Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – February 21, 2019 | NBC Nightly News

Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – February 21, 2019 | NBC Nightly News


    Not mentioned in the J&J story is that
    A. Talc and asbestos naturally occur in related areas, being silicate minerals that form under similar conditions. This isn't a "why is it there" situation, the challenge is making sure it's removed or not in the talc that's been mined, like a reverse of gold and granite.
    B. They don't mention what type of cancer is being claimed in the lawsuit. It's ovarian cancer. Asbestos is well known for lung cancer, not so much for reproductive cancers.
    C. They don't say what a 'small amount' is. I don't know what it is either, but I don't trust "be afraid!" without specific numbers backing the concern.

    Knew from the beginning that Smollett's story didn't sound right. Law enforcement handled him with kids gloves because he's "famous". I never heard of him until this happened. Racial tensions and RACISM is already bad enough, now he does this. Smollett is a piece of s**t.

    he faces 12 years for using the Postal Service to commit a crime. Postal Agents' are Federal Law enforcement by by Jessie… and the whole " I did it to get better pay" is a total lie too.

    The amount of people they killed and lives ruin …ISIS families begging to live back within our communities? We have people with far less convictions in jail..

    Thanks from mey tov chhan I share this to all my Facebook followers friends a lots over sea too different countries and on my line page too

    Thanks again for bringing us the news for another day. There is some seriously important things going on in our country that we need to address. Hopefully things will get better.

    judges using federal money to put a gag order on a trump supporter just to get him to not talk!! Got Lefty Jussie trying to blame trump for a fake attack!! How much proof do you people need!!! Cant believe that anyone could be a democrat nowadays….. Id be ashamed!!!!!

    I feel like it would be better for 29 families to win 1 million dollars, rather than 1 family to win 29 million dollars. Maybe we should adjust our lotteries in a certain way so that the pay outs can better the community, instead of dumping an overwhelming amount of fortune into a single meaningless frivolous pile. Where it most definitely will find it’s way back into the hands that dealt it.

    14:00 kids on drugs. I’m surprised 100% of kids aren’t depressed. It’s school no one is happy but are tv and social media says if your not happy all the time there is something wrong with you. Just buy some stuff or do some drugs you’ll be happy or else

    Its already hard enough to get Justice with ignorant racist Hate crimes. So Smolette stinks, faking for his own benefit (not even to further civil rights in some way) He stinks, He's down on the same level as Trump!

    Silly Trump supporters. You dumbasses are backing the biggest con man of them all, and have the nerve to twist this (Smollett) and try to make it about something broader. SMDH.

    Jussie Smollett has thrown his life away and that's a shame. So many people would love to have the opportunities he had had. A bit of a sociopath though given his past behavior of using his own brothers name in drunk driving.


    I'm starting to believe Trump. IDK Why 🤔 Every since he brought up that wall, I zoomed in on the violence and it is Bad. I don't know how people don't know how dangerous them Spanish & White People are in America. They have no insides. Carbon copies. Heartless! #Jackal&Hyde At Least Black's contain they own problems, even with interference. These Wacko's hurt kids, like what a bunch of LOSERS.🙏🏿 Pray for them sucker's.

    I don't get it. Why would the lie of one Jussie Smollett, effect how other victims are believed. We think too much of one person. Hes ONE person who happened to be a liar. So is that supposed to spark some avalanche of new liars coming out?? If we continue to allow the narrative that Jussies lies are a legitimate reason to doubt the next victim, we are the problem. To SUGGEST that people wld be justified in their disbelief is almost like legitimizing that thought process. One liar is one liar. That's all, that's it.

    can someone please give me judith from staten island info? i would love to take her to dinner. i would do it if she was BROKE….SHE'S VERY PRETTY.

    Roger Stone posts a photo of a judge overseeing his case with crosshairs in it and all he gets is a gag order. Only the rich and people connected to the Trumps can get away with stuff like that!

    He fouled a fake hate crime and the media and the law is up in arms over it how many babies were murdered today in the name of free choice how backwards has America become

    Im happy for the lady who won the lottery, i just wish it had been me. I'm also waiting for that imbecile president of our great country, who will remain nameless, to take credit for her good luck

    Hate crimes are on the rise, this liberal propaganda show refuses to tell the truth though. They are on the rise against whites and conservatives. FACT .

    He probably thinks, no such thing as bad publicity… I hope he truly gets what he is asking for. Pitiful so called celebrity. Shame on him!

    How long are we going to talk about Jesse. Chicago is wasting all its resources on this one person when there are missing persons and murders everyday in Chicago. Can they investigate what is really real and stop wasting taxpayers money. The media doesn't report about the missing African Americans and the murdered African Americans. I am so sick of hearing about Jesse let's get some real work done about what's really real the murders and the saying people.

    Why waste time in this broadcast to cover stories that have already been reported? Y'all are reporters. Use that time better please.

