Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – December 17th, 2019 | NBC Nightly News

Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – December 17th, 2019 | NBC Nightly News



    Schumer says he’s impartial but called for President Trumps impeachment on day one of his time in office. 🤷‍♂️

    God bless that beautiful nurse. Stepping up like that, to help save someone’s life. So happy to hear, that the young man is doing well. This nurse is an Angel 😇 .

    The American people is waiting on them to impeach Donald Trump what is taking so long we don't need to listen to any more of these lies by these corrupt Republicans on these committees in in Congress and in the Senate

    These Republicans on the committee and in Congress and in the senate or stupid they know the Constitution and they have not brought one shred of evidence they have not even denied what Donald Trump did all they doing is talk and rhetoric why the Democrats is bringing facts

    And they was wondering why leaders of other countries is laughing at this president in these Republicans who held the United States people marched yesterday to impeach this President and get him out of office and what are the Republicans doing catering to their boss like they go with him why are they so close to a man with their do anything for a man I can see a woman but a man

    I can't imagine what the world leaders are saying when the facts or in plain sight you know they talking about how ignorant those Republicans in the Senate and on the Republican committees or

    The American people are sick and tired of all these foreign dictators that Donald Trump in the Republicans are calling on the interview in our elections that's all they had dealings with

    The American people have spoken these people publicans and Donald Trump's it's only talking about what Donald Trump want but it's what the American people want and they need to get back to what the American people want and not with Donald Trump want the people out over the world march yesterday to impeach this President can you imagine what the leaders of the world is laughing at these Republicans win the criminal activity was in plain sight and there was recorded emails recorded transcripts in recorded phone call and I still up there lying

    When you know Mitch McConnell says he has taken money member. Foreign country gave Mitch McConnell money to open that Aluminum Company ran by Russian oligarchs

    Typical of WP never take responsibility just point figures at others. The Lord put him in the WH to put them on display so the world can not deny the truth of these people.

    So miss McConnell has no choice since he is getting paid from these Russian companies in dictator companies remember the Russians have a luminol company right in Kentucky Rain by Russians and they pay Mitch McConnell big dollars to pass that bill so he is also compromised by Foreign dictators like Donald Trump who is in debt with Putin so they have dirt on each other so he has no choice but to do with Donald Trump's says Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham in all those on those Republican committees needs to be impeached because they all have ties to foreign government and it's owned by Foreign governments and have taken money from foreign governments

    The President should have testified but he knows he's guilty so he will not testify it's time to get rid of this following government who is pooping everything was to do and how to run the United States

    I’m don’t care that Trump is POTUS but I am tired of this admin. Absolutely ridiculous!! And some of these republicans won’t have any careers after this sh#% show is finally over. And why are all his associates in prison but his base keeps talking about cleaning the swamp?! 😂

    Sound the sirens. Trump has compromised our national security. Haha. Haha. Yeah, Let’s send them military aid to fight Russia,, the country with the most nuclear warheads in the world. Ooh I’m scared. What a farce. Waste of time and money.

    Does trump really think that bullying Pelosi is going to scare her? Lol. Rediculous! The republicans are disgraceful and should be ashamed of theirselves. Trump is just playing stupid games! And his cronies have sunk to his lowest level.

    He s not even impeached nit wits .. lester holt says over and over saying he s impeached , senate is judge and jury. All your representatives did just about the whole prez term is spit in face of the people meaning the people of the states they represent by spending all there time on this instead of the people .. all in an attempt to stop a re election next year . Dems have made themselves look ridiculous even more its sad .. Senate wont impeach him anyway. How much did this charade cost the tax payers ? Its tens of millions at a minimum and a tremendous lose of productivity for WE THE PEOPLE. !! Disgrace

    All political persons should have to take impromptu lie detector tests and also random drug testing. I am sick and tired of having mentally challenged human beings holding important roles in our society. I am referring to senators, congressmen and especially the executive branch. We must find out if they have any semblance of a brain. This includes the looney toon in the Oval Office.

    Let's see: the President of Ukraine says Trump said nothing wrong, a law professor looking at the written phone call says he said nothing wrong, seventeen counts of wrong doing proven a lie, the big scandal of Russia and the voting system proven a lie, yet people still believe the Democrats and the "unbiased" (hah) media.

