Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – May 05, 2019 | NBC Nightly News

Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – May 05, 2019 | NBC Nightly News


    Ok wait question do Maximum security know that he lost..If maximum security do know he lost.. he should continue racing as if he won..because he did

    Clothes barely last now who can wear these clothes that long while clothes I have from the 90s are still fine

    Aren't the polyester chemicals also normal byproducts of basic oil cracking like asphalt, diesel, gas, anyway?

    Y would you race in mudd, can you c the coordinaters are not coordinaters, and we ALWAYES decide everything, you the media will be taken down, like the fake Nazi regime


    chicken-it's a nasty nasty industry. if you think you are eating clean safe bird. think again before you die.

    Did everyone miss the story on the lack of black doctors? That’s a real American disgrace, 514 out of 20,000, my word, sad. And I know where all the trump haters get there news, you must like unemployment, lousy economy, high debt, spineless leaders and elected officials that do absolutely nothing on your behalf, maybe you’re not old enough to have seen how bad things have been, good luck

    Cohen snaps at a photographer about putting his family in danger but in reality he did that himself. Pull up your big girl panties and be honest and accept responsibility for your own actions. Dr. Green took the medical exam five times before he got in, so he wouldn’t be a doctor I would go to. I think doctors gpa should be published it would make a difference on which one I would go to. It’s just lazy not to take your used clothes to Goodwill or YMCA. Other people can use the clothes you don’t want to wear any more. The age of I don’t care.

    As usual, you couldn't stop yourselves from telling us what Trump said….about the derby. Really? How is it that he could possibly have anything relevant to say about this? He knows NOTHING about this subject.

    The messed up part about the clothing story is that even high-end clothes tend to have polyester lining.

    The medical student already has 2 kids when he had to be 20 years old so that's
    Part of the problem
    Idk how people make a living for 4 people off student loans but they do.

    Gotta name the new mental disorder that Chump has infected at least half the population of US and possibly the entire world……crazy in a very wicked way 😓

    Trailer park mom wants to decide on medical treatment. Actually, she wants to whine about medical treatment which she doesn't really know anything about.

    the COST in TIME and MONEY is too much for black males – oh!?? SO THEY should get a BREAK here too? That's what NBC is insinuating. ONE place that isn't 'racial'' – EVER – is the response to a medication by a cell. That cell does not give one whit about the color of the skin that prescribed it. The black folk have long held and deep superstitions about healthcare system – as per rebecca snoot's book on henrietta Lacks, They dont seek care because of what they believe. STOP LOOKING AT EVERY FLIPPING THING THROUGH RACE COLORED SPECTACLES – the last thing we need are inadequately trained doc's – who 'got there' based on skin color alone. NBC is so racist for ratings. (and they wonder why so many turn to FOX!)

    Trump continues to whine and cry, yet claim innocence. He is now claiming that two years of his presidency were "stolen" yet somehow claims to have accomplished more than any other president. This guy is a complete disaster. He may very well need to be eradicated by a mob after he loses the next election and refuses to leave.

    I’ve never seen a black doctor now that I’m being honest. Anyways I got accepted into a pre-med program and start school in August after I graduate in the end of this month.

    Some churches give clothes away to the poor. Other organizations give clothes to the homeless. Charities accept clothes for babies, women, men, teenagers and children. Goodwill will sell your old clothes. Other places I did not list because there are a number of organizations that accept clothes. Surprised that so many people throw clothes away, unless these clothes ate contaminated.


    Horses, rockets, clothes, some kid's messed up story … Not one pip about the Trump admin beating the war drums against Iran. This is why people hate media.

    The Judge and Court was willing to give uncooperative liar Manafort house arrest for no apparent good reason. Why doesn’t the Judge and Court give Micheal Cohen house arrest in starting his sentence to go over all of evidence and documents he has discovered. With all of the Trump obstruction and possibility of WH/DOJ to destroy Mueller evidence they might need the testimony and evidence Cohen has to clarify the lies of Trump. Cohen was the first to testify before Congress and handing over thousands of pages of documents. All leading to many revelations for Congress. Give Cohen a break to finish his work. House Arrest.

