Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – May 09, 2019 | NBC Nightly News

Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – May 09, 2019 | NBC Nightly News


    This has NOTHING! to do with privacy, this is about. 1st Amendment right's for every American voter's. Pass legislation to ban them from the internet

    Just look at all the insanity. This country is in dire straits. Out of control, heading to self destruction, and taking you along.

    The 2nd amendment guarantees that the right to keep and bare arms shall not be infringed upon. Why is being portrayed like the gun owner did something wrong? I didnt hear anything about any type of felony conviction, so what's the problem?

    We need everyone to quit their jobs and school so we can plan on how to handle the sixth mass extinction.

    North Korea doesn't even have nukes. It's smoke and mirrors so they can get aid. We not send non GMO seeds and tractors and see what happens.

    White women will still get abortions by their private doctors is simply a matter of money and who you know and why are these politicians telling women what to do with their bodies if there girlfriends get pregnant they will provide them with an abortion

    People are starting to get immune When it comes to shootings. School Las Vegas California North Carolina .
    We cannot accept this as a norm . Our children deserve better . They should have handed the letter .To the FBI there would be no shooting .Had that happen.
    My condolences to the families that lost loved ones .My prayers to the teacher students police staff anyone .Who had to deal with this trauma .That will be with them for the rest of their life .

    People let's get it straight there is mental illness in our country .
    But there are straight out hateful and I mean hateful people. That want to attack anybody that they don't like . They want to bring them down to their level of misery.

    We can't pass gun laws because it treads some gun owner's liberty? Tell me how Reps regulating a woman's uterus doesn't tread on her liberty?

    Let's thank bill Clinton and Obama for the trade war and the Iran crisis. Clinton made it possible for us to buy more from China than we sell to them and started the unfair trade. And let's thank Obama for agreeing to let Iran build nuclear weapons in just two or three years. Both of these men made us unsafe financially and physically.


    Was this a gun free zone?
    And when will the stupid people be told that people with guns guard everything Americans care about, from money to politicians. Don't these regressives want to protect their children?

    I agree that Facebook should be broken-up… as well as putting Zuckerberg into GITMO to be tortured every day for the rest of his anti-American life, due to his unforgivable misuse of that platform to promote Neo-Nazi extremism and other aspects of Peter Theil's vile agenda which helped Dictator Putin to put Treasonous Trump into the White House. Lock him up! Lock him up! Lock him up!

    I say, "Abolish all schools to save the children and then they'll be ignorant enough to vote for people like trump".
    Next, "Provide free guns and ammo to further protect themselves once they figure out how badly the GOP is screeewing them."

    Sorry, kid I know you have a point of view but if that suspect was black or Arab there would be no talk about any mental health.

    Clearly this school shooting was due to Alt.Right White Supremacists…ah…wait…no. That narrative is not gonna keep working.

    Couldn't pay me to live in California .
    Hey ,they telling ya how many pieces of paper to use and,
    wich direction to wipe yet?


    okay people, only people who don't own a mansion call it a mansion. it's just a house and after living in Dubai for 12 years, those are not even big houses in the USA. Trust me.

    You cannot count the many military and law enforcement agencies that are paid for with our tax dollars and we have to experience these guys holding weapons at close range toward innocent people. Think about it . Mental Health is Right on!

    We need a law that requires pro-lifers to adopt all "forced-to-full term, live birth, unwanted babies," w/o any financial assistance from the taxpayers!!! We don't want to force socialism on them by giving them taxpayers' dollars. We do want to support their pro-life position. So, let's get this codified into law! Pro-lifers shall adopt and raise all "forced-to-full term, live birth, unwanted babies" until such children attain the age of 18 years.

    I Boycotted Facebook 2 years ago and never looked back.. I even refuse to log on to delete that account.. It would mean breaking my boycott even for a moment.. The worst are people complaining about Facebook as a post on Facebook… Just stop.. You don't NEED it

    Thanks to barry obama, iran has nuclear weapons! I hope he gets the frist bomb dropped on his house with him in it! If you tell the truth on Facebook, your banned!

    Why do they let these things happen when they are forewarned, because they are planned .
    As for Korea, this is a tizzy fit 🤦‍♀️ Putin encourages him
    “There will be wars and rumors of wars”

    How about removing the Psychopaths who cause false flags like #ColumbineShooting? Your BS about #MentalHealth only reflects on the industry wanting money! #MassMurder at #ParsdiseCA by Boeing Lasers yet no Accountability! #ImpeachTrump!

    WTF NBC reporting on something besides Russian Collusion? What are Democrats going to do now that even their propaganda machine is getting tired of the fake BS? Whoops wrote this before I got to the Trump Jr. subpoena portion of video. LOL

    8:15 bike company raises prices by $20 per bike, $150-$170. Mean while Mcdicks raised the price of a cup of coffee over the winter in 1 month from $1.05-$1.69. Now that coffee is a huge percentage increase compared to a bicycle. Target is paying NEW employees $20 a hour to be trained in the warehouse, with a $500 signing bonus. CNC machinist starting pay for working on Flying gas turbine engines, $15.00 a hour. Now that’s a problem when you pay more for warehouse non skilled workers, then people working on aircraft turbines, that 100-200 people rely on each flight.

    Incomes for substitute teachers should be paid / taken care of by the school district, not paid / taken care of by a teacher who's dealing with a medical situation. I don't know if that could be brought to court, but I really hope they can get that law changed.

    LOL, funny how the Colorado shooting is disappearing from the left press. Maybe because the shooters were perv lgbt clowns.

    My brother was shot 28 times point blank and stabbed and peed on, in court, the killers said they were influenced by Columbine and Satan.

    Matthew Davis Chewelah Washington 1999

    Facebook is creepy if you look at the Watts' murders. Shan'ann met Chris on facebook. RIP to the Ruzezik family.

    In the end times there will be wars and rumors of wars. USA took control of a North Korean tanker ship.

    With regard to the Facebook article, perhaps a much closer inspection is clearly needed of Facebook. If it is engaging in the acts that it stands accused of – perhaps a breakup of the giant may just be needed.

    Djt is eager for war. He instigates war like a school yard bully only hes a short sihhted egomaniacal tyrant.

    Mental health may be a problem however mental health is nothing new however this crisis is being carried out by mostly white american youth. People with mental health issues have been around forever and they did not go into schools shooting! The ROOT problem is NOT mental health. If this is considered a mental health problem….than the shootings in cities like Chicago must also be a mental health problem?

    What happened to the candidate that said America was war tired and that he was going to get back to concentrating on America and bring US troops back and out of wars was that fake news to

    Please, can somebody in the Republican Party tell Trump that tariffs are something US companies and US citizens pay, not China? We as Americans look so stupid every time he says that.

    It is time to stop the murderers and stop abortions. These people are insane and out of control. It is pure evil. Science can't prove that babies aren't human. Stop the excuses.

    Facebook made a suedo account for me after i cancelled my account. I complained and nothing. #hatefacebook

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