Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – March 28, 2019 | NBC Nightly News

Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – March 28, 2019 | NBC Nightly News


    Shameful how trump talks about his own people in government. Just shameful. Adam Schiff stood up against those childish pods who do everything to protect that criminal who calls himself POTUS. How has America gotten into this situation?

    Threw DeVos under the bus. She deserves to be ran over, so……no one cares. Let this be a notice to anyone to wants to play on the trump team. And Betsy, youโ€™re fine using kids for political points

    The Chicago police and persecutors f*cked up by tainting any possibility of a jury pool with a trial by media. They didn't learn their lesson because their "outage" now will guarantee that Jussie walks away froma federal trial as well.

    I would say $100 Mill… would have derived that result… l wonder who received it.. and through which slush fund it was channeled.. frump innocent… yep like the pope is Jewish….

    Further proof America is just a horrible horrible nation. Punch an American day (As they arenโ€™t real people) April 2nd. Keep an eye out for those license plates.

    While I am thrilled that the Special Olympics gets it's funding (yes, it pays to make a stink!) what of the autism funding she dropped? And why doesn't she see that she's limiting the potential of any autistic child in America for her political platform? That's a price too big to pay. Shame on her. And anyone who even attends a Trump rally should be ashamed of themselves. Adam Schiff deserved more airtime this broadcast. His speech was beautiful!

    What about all the other ppl exposed to round up & our soil that our food grows in & tgen we consume it. We're being poisoned from the left, right, up & down.

    MSNBC Morning Blow Show is pure snowflake soy boy HYSTERIA the producers need to remove morning Blow's "caffeinated" Frappacino "beverage", he makes no sense on air!

    MSNBC host MEE-CAH is off her medications again and Ask Joe Scarborough why he had to leave the US Senate, why he can't practice law anymore and why he left his wife and children abruptly!

    MSNBC and CNN Jeff Zucker is on same weird trippy REPEAT narrative as Graydon Carter at Vanity Fair who LOST his MIND! Graydon converted a marginally entertaining mag rag into an anti-USA propaganda outlet! Graydon became a SNOWBALL of STUPIDITY acting like an adolescent media BULLY! A good study for all the aspiring editors who may want to rethink that career path and good riddance Graydon, Fired last year.

    The lack of evidence against his crime does not prove his innocense! We all know he's guilty, he behaved as a guilty person would, and he's behaving as a guilty person who thinks he got away with it. What will it take for people to march asking for his resignation?

    I New I was just purchasing power ball tickets after we were Flooded. For a False sense of Security.If I Would of won that Power Ball Jackpot I would of Helped People out in my Little town that was Flooded out here in Nebraska.Fema telling us in St-ed that we are going to have to leave.and go somewhere else. Even for people that just got water in the Basement.? We are staying.

    This sounds like corporate sabotage. A PR firm trying make the stock dump. WW2 was a long time ago. These people in charge of this company were not born yet.

    russia and trump conspiring to carve up venezuela. here comes another proxy war. this is nothing but a fake scripted dance that we must not fall for. forget collusion ,we have a full blown theft being attempted against a sovereign nation by trumpstein and and putinsky.

    William Barr should go to jail if he doesn't release the full report for obstruction of justice. so far he's proving to be totally partisan. can't believe Rosenstien is participating in this?

    Congress will get that report and SDNY will also find crimes then by by Trump and family!
    then impeach all who Trump appointed like Kavenaugh.

    A comic book should be made of Super Henry of how he defeated ''Dark, The Dragon From Pluto''.
    then went on to defeat ''Dark Trump, From Another Reality''.

    Jessie case. if they wanted money just ask. for money. Don't lie about. a situation making them to be guilty of something he didn't do

    We are in the worst situation down fall America has ever seen and Trump got time to weigh in on the Jessie case. Make you wonder I smell Trump

    I think AOC should proclaim herself President and lead a convoy of aid across the border while cutting off our electrical grid.

    OMG, America, we have a president who's been running around for two years calling people names and sneering his sing-song speech like a 2nd grade snot. Aren't we proud? Anyone who thinks this is an example of a president who is 'plain spoken' should remember that 'plain spoken' does NOT mean ignorant, uncouth, or unlettered.

    Monsanto deserves to go out of business. How can Bayer, known for its ubiquitous aspirins, stand behind its deceitful subsidiary?
    P.S.: a close friend of our family developed and died of brain cancer. He used Roundup extensively to keep his yard free of bamboo.

