Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – January 01, 2019 | NBC Nightly News

Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – January 01, 2019 | NBC Nightly News


    Nothing to come from episode 2 of "Come on down!" in trump's "let's make a deal". Who's he kidding? Attention drama for the bored "prez".

    Thanks for the story on Warrick Dunn. We don't get to see positive stories about NFL players very often. If an NFL player beats his girlfriend on camera, it's front page hews everywhere.

    Terror related slogans? LOL, the fake news will go to great lengths in being Muslim apologists and gun-grabbing liberals…

    Why is the Government responsible for cleaning up after our nasty citizens? They should be more like singapore and Kane those disgusting folks who litter in our national parks!

    This is how much people rely on the government. People still cannot come together to even clean up the trash at parks and national monuments. People are like bratty teenagers always waiting for their mom to come do everything for them.

    THE START OF 2019,,,,,AND WHITES HIRING WHITES STILL IN EFFECT,,,,,,,LOOK AT THE BACK GROUND,,,,I'm so glad I can watch the news on the INTERNET

    Hospital costs will now be more competitive as the over blown prices will be brought back to earth! These criminal institutions should have been clear along time ago. Stupid question asking what good will it do! Now you will be able to pit these thiefs against each other for our health business!

    There's no such thing as innocent tourist in these hostile countries. Why did this person even have a passport if he was convicted of larceny and booted from the military? Oh, right all the criminals go to Russia, isn't that right Agent Orange? It's not gold, it's a golden shower. Even the kid that came back from N.Korea injured and later died, was not innocent. First they shouldn't have been touring N.Korea and they were also from a religious school so they were probably on some pilgrimage to convert N.Korea.

    i always found gossip to be an only way nasty people use to make you feel like them filling them with bad news all the time? there is no good at all in this? shouldn't we all that are adults act like it instead of the way all news is filling us all with hatred and anger and sadness?

    I don't want the human race to go to space. I am scared we will destroy it. Let's fix our planet first!

    I don't understand why they blame the animals when its the parents fault for allowing them so close to the enclosures. 🙁

    Let's Make a Deal. Interpretation, secure the Border or this government stays shut down! Greatest president ever.

    Too bad and dangerous we have a Space Race and not a Ecology Race to save us from ecological death.

    Republican Healthcare: Force hospitals to tell you the hyper-inflated cost of the procedures you need so you can be free to choose to just die.

    Legal Immigration Only! NO Open Borders and NO Abolishment of ICE!
    FACT: Trump won 45 of 50 states in 2016 based primarily if not solely on permanently securing the border and ending illegal immigration? "Illegal immigrants are actually undocumented DEM voters; if they were GOP voters there would already be a secure border wall and a 100% deportation rate."- Jay Leno

    I really enjoy the news your guys provide. Even though there was some information that is not so easy to accept, way to go, guys for ending the news with the Honey Bee dancers and the family getting their first own home!!!!

    7 billion human and 3,000 critically endangered rhinos , death for all animals that are even being encroached a pond in Zoos , this is so wrong in so many ways ,

    Looks like Putin wants his girl back in order to dish out some good old Soviet justice for getting caught. LOL 🙎🔫

    "From cars, to clothes, to food, we always know the price before we pay." Honey, you haven't been brick and mortar shopping lately, have you? Retail has gotten REALLY strange – no prices on anything, service people who don't know either and tell you you have to "go to the checkout counter" to find out how much something is. And then there are the bizarre sales – full price, marked down 30%, with an additional 15% off 'today only,' and another 10% markdown if you belong to the loyalty program, plus a rebate of 5% if you pay with a certain credit card, and after all that, a lowest price match if you register your purchase with your credit card's price match program. It's NEVER over until it's over. So, no, I don't think anyone really knows the price before they pay anymore.

    All this space funding and alot of the world's military budgets must be spent on CO2 and Methane sequestration and sustainable renewable energy. Life on earth will all die soon if the planet doesn't address our immediate extreme climate change chaos. Earth First 🌍

    I live in Canada where the cost of a hospital is the same everywhere $0. You poor Americans you need to get your government to join the rest of the civilized countries that believe health care is a right not a privilege.

