Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – December 30, 2018 | NBC Nightly News

Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – December 30, 2018 | NBC Nightly News


    Listen to Joe Wong🙄! He’s from China, and he’s familiar with walls! (Hello)… and he stated walls don’t WORK 🤪🤣😅

    Lindsay Graham licks Trump's toes? Trump is like a virulent fungus, a disease which only vinegar, bleach and impeachment will cure.

    Graham has more faces than the station clock. He actually said that Obama always thought he knew better. Has he met Trump? Has he listened to Trump? "Nobody knows better than me ……. ". "I know better than the generals ……….". "I'm the best in the world at …….. ". "Only I can do ……..". "I have the best memory in the world." "I'm a stable genius." "I have a big er brain." "I'm the world's best negotiator." "Only I can fix it." etc, etc, etc.

    Someone who actually boasts all the above about himself is hardly going to take advice from anyone because he actually does think he knows best. So, no matter how many "ways round" solving a problem that Trump created Graham comes up with he won't listen. He'd have to ask permission from the obnoxious Coulter and the ridiculous Limbaugh – who appear to have a hold on whichever of his strings Putin isn't pulling. Trump is a coward & his fragile ego is far more important to him than whether Federal workers can afford to pay their rent & feed their children.

    But then I stopped believing anything the snivelling Lindsay Graham had to say a long time ago. Someone who can do a complete 180 on almost every previous opinion without batting an eyelid can't be trusted. He obviously thinks a round of golf & an invitation to lunch is worth sacrificing any honor and integrity he ever had.

    I imagine he's seething on the quiet that, despite all of his sucking up to Trump, turning on his "friend" Jeff Sessions & his audition at the Kavanaugh hearing he still wasn't in the running for Attorney General.

    for myself the drink drive max should be 0% its not hard to achieve. if your going drinking have someone with you who can drive you home after not drinking.

    This guys says,waste money on a boarder wall. What about all the money that is being wasted that we are just giving it to other countries and getting nothing in return?

    Trump and his band of thugs are cooking up stories about the wall being built while Putin lands nuclear warheads in Venezuela. How come Trump doesn't stand up to Putin. Trump is a coward and a traitor.

    This is a NWO channel. Its obvious that these reporters have eyes but they cannot see, and they have ears but they cannot hear.

    How funny it is to watch the rats trying to swim away from the sinking ship. The real question is why did Sen.Graham change his opinion on president bonespur, could it be the 800,000 that Sen.Graham has taken from Russians who are tied to V.Putin or could it be that Comrade Trump threatened to tell the American people about who Lindsey spends his nights with?

    I hope NBC replaces Kate Snow with Hallie Jackson after Hallie is done being a White House Correspondent. Kate is great but she is getting old and looking old and to be honest, Hallie has the skills to do that job. If she didn't, she would of never a been a fill-in host.

    Notice how Trump with poochie Lindsey Graham are now attempting to redefine what is meant by a Wall. As for Kellyanne Conway, no matter what she says, it's a lie. She should be Trump's wife. They are lying soul mates.

    The wall is not to keep illegals out its to keep people in, now they just need gun control and they can do whatever they like.

    That last story about that guy selling his fish business to four young men is awesome. It could have been sold for a lot more money but he chose to keep it real. LOVE IT

    They are trying to distract people with the alcohol thing. Cops are actually looking for drivers who may have drugs in their system. They will pull people over who are clearly not drunk, who may or may not have even commited any sort of moving violation. Then, like clockwork, they will attempt to escalate the stop into a "get out of the car, you don't look right". We need to abolish DUi laws. If someone is driving visibly drunk,they can be pulled over and ticketed for reckless driving. If someone causes and accident and a person dies, they can be charged with vehicular manslaughter. We don't need this out of control, predatory, dui pretense, violation of citizens rights with what amounts to illegal stops. It is happening all over the country., Just wait. It could and probably will happen to you or someone you love or know.

    we've got approximately three agents per mile of border on duty at any given time, detection devices that could spot a mouse at a thousand yards, yet hundreds of people and uncounted dope make it across every day. a wall won't change that. I'm not saying there's corruption involved, but do the math

    Politicians speaking out in public because they can't solve urgent bi-partisan matters politically are WEAK. Businessman? Strong negotiator? Calling for "voters" to support them? LOL The system is that voters voted for them to represent them in the best possible manner, not the OPPOSITE. Now it is like: "We made a MESS, please help us because it's your fault you voted for us". In the end a common loser never will become a winner.