    You not going to talk more about the plane just going to say what happened in cut off to some horses that's why I don't watch the news They Don't Care About Us

    It's a great thing to encourage African American males to become doctors but the statement concerning discrimination need to be covered more in the news and discouraged. "African-American males get better health care when they have doctors that look like them". Women should be mentioned, and every race should be getting good health care whether the doctor is the same race as them or not. It's a real problem in the usa and a great investigative news story possibility to shed some awareness on the truth of the medical apartheid in the U.S. plus there are not African American doctors in every city, town or village in the U.S. that has African American residents and medical facilities, so making sure that discriminatory medical practices are eliminated in all places is very important whether they have health practitioners of color or not working in them. Nom discriminatory health care should be provided in all places that provide any health care.

    yay so happy to see fast fashion making it to the nightly news ~ its something that really needs to be brought to peoples attention

    YO!!! President moron!!!    Rules are rules.  Maximum Security did not run a clean race.  What rules matter?  Only yours?

    i have to disagree with a statement in the segment about black doctors. They said black male patients seek out black doctors. I'm 67 years old. When I'm searching for a doctor, color isn't an issue. It's their credentials first. Then their location, for me to get to them with ease, either by bus or train. I will admit having some problem with doctors in the past but it's not with the color of their skin. It's with their professionalism. If I don't feel like I'm being treated fairly, I refuse to go back to them.

    So glad to see Mr. Cohen going to prison.
    For betraying his clients, he deserves no less.
    M. Cohen kind of weasel who inspires "Lawyer jokes".

    NBC News ! ? !
    What happened homies ? ! ?
    Not one headline about the Invisible Russian Boogeymen Hoax for a change.
    What happened boyz ? Serious egg-on-the-face now that the Muller Probe Crashed & Burned ? ! ?
    Time to get some new lies to forward NBC.
    Bwaha hahahahhhahahahaha ! , , , , ,You guys are a disgrace to American Journalism.

    Gotta laugh at the company Cohen will be keeping at Club Fed…actually seems like a perfect fit for Trump – those are his people, for sure!

    google Alyssa Gilderhus out of the Mayo clinic. she had to escape from them after they tried to get a custody of her Her doctor did not like her mother for being an amazing advocate. The incident was insame and showcased a narcissistic doctor who failed the medicine and family.

    Shouldn't have to be ROTC or in the military to get military honors/awards if you're someone who dies or is injured saving lives when these mass-shootings take place. His being ROTC had nothing directly to do with it – this didn't happen during some ROTC exercise. He was a great guy who did a great thing, period. That's what matters here.

    In Democratic California, 75% of Black males can't read… Lots of work to do. How do you go to University if you can't even read.

    Wow. I'm in my mid-40s and still wearing some regular (shirt/pant/skirt/blouse/dress/jacket/scarf/gloves/hat) clothes I wore in high school, including a jacket I've had since I was 15. It's been through a lot, but I've kept it in good repair. It's reversible, light weight but very warm, water-resistant, and rolls well into a pillow. It's seen me through everything, including short-term homelessness in years past. The only items of clothing I ever really replace are shoes, socks, and undies (only the undies and socks go in the trash once severely torn or too badly stained, since even when washed, those should not be worn by others, for sanitary reasons, and there's no reasonable way to recycle those without losing one's mind in the process).

    In the last 10 years, I've worn through 3 pairs of gym pants, and have several others that replaced them. I don't remember what became of those 3, but I don't throw regular, non-undie/sock clothes away, so I probably gave them to Good Will or St. Vincent de Paul's. Anyway, seriously, even when regular, non-undie/sock clothes get stained, I just convert them to sleep-wear (if they're comfortable enough to be slept in). If something doesn't fit anymore but is in good repair, again, it goes to 2nd hand stores. Most of my clothing came from 2nd hand stores, and the rest were given to me by friends who didn't want them anymore. Why would people put regular, non-undie/sock clothing in a trash can? Do they just like throwing money away or something? I'd love their jobs and their paychecks, that they can afford to do that!

    I mean, what I do isn't even about "carbon footprint" related stuff. It's just common sense. You want to end poverty? Don't contribute to your own. Fashion doesn't actually matter, and if your friends, family, and coworkers are so shallow that they would put fashion above treating you with respect, then they're not worth your time, and they aren't respectable human beings anyway. Screw them. Get better friends, get a job working with better coworkers and bosses, and spend as little time as possible with family who doesn't value you more than that.

    I will NEVER watch the Kentucky Derby again. A lots of parading drunks in stupid hats and suits. Gary West was the clear winner. Instead, they take the win from him, which paid 5 to 1, and gave it to a horse paying 64 to 1. Clearly big money is written all over this. A bunch of over weight, sloppy, white men in a white cartel, over ruled the clear win. It's a race folks. Nope, sorry, not anymore. It's just the money and the opportunity to get drunk in a crowd of like minded eliteists.

    Ann Snow seems a bit out of touch to me like everybody is not talking about horse racing that is a rich mans sport my dear

    It seems when 1 Jet goes down they continue for a least a month , I would NEVER GET ON ONE AND I MEAN NEVER!!!!!

    Michael Cohen do you think we forgot about the fire in Trump Tower awfully convenient not forever though

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