    Amazing we put fat chicks that will have diabetes by 35 or 40 on a pedestal like that is something to be proud of being unhealthy is not attractive or a positive thing.

    Nasa Lies no Space there is A Firmament Dome my Father of the most High Abba put over us ,there Rediculus and get demons to help them with the Fake Space Deception nonsence i see 💙👼☝️………..

    Your fear based intro and stories is a big turnoff. Your'e better than this….inflammatory and negative stories to get traffic & ratings too much like someone who likes to tan a lot….not watching

    In 2019 Philippine more disaster and accidents in losing live but in 2019 some of you that you do know tell me who you don't know let's see what's going to happen next and by the way right here America is supposed to be reunited working together as a family as a team sharing her ideas reaching all day go that to move on to the Future to America some of you are some of you if you don't and some of you that you still have a negative for not positive to move on to the Future to America or around the world. Supposed to be of a positive way not telling lies and greedy or selfish or even how you say a competition for each other for the future is supposed to be of a working together with different language different people right here in America are you ready to move on to the Future especially if there is one important that I really want to save environment global warming for not repeat yourself again to the future if we do not fix right now of us all of you going to catch the consequences and for your future of your children will get the consequences as well so think about it or don't it is time for United safe things in Sharon off of reaching out that goes of my kind of ideas and skills that is right point right there but only for some people are ready to move on to the Future working with different people different language you can bring a translation but others are not moving to the future is still stuck in the past and always stay negative well I leave that to you whoever you are because I am a just a regular person of the handicapped and some of you are traitors some of you are not a traitor

    Hey look America you dont have to shoot everyone bc as a cop your job is to bring them to trial because you are not the Judge, Jury, Or Executioner. You just arrest them…. GOOD JOB UK

    Why can’t we the people get a say in the wall? Or anything else that shuts down the government. If it passes ok, if not then shut up about it for at least 2 terms

    I still don’t think it’s cool that someone eats way more food than they need, even if they can dance well on a football field.

    the government should be shut down until there's a wall if you can't defend your bored as you're not a country if you're not a country no one has to pay taxes if you don't have any representatives and we don't then why is anyone paying federal or state taxes as far as I'm concerned Donald Trump is the one and only leader of this country he should dismiss the Congress and Senate the supreme Court they are all puppets for the global corporations and have no legitimacy you should then deport 50 million illegal aliens out of this country immediately deport and abort and get America back and being the wealthiest nation in the world

    none of those things are important what's important is protecting the borders of America protecting the jobs the welfare and the HUD housing so only Americans have access to the well that The grandfather's and Father's and ourselves have paid for with sweat blood and tears for the last two hundred years

    If a person needs a procedure done in order to live or be healthy, they need to get it done regardless of the price tag. They won’t need their money if they’re dead.

    I have a comment about the National Parks closers, as far as the litter, what happened to pack it in pack it out AND if you buy something THERE that has a wrapper of some sort Cans ( bottles and cans INCLUDED ) it there STILL PACK IT OUT especially when you see a garbage can a bit more full than normal. Everyone carries back packs now sooooooooo 🤔 PACK IT OUT PLEASE. ✌️🙃👽

    Dems are bullies and hinder the USA! Nancy telling us she will cut our heads off, like a radical terrorist! She is a terrorist! Hatred and destruction is all the Dems understand! They will not Legislate! The enemy will destroy us from within, just like the radicals promised us. You better wake up people, and know who is doing good work, and who is the bad child. Bullying, hating, and not doing their chores…that's the De M children! No progress! Meanwhile Trump works hard and accomplishes a lot of good for us. Just look at the actions, you will see the truth.

    Sanctuary States are protecting criminals. Would you choose to live in one? Not me…too easy to get murdered! Dems stupid idea again!

    I think Congress should give the little crybaby what he wants, just to get our country back on track, then impeach him and rescind some of the money that was allocated.

    the russians didn't change election results. You are lied by media. You always said that Russian did this, Russia did that. Media just use Russia about everything to manipulate you. How can you be so unclever?

    These new HOMEOWNERS don't look very poor. The cost of their hair could feed at least 12 people in my state. Not to mention those designer clothes.

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