    Wake up America. Your old enemies, those good old boys in the Kremlin, knew that a hundred million of you were easy meat and played on your hubris, ignorance, and fear. Your misplaced patriotism, desperation, and panic over a ragtag bag of would-be immigrants. Then aided and abetted by the perfect bloviate, who only told you what you wanted to hear. They pulled off their bloodless coup. Now their man is in your iconic White House. It was an American who said that when a dictator took over America he would be wrapped in the flag and carrying a Bible.

    "The wall has become a metaphor for border security…." GTFO 😂 45 says wall and he means wall. I doubt he even knows the definition of "metaphorical."

    45 is throwing a total temper tantrum… His base is eating it up. "Screw them guvment workers!" 🙄
    I have a feeling that, if he's impeached, civil war will break out… As divided as he encourages the entire country to be, I totally see his base revolting. I hope, for our country's sake, Mueller's investigation continues till early 2020. I'm truly in awe over what our country has become.

    9 American servicemen killed in Syria fighting ISIS…. Yet they've been "eradicated." Gawsh, I really hate 45. Haaaaaate.

    Graham and others like him are money whores…Get rid of special interests.. stop government officials from voting for personal kickback —-voting for themselves and their own profit…rather than for country and ALL its citizens’ well being… find your ethical compass 🇺🇸 citizens

    In respect to what else is going on in the country and it's relationship with world, how important are these topics? I am getting tired of wasting my time with this show and with media in general.

    NBC reports at least on backtracking their false statements. I’ll give them that. Like that they point out that Trump is working and dems are out furniture shopping. John Kelley honored his roll and saw the bone head decisions weren’t trump but others he had to steer him from. He did his job well.

    It doesn't matter what Lindsey Graham says or how he says it…all I remember is WHAT he said at the creepy Kavanough hearing, and HOW he said it.

    I'd bet money Trump is benefiting from building that wall- either financially profiting or paying a debt he owes but that wall is like watching a dog with a bone and billions to be made

    Lindsay Graham thinks hes the trump whisperer, but he is ineffective and is not. Trump listens to Graham as much as he listens to his wives and women.

    The only reason Trump is still at the white house during this season is because no one wants him at home. This continued campaign to not place blame where it belongs is why Trump continues to be so wicked. Nixon, Hitler, Stalin, Capone, and even Tony Montana, wicked as they were they all had their #enablers.

    It' works try going over Obama's 10ft Mansion Wall, the only reason Democrats want Unlimited Immigration to gain power and more while using immigrants as there base in the Future, Basically planting the seed.

    "Make America great again" : doesn't that ring a bell.
    "We're going to make Atlantic City rich and prosperous again".
    Has the American people given a thought to Donnie's track record before electing him?
    (At the same time , I do get it – Hillary Clinton's track record was nothing but a nightmare : official email mishandling, the Bengazi attack, Whitewater. How was it that the American democratic system allowed for the two worst possible candidates to run against each other? )

    Well when you have a barbarian as president he wants to use cutting edge 5th century technologies. If I were the Dems I would only allow for the wall if it also includes a moat and a promise to upgrade boarder patrol weapons with cross bows as well as a carefully constructed rummer of there being dragons on the other side.

    What about the police officer that was killed in California by a gang member who was illegally in Our Country. They caught the illegal. Hope we dont have to feed the scum, hope they execute him. Now a Wife and a Child will be without a husband and father. We need a Boarder Wall!!! I want my taxes put into building a wall!!!! not more investigations on Our Wonderful President. Pelosi Schumer dont your walls protect you from intruders around your house??? I want my money taxes put into building a wall around my Home the United States. So my family is safe and secure. Americans First!!!!!!! or you pelosi and schumer are no better than the scum you didnt keep out with a wall. I like the government being shut down and I would like the President to close the border til you all start working with the President of the United States and We the people.