    Why should the family feel responsible. Nothing they could do about it. But Trump, what will we say in the future?

    Why do you need protection against people that don't vaccinate? If they work then what you scared of? I'm scared of causing my child brain damage with the vaccines.

    The fact that Smollett is up for the NWACP Image Award speaks volumes to the mentality of the Black community desperate for some kind of positive image no matter what the circumstances.

    "Victory lap" ; Congratulations President Trump , , ,
    On waiting out, fighting back and defeating this Russian Boogeyman farce which amounted to a
    coup d'etat by Mr. Schiff, Comey, McCabe, Stroz, and the rest of their treasonous mob.
    ~ NBC News , , ,
    For your two year long onslaught of lies & slander against the President of the United States ,
    You are a disgrace to the traditions of American Journalism and an enemy of our Republic.

    My President is smart and knows, Don't mess with the Special Olympics. This is the only chance these kids have to express their greatness. Thank you President Trump.

    Have you people ever considered the implications of you incessant rhetoric about 'defeat', whenever the President bends to the Will of the People? Perhaps the reason youve all gone mad at losing an election, is because youve institutionalized yourselves to dictatorship and expect it as the norm?

    I watched when stone Phillips was anchoring and loved this show but you fine lester going towards the liberals side and no nutral as should be and then you see him just lieing to the American people who watch this interview Comey and everyone know that he was in contact with Hillary clinton's lawyer and conspired to get evidence destroyed. That conspiracy. Where is the story on that? Not a real news person.

    Our governmental rules must be changed. Trump is a traitor! William Barr is a traitor. Clearly, all Republicans are traitors.

    find out as to the intention to extoll to the extention of its worth, democracy in question?

    "they all admitted it"-trump

    whom in american victim of circumstance would admit democracy had a purpose? unless
    federal concerns demands democracy. coincidentally, if a form of government is in establishment then under educational provisions the burden of proof to its extensive worth. actually the act to ratify does not necessitate to extoll then government in anglo saxon language

    just saying mabey nice to converse the extention found within democracy, to the architects of democracy.

    A word about Venezuela, the trump administration keeps saying that ALL OPTIONS ARE ON THE TABLE how about the option to lift the sanctions?AND LEAVE THOSE PEOPLE ALONE!!!

    Lol 80 million dollars sign me up I have had cancer twice from Navy radars and they don't pay at all let alone 80 million dollars,

    Keep on it Mr. Schiff. Defender of the Republic. Warrior for Democracy. Enemy of deceit and corruption. We're with you, Mr. Schiff, lead on, we have you're back.

    Hi my name is Lee I am a special Olympic athlete for Georgia Donald Trump in his party need to leave Special Olympics alone and my phone number is 404-642-7620 and I want to talk to CNN

    Did Democrats are in the wrong for messing with Special Olympics Donald Trump and the publican's need to mess with something else

    President Donald Trump and the publicans are in the wrong for messing with Special Olympics the publicans and Donald Trump need to go mess with something else

    Everybody in the USA in 2020 all Americans in the USA needs to vote for a female Democrat tour the White House in 2020

    President Donald Trump in the old publicans I would never vote for them or the Democrats at all any year or any time of my life I'll never vote for them ever

    You Republicans want to blame the Democrats for everything but bling yourselves publicans because honestly you both parties the Democrats in the pumpkins are really is showing how rude you both are

    I am a Georgia Special Olympics athlete and I will never vote for any president in our country and I'll never vote for a publican or a Democrat ever

    I want to talk to CNN in person I want CNN to contact me buy my phone number my phone number is 404-642-7620 and my name is Lee and I am a Georgia special Olympic athlete

    Pee pee pee all over the publicans for messing with Special Olympics for no reason what a bunch of bullies publicans yours should be ashamed of yourself

    NBC outed as fake news and working for the DNC. Can't wait for Trump to pull your FCC license on reporting ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ˜‚

    A donation to charity is voluntary and the government has no business doing it regardless of which specific cause you support or don't support. Charity is a responsibility of the people, not feds.

    (((Don't vote for TRUMP))).HE" n the CIA" are the one's who started the caravans?.Day are using the CARAVAN"s for his WALL N to win"…THE Election Again .THAT BASTER don't care about any one?.

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