    Much of the extreme tragedies, charities and conflicts in the media are actually underworld propaganda; events and hoaxes that have not actually happened.

    The criminal underworld began as a Secret Society, using a stolen concept, about 800 years ago.

    The antidote to the Criminal Underworld is to make the underworld and its activity perceivable; to expose it.

    The "art" of patterning was developed by a Norse Scientist or "wizard". The Founder of Norway is said to be the father of the underworld. The founding "Czar" of Russia is the secret master control of the underworld plot.

    Despite infiltration, the governments of the world must read and investigate government reports that solve underworld crimes and expose underworld villains. A powerful investigation began in the 19th century upon the murder of President Abraham Lincoln.

    Who wrote these reports? Many of the most profound government reports that dismantle the underworld were written by the bloodline descendants of Spanish, French and American Intelligence officers and Government officials from the 18th an 19th centuries, who worked on the original investigations.

    The trail of integrity cannot suffer from bias or subsequent downfall.

    Non criminal, non ethical err, especially accumulated imperceivable err, built up enough punishment for Amy Knorr to be screwed over by the underworld by 1968, in tune to a public perception shift triggered by concern over President Nixon.

    Because the err of Amy Knorr's bloodline was unintentional and not of ill will, Amy Knorr could compensate for much of her err. This included the dangers of writing government reports with volatile information, without being suspected of such.

    Amy Knorr, with help from Heaven above, was clearing up the air with her work over the past five years especially. But fallen family members who joined the underworld were waiting to duel with Amy Knorr, by accusing her of a crime that she did not commit,  without evidence, without justifiable cause.

    Amy Knorr has been almost as persecuted as the robbed Australian inventor who evolved from the Aborigines from a protected part of AUSTRALIA.

    At the turn of the 20th century, Mata Hari was accused of a spy transaction in Australia for stolen laser technology on assignment of the underworld. Eye witnesses perceived a native woman from a Western North American tribe. Mata Hari's sister Johannes Zelle better fit the identification markers. The technology required a blue diamond much like one that the underworld has sought to steal from Mata Hari that dates back to Nefertiti II.

    It was detected that the guilty party included Nefertiti I in her composite.

    Subconsciously, Mata Hari was wrestling with the effects of the phony Ancient Fixed Twin Soul reunion between Rudolf MacLeod and Julia Brody. Mata Hari also began to suspect that she had punishment for not cancelling the reunion. But this had not reached consciousness. The guilty party feigned this turmoil as if it were known and the punishment perceivable.

    The actual turn of the 20th century transaction spy in Australia was the bloodline ancestor of Jen McCarthy Mons, cousin.

    The underworld placed four guilty spies in key positions as of 1996. Together, they displaced Amy Knorr from the family but this would not be missed because Amy Knorr was not in the underworld. 
    In order to perceive flattery and prospects for success, fallen family members had to believe in Jen McCarthy Mons, Lisa Bullock, Polita Barnes and Juliet Joslin, and NOT Amy Knorr.

    By the age of four, Amy Knorr's life had been robbed from her. Amy Knorr could still perceive because the new life's work would be her government report.

    Amy Knorr is the registered bloodline descendant of Marilyn Monroe.

    He always plays the victim!!!! Shame on you!! If this is a HOAX we should redefine what that word means

    Most people worked or involved with trump has been indicted and in jail, think about that everyone. trump still says he's not guilty…

    Hypocrites Democrats have no other choice than to chop the impeachment with Trump…too bad as Republicans will laugh to the end!

    I’m going to get a lot of hate, I’m not here to fight, but I’m not against trump being our president. In my personal opinion every president is corrupt in some way. Lol I mean if not all most were man whores having affairs etc and lairs so? 🤔🤣 he’s helping our Financial crisis and cleaning up the mess Obama put us in with Obama care. So I mean we need all the help we can get and get out of debt for once. Impossible? Probably lol cause democrats can’t stand to lose?

    They knew no impeachment would happen. All awhile they took the focus off giving aliens a drivers license. The only thing you need to vote is a drivers license. Haha.


    The pope don’t care bc if he did they wouldn’t of made all the smaller churches pay for past lawsuits… The Vatican has tons of money so idk why they would make the smaller churches pay that has nothing to do with any pedophile priest.

