Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – November 12th, 2019 | NBC Nightly News

Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – November 12th, 2019 | NBC Nightly News


    Remember, Trump offered citizenship to daca recipients in exchange for a border wall to secure our nation. A win-win situation. The Democrats said no. Who are the Democrats fighting for if not daca or citizens?

    ATTN: I am in bed after a 14 day coma. My body stopped accepting O2 from vaping DANKTANK containing THC.. I lost 30 lbs and am using a walker. Closest to death ive ever come to. I also, dont smoke/drink and I eat right/exercise.

    now i understand. he will 'get a deal with the democrats to let them stay'. he is planning to try to use the daca kids as a pawn in order to get the impeachment dropped…

    With all this streaming and the cost of it makes me very happy that I don't have cable or satellite! I buy DVDs and watch them any time I want and don't have to pay anything other than the DVDs I bought!

    It's not the flavor or content of vaping that's causing the problems. It's that they have made a hobby/art out of inhaling a huge cloud of (mostly) synthetic chemicals that is so incredibly dense that it literally seals up the inner walls of the lungs. No offence to vapers at all, it can be very cool what you do with it. The lungs are simply not equip to handle vaping in such concentrations and durations. <—just a quick example, look for more.

    It’s not the vaping from nicotine, it’s the vaping the THC oil that people are making in their basements. Of course the kids not going to say he’s smoking weed oil and he’s protected by the hippa privacy act so it’s not like we can have his hospital report.

    It's not vaping! The CDC announced that it's from tainted THC cartridges. The real word is dabbing. It uses a special oil pen that gets extra hot. It would be too hot for regular e-liquids. What happens if you put say snow cone syrup on a pan hot enough to make oil smoke? Yeah, see what misinformation is being said about vaping.

    Obamacare was NOT WORKING when we had it. EVERY DEVELOPED COUNTRY PROVIDES HEALTH CARE FOR IT'S CITIZENS EXCEPT UNITED STATES. IF THEY CAN DO IT, SO CAN WE. Eliminate all the people/businesses between pt. a and pt. b.

    Don't be fooled by the sudden stretch of below zero weather. The heat is still on. I don't see another planet with people on it. So we can only survive this one.

    Dreamers: if this act is confirmed, will it be retroactively?

    For the first time in American history, the Executive Branch seems to be selecting their assistants from the FBI's most wanted list. We have always gotten the best and the brightest before. Trump's administration is a "wake up call" that we have allowed our Legislative Branch to avoid the difficult political decisions (daca, immigration, healthcare) for too many decades. Ultimately, the voters must demand accountability from the people that they send to Congress. When Congress fails to decide what to do in bipartisan committees, decision-making defaults to the whim of whatever Executive happens to be in office at the time. If he's lazy and inadequate, we get lazy and inadequate. If he's malicious, we get malicious. MEANWHILE, Mitch McConnell is sitting on around 150 House Resolutions that he refuses to allow the Senate to hear or vote on. He's like a very old man with a severe case of constipation. Moscow Mitch has effectively declared himself President.

    Please!!! President Trump, give Israel permission to eliminate Hammas from the Gaza strip. Then Gaza can start using the millions of dollars Americans send to build infrastructure and not for building tunnels, and buying rockets from Iran.

    My guess regarding the kid with the birthday. Judging by seeing how "dry" he acts and looks during all the events done on his behalf it's obvious the invited kids thought he was the "weird kid" and opt out of the birthday celebration. But his parents, oblivious to their son's personality, sent out invitations. I'm happy people stepped up to give him a birthday though. I have witnessed similar situations in my personal life. I know a guy in his 30's who admit he's on the autistic spectrum has communication/personality issues but his mother constantly tries to be match maker for him with the ladies. When the "matched" ladies try to talk to him he destroys his chances with them. I also know a woman that blamed the girls in a church for not talking to her daughter but in reality it's her daughter that was the one isolating herself from the rest. Years later as an adult she was formally diagnosed as paranoid schizophrenic. My point is I firmly believe this kid has some personality issues the kids are well aware of and decided not to attend his party.

    THC propaganda, if it was legal and regulated thered be absolutely no issues period. But instead these vapes are being created on the black market and sold to teens and replacements for tobacco unregulated. Give me a break people.

    NBC News needs to explain why vaping is the big word on TV yet every day 20 American veterans commit suicide.

    Absolutely zero comments about how he was vaping, most likely was vaping drugs
    There's nothing in regular juice but glycerin and nicotine with actual fruit added for flavor, last three kids that died earlier this year was due to tainted CBD infected with acetone, this was and is posted in almost every vaping shop in the country, you're media corporates aren't letting you know the whole story or TRUTH

    Our enlisted military service men and women should never be faced with accepting substandard medical care in a any non-combat situation. We ask a considerable commitment from them. We need to give them the honor and respect that their decision to serve has earned them. Our VA Hospitals comply with civilian Quality Assurance standards. Why doesn't the non-combat military healthcare set quality assurance standards for itself? The Joint Commission on Accreditation of Hospitals started requiring QA about the time Nixon resigned. If we "leave no man behind" in a combat situation, why would we do it in a non-combat medical situation?

    Veterans were sadly nothing more than pawns in chess, under the guise of "fighting for their country" in reality only fighting for rich globalists.

    The United States military Doctors aren't necessary they expect all military personnel to be dead and gone anyway they're getting robots to replace the military

    Sick of media trying to pin this vape problem on THC. IF true, why has there been no problem with life long pot smokers.

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