    So Roger stone's net worth is well over 22 million and he's got a PayPal and go fund me account set up??
    And it's no wonder why Trump has distanced himself from him, generally Trump doesn't respect anybody worth under 60 mill.. truth

    Wasnt ISIS girl born here? Than they have to take her back dont they? Isnt that the law? but then she will get extradited for 'aiding and abetting an enemy or the US' or something. Shes probably has prison coming her way

    I've never even heard of this actor before but he sounds selfish and pathetic and now he's getting the attention for being ignorant and stupid. And he should be prosecuted to the fullest. I know it's a mean comment but what he did was totally wrong.

    Thank you Jussie Smollett for making things worse. For the love of money is truly the root of all evil.
    When is the Mueller report expected?

    Good work for the law firms that that took control of this, it's sad that people are using raises to profit, political people and professional athletes are first to make a fast judgment, giving money and support before the truth is found, In Houston there was a African American woman that claimed that that her child was shot by a white man driving a red truck, and she received thousands of dollars? To find out it was two African americans gang members. But there is no apology? For being wrong! It won't help anyway, the whole media just wants to make a name for themselves, no matter if it true or false 🤣

    Now he got the attention he's looking for good job smollett keep going you deserve prison I'm a black man but what you did was outrageous unacceptable "moron"

    America run be free .
    Or sleep forever all of Americans feel the pressure on they chest sleep paralysis u'll never wake up again

    "Presumption of innocence"? We haven't had that for over a decade! Now it's "presumption of guilt based on allegations". Very scary.

    That’s a sad 😞 young man to go through all that just for revenge against the shoe Empire. The problem obviously goes deeper than just money he needs some physiological help and this act could be his crying out for it.
    The one thing that is really hurting society is that now when a hate crime really happens to anyone will it be taking seriously? His mockery is very shameful an seriously hurtful to real hate crimes.

    Per the ISIS 👰 Prez Trump is so focus on the Mexican wall he better be focused on the real threat!

    Wow I hope they got that driver license and the police is now knocking at their 🚪!

    Lottery mom congrats!!!🎈🍾🎉

    Smollett should get 6 months in jail; those Africans should be deported back to Nigeria or if they are Citizens of the U.S., be stripped of their citizenship and deported for simply taking part. Imagine what they would be willing to do for $10,000 a piece … they are dangerous. Disgraceful situation! Money and fame really does get to people's heads.

    A perfect example of thinking the actor is similar to the character. I sent a heart felt message after hearing of the attack. Thinking he was the nice man of his character. They are not one in the same. I feel foolish. Lesson learned.

    I'm getting tired of jackpots while I suffer and can't get the medical care I need, and I have Medicare! It's too costly, esp drug coverage. I got a puncture from a dog in Jan, and the Dr. put ointment on, a band-aid, and gave me a tetanus shot and a B12 shot, the bill? $140!! That's absurd and I will not being going to Urgent Care ever again for something minor!

    Imagine if they put a lot of that money to good use.

    It wasn't to boost his career it was a political hit on Mega / Trump orchestrated by a democratic operative and the mainstream media. It should be prosecuted as interfering with the electoral process.

    So let me get this straight the superintendent of Chicago Police believe Jesse smeared the city of Chicago and tarnished it 🤔🤨 I guess it wasn't the 500 murders Chicago had in one year or the Crooked mayor that's been robbing Chicago children of their education, but no it was a actor being accused of staging a hate crime that tarnish the city. smh….

    Oh what A Difference A Day Makes in the Jesse case (Empire). New evidence has came to light let the superintendent of police for Chicago lied on the FBI who has yet to certify that he mailed himself threatening letters. The superintendent of Chicago Police also withheld from the general public that while there was a check it was for Jesse's training that he was paying one of the brothers for. In the memo part of the check it states for "training".

    Question the prosecutors in Chicago has the right to charge these two Nigerian Americans now Witnesses who have allegedly stage this attack against Jesse with a lesser inclusive charge and still have them cooperate (like in a Mueller case) with the justice department, why did the DEA in Chicago opted not to charge them at all, why hasn't their passport been pulled until this case is over.

    Speaking of the prosecutor what would any prosecutor lay out their case the last thing either a defense attorney or a prosecutor will want to do is and having the other party know exactly what evidence they have. After seeing the OJ Simpson trial another major prosecution's one can only conclude that the prosecution and the Chicago police are trying this case and public and the hopes of getting a sympathetic jury because they know in a court of law they have no case which was probably the reason why they wanted a Grand Jury instead of an actual judge for an indictment.

    It is sad that our criminal justice system works in this way our founding fathers never set up the Constitution to be a democracy but I republic and in a republic the law rules but our justice department has decided to utilize their policing powers and number democracy style fashion where the mob will rule and publicly speaking the majority of people who heard this case without the actual facts what only be left to conclude he is guilty. the police and prosecutors have acted unethically all for a conviction.

    Don't be too quick to judge Jussie. We all make pretty bad mistake. Why do you think the Bible says..
    He who has no sin cast the first stone.
    Bet y'all can't cast even a pebble.
    We all have a dumb dark side.

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