    Hey NBC I used to like in BC but Trump is a victim because of the way y'all put trade him all these years y'all make me sick I hope that you'll reap what y'all have sowed into other people's lives all y'all do is tear people down NBC sucks

    Plastic Pelosi needs a new facelift. Including being investigated by the Fbi and the Clinton witch hunt. This is a hearsay trial they got nothing. The president will be exonerated.

    The history books will read that President Donald J. Trump was impeached, but then you will turn the page and read how he was elected right back into office by loyal patriotic Americans.

    Trump is such a dumb, classless, immature, lowlife, so much, so, that the night of his impeachment, he mocks our deceased, former congressman, John Dingell. Trump's big mouth is his biggest problem, and will continue to contribute to his fall as president. Mss. Dingle's, your broken heart will be mended by the Lord above.

    The People Of The USA File a Motion to Vacate the chair which would challenge the leadership of Speaker Nancy Pelosi

    and call for a New Election for the Speakership. Get Her Out…Have Her Fired

    Little donni is a small man who’s parents could not love because they knew his evilness.

    Screaming donni is showing symptoms of a meltdown; l love it dj tj.

    Delusional don is doing his demagogue rain dance over the vote to impeach.

    Trumpty Dumpty will never be half the man of any of his predecessors.

    Always the victim means he will never be the victor. Cry me a river baby boy.

    He does this all the time America. Don’t get over it because he will do it again.

    Instead, stand up to him and his partners in crime. Enough is enough old man trump.

    If Malpractice McConnell had practiced his speech he wouldn’t had to repeat each word/phrase twice.

    Moscow Mitch should have tried to not scratch that itch to make Obama a one term president.

    Old turtle neck has his own skeletons of racist bigotry which are much like dumb don-don-donni’s.

    Slow speaking double-chin Mitch McConnell has stalled every bill presented to him to help the USA.

    Dumb-donni and old man Mitch have proven we need to retire the boomer generation for good

    F** Justice f** democracy and f** the United States of America. This m******** Gets 45 days in jail one weekend at a goddam time for meddling with millions of dollars and flirting with a foreign power that is are known enemy basically amounting to treason!!! And that is all he has to do as punishment? I stole $300 worth of ship it from Walmart because I was starving to death and needed to sell it to eat and wound up doing 6 months in jail over one immediately upon sentencing… F** this country and its in titled double standard of Justice..

    Why is the Catholic Church able to keep predators/pedophiles away from local law enforcement? They should be jailed like others.

    And now the coward Pill popper Pelosi won't send the charges to the Senate. TRANSFER THE CHARGES MRS. PILL POPPER! Oh wait a minute, you don't have a case!!
    TRUMP 2020.

    Impeachment – Deplorable – Sounds like the same thing to me! Bahahahaha!!!😁 😂 🤣
    We wear it with Pride! TRUMP 2020!!!


    @DavidAmos,,You just helped reiterated my faith in THE MOST HIGH,, the CREATOR of the Universe is awesome,,, Thanks for Sharing your story,,,,

    Trump ought to give a televised national address, use his best written rhetoric, get a polical writer to help his delivery and let American people decide,, the Dems hate Trump, the Senate has to be drawn into it, then Polisi began this whole thing which began a snowball effect no matter what the PONTUS did and his cohorts; she needs to use Borax for mouthwash ,,, "Judge not yet ye shall not be judged" ,,,amen

    ITS ALL POLITICAL,,, FOLKS,, Which Trump never took a political science class in college in his life! How did he ever become President of the United States, just because he did not like Hillary ,,neither do i, but i do not want to be President!! These days a Pontus can be hung if he sneeze wrong on world leader conversations, because every phone has government wire taps,,, shame on ya'all,,, Jesus said: "Those of you without sin cast the first stone!" Congress throw those stones,, you sinless vipers. ,,,

    Lol. Trump will win.. Again. Republicans will laugh 😂 all the way to the majority.
    Bye Bye Dems!! See you in Nov. Hope you don't melt down again.

    Who gives a crap about measles? You act like it's some kind of malaria disease! Get a grip and nobody need to be vaccinated against measles. How stupid

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