmm. "…the Ukraine eventually did receive the aid." WHEN did the Ukraine 'finally receive the aid?' Before or after this issue became known?

    Yes We The People can remove Remove A Destructive Government..
    The declaration of independence states…and contains
     –That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. Now you know why the Second Amendment is in place for USA Patriots to defend the Constitution.
    The Limit of Patience is running out among Patriots of this Country.

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