Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – August 21, 2018 | NBC Nightly News

Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – August 21, 2018 | NBC Nightly News


    You know your brainwashed when Donald trump and fox news have you convinced that the FBI is bad and Russia is good..

    Republican polls are way down in popularity even though unemployment is supposedly the lowest ever.

    Hey America, it's much worse than the Republicans are telling you.

    U.S. "unemployment" figures are fudged.

    Unemployment numbers do not include all of the unemployed who have been put in prison. If you're unemployed and they put you in prison (say for smoking a joint in a non-legal state) they take you off the list of unemployed. All of a sudden their BS 'war on drugs' gives them improved (but phony) employment numbers to con more support for their oppressive policies. There are a lot of prisoners. It really warps and bends the numbers to look like a huge reduction in unemployment when it is really a huge expense for the country and a travesty for the citizens.

    The USA has 5% of the world's population and yet it has 25% of the world's prisoners. What was that again? "The land of the …" what? Worse still they hire prisoners as slave labor which gives industry an inclination to not hire regular workers at livable wages, thus creating more unemployment, more desperation and more crime. Even the peaceful citizen who merely seeks relief from this stress and uses a recreational substance to gain that relief becomes "a criminal" (merely because a politician gave it that label and not because it actually is an offense to another person). It all creates more criminals until all citizens become slave labor for the prison-industrial complex. All of it is costly and without benefit to the citizens. Only politicians, police and prison industries win that way.

    most countries do not put statues up of the defeated wth, can you imagine Hitler statues left up in Germany after his defeat

    Dear American citizens. We Europeans have long looked up to you, admiring you for your love of freedom and justice. The states of our planet were once led by a lighthouse of moral authority. Not only as a German am I grateful for the sacrifices made by your grandfathers and fathers, but above all as an European citizen.
    We respect your pride in the United States and stand by your side, but we are deeply concerned about the development in your nation. Your division and dissension, even the hatred for the political opponent, is a development that personally frightens me. I have been following your political discussion for a long time and as an outsider it is particularly noticeable how your media drives a wedge between you citizens. There is no more objectivity, no more truth and no more trust. You let yourselves be influenced by one side and the other so much that you are probably hardly in a position to listen to the arguments of your opponent or to deal with them. The discussions in your so-called News are overshadowed by polemics and insinuations. It is not a question of reporting, but of discrediting other media. If the credibility of another broadcaster or another newspaper is undermined by even the simplest reasons, it is easiest to retain consumers in its product. This division must cease in your interests and those of the people of the earth. Be brave, look at what your neighbor has to say to you and not what Sean Hannity pulls out of the hat again, or how Seth meyers makes fun of Trump. Look at what is happening at a distance and look with reason at what is happening.

    With Love from Germany, Chris

    Rename as the Hate Trump Network. 8 min. of 19 min. Enough. Nobody cares. There must be other news? I continue to watch because I like Lester Holt very much. Classy guy, through and through.

    This is such a crock of BS and MSM are complicit in this grand screw America scheme including NBC and Trump. It's all fake and all of these people know it.

    When are they going to impeach this president? Is he above the law. He's making a mockery out of the law
    He always said I did nothing wrong.

    Manafort's G_U_I_L_T_Y as sin!! Cohens squeeling like a stuck pig!!

    And tRumpf keeps LYING about it all – His "friends" are "very good people!" in his book! He needs to be in JAIL!

    My deepest condolences to the Family, Friends and loved ones of Mollie Tibbetts. Iโ€™m so so sorry for your loss. May this beautiful young Angel rest on peace

    President Obama was a man of his words; Trump is a Shady politician who manipulates words to justify his sins. Clean out your locker; Trump. you're going home you devil, you.๐Ÿ˜ˆ

    And ladies my sister lives in a lovely Suburban city in Michigan and she oftened left her doors and windows unlocked or opened assuming that she lived in a safe environment simply because she lives in the suburb. Three years ago mere blocks away from her home a neighbor shot and killed his wife his 3 children and himself, and one day I chased off a male stranger who I saw looking through her front window as I approached her home. The devil lives in the suburbs too ladies not just in the inner cities.

    Never believe the fake news. Plea deals are all nothing but lies to saved ones own skin, nothing more. President hisself has NOT been involved or found wrong or guilty about anything… keep trying DemoCRAPS.. we know your BS and nothing will change the REAL truth or our vote..

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