    Respect the Position of the White House of get out of Our Wonderful Country, We the true Americans will be better off with out you being apart. We are a respectful people not low lifes full of hate filled words and a condescending spirit about them.

    Every time Trump and Lindsey Graham open their mouths, it's a wonder they don't get flies in their mouths that are attracted by the bullshi* that comes out.

    This little rat fink (Graham) hopefully will soon be gone in his next election bid. He thinks tying himself with Trump will help him remain a Senator but South Carolina has been sick of Graham long before. I don't trust him and neither should Trump. I'm not a Trump fan but as soon as the real truth comes out about this president watch Graham desert the ship like the rat he certainly is.

    Weak reporting NBC. It is kinda funny how your network protects Trump…like a group giving into a mob boss. SAD. I expected more from your network's soundbite reporting.

    Everyone better wake up! We are being infeltraited from the inside out! Wake up Americans,it has been happening for years! We need this wall. Wait and see! Think about it!!!

    If Congress passes a bill and the President doesn't sign than it becomes law after 10 days unless he veto's it and sends it back to originating house or if Congress adjourns within the 10 day limit. If the both houses votes by 2/3 to override the Bill becomes law and they president must carry it out meaning Congress by a 2/3 vote can end the shutdown without the presidents approval.

    Trump Republicans are raciest. Pure and simple. Do you know it takes 5 Trump Republicans to change a light bulb. One to hold the light bulb and four to turn the person. The big question is how have the Trump Republicans improved your life in the last 2 years if you are poor, low income or middle class???? When they take away your health care how many family members will die? Do not worry about Graham he has great health care which you paid for with your taxes!!! Why do the Republicans want to take away your health care? The profits will increase in the health care companies who in turn donate to each and every Republican running for office.

    Build the wall…
    Says This American National born Native American..
    And Of Strong Latin Decent. Obama Wanted it … he said so out of his mouth …Chucky wanted it …. said it out of his own mouth …. Hillary said it out of her own mouth .
    It Has Nothing to Do with Racism.
    It about They took an Oath to Up Hold the Constitution of the United States.
    And Protect the Citizens of the United States.
    And that's there job.
    If the go against the Oath they took then They are Liers.
    And have no intrest in American Citizens .
    Shame on the Democrats for playing Politics.

    mr. prez. shut down the government, to suffer the Americans for the election of Obama, and because the country doesn't like him

    你这么问特朗普,2018年发生了多少起枪击案? 特朗普要让民主党负责,那么我就负责2019年开始禁枪,从根本上解决枪击案! 你问特朗普希望2019年发生多少起枪击案他才满意?

    99.9999% of Mexicans can show their legal passports to visit America and overstay.

    Republicans seem to feel a useless wall will prevent all Mexicans from visiting Disneyland or Vegas with their families and then over-staying forever.

    Chinese also have passports. Arabs also have passports. You might start suspecting America has tourism.

    VANISHING CARAVAN: Caravans can travel in a group for safety and then break off and cross the border PRETENDING to cross for "shoe shopping", "Vegas.

    A 100 Trillion dollar dome over the USA would not stop a single "tourist" or "fake tourist" from bypassing a useless wall with their passport.


    Would you buy a ladder or hacksaw and take on the border patrol… or would you simply get off the cruise ship in Acapulco and never return?


    Think on this.

    Why would anyone even bother with border patrol? Passports are cheap.

    A Wall might prevent a few dingbats who forgot their passports on the nightstand and another 0.0001%… but.. seriously?

    This is pure common sense so Republicans may not grasp it (the literate few who can actually read this far).

    A) It cannot.

    This comment explains the stupidity of a Trump wall better than most American news outlets.

    America should ban tourism (Is as dumb as wall) or put $5.7 Billion into facial recognition software to locate and stop illegals when they pass CCTV.

    WALL vs PASSPORT… I know who I would bet on.

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