Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – April 10, 2019 | NBC Nightly News

Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – April 10, 2019 | NBC Nightly News


    So.. let's recap. Trump continues to whine about the Mueller report, despite him stating he was exonerated. Barr declares there may have been spying on the Trump campaign, which did indeed make questionable contact with Russians, so the FBI had to investigate. Middle class Americans got the shaft from the Trump/Republican tax cuts. Only the wealthy benefited.

    Republicans are a disgrace.

    Yup something new Trumper can use in his campaign. He is a joke and that what there after to delay showing the report.
    The longer they wait the more lies he can makeup for his campaign. It’s a disgrace

    That's crazy cause that also happened litterly like two or three nights ago in Paris France a building exploding same way….

    When is Climate Change going to be declared a National Emergency? Severe weather causing billions of dollars in damage nearly every month, the spread of diseases from insect-borne vectors, increased immigration from countries affected by climate change, crop losses threatening our imports and exports and damaged caused to the nations productivity and economy due to lost work days and travel delays. Even if a person does not believe that all this is man-made, there can be no denying that it is happening at a greater rate than ever before.

    I don't understand what the big deal about measles is all about. 30 years ago, most kids got measles at least once. Myself included.

    Anti-vaxxers should undergo forced sterilization after two children so that they can't have SIX KIDS that are spreading preventable diseases. There are people such as myself who have so many medical problems already that we don't need more illness. In other words, we don't want big broods of unvaccinated, potentially contagious kids running around amongst us.

    My childhood illnesses occurred before vaccines were invented. I'm not sure whether I have had measles, since a doctor was not always consulted in those days, and it was often just your parents making the "diagnosis."

    I did have a rash that my mother thought was measles, but considering all my allergies that sometimes cause rashes, who knows? I don't remember feeling as sick as what was described here. Instead, I remember thinking I wasn't sick enough to be forced to miss a fishing trip taken by other members of my family while I was forced to stay home.

    I do remember having mumps because I was very, very sick and miserable. At that point in my life, mumps was the worst and most painful illness I had ever had. For days, I was almost delirious from fever and my throat hurt with excruciating pain. Even though I have had two major spine surgeries and ACL reconstruction of my knee, the mumps remains among the most painful and most memorable illnesses I've ever faced. It's in the top 10 and maybe the top 5, in terms of pain and misery I've experienced from a single cause.

    The measles and mumps vaccines are combined, along with rubella, so those without measles vaccine can also get the mumps. Why would parents cause their kids so much misery that a vaccine would prevent?

    If kids are not being vaccinated, those vaccines should be donated to adults who are not sure if they have ever had measles, which might mean they have no antibodies or immunity to measles.

    AG says sitting prez administration spied on political adversary and it’s the fourth place spot behind an explosion, a measles outbreak and wicked weather. Ok.

    "It's the one place of the universe that we can go and never come back", huh??? And how do we get there????

    NBC announcing all insignificant news and Lies. For real 😳 news go to the alternative news for politics , USA and world news 👀
    Wake up This is only propaganda

    Lmao, that security camera that captured the explosion is you tubes 11’8” bridge that captures devastation of all the trucks hitting that bridge

    Ppl have to show their tax returns to their employer, while trump keeps his hidden.
    He told us we would do our taxes on a post card!
    Did anyone do their taxes on a post card like we were promised?

    The black hole: It should be defined or described as the point at which all the neutrons and energy of a collapsed neutron star is converted into Higgs bosons and antimatter, and that the Higgs, a by product of matter co-exists with antimatter. The Higgs imparting its mass as gravity (or the undiscovered gravitons) to the black hole as the result of the neutrons being converted into Higgs particles and antimatter upon collapse. In effect the black hole becomes a Higgs-antimatter factory annihilating ordinary matter and light photons converting it into its antimatter counterparts, the Higgs allowing the black hole to grow and imparting mass to anti-particles. We can barely scratch the surface in producing the signature of what we think might be the Higgs particle, but haven't determined or observed how it imparts mass to other particles or its reaction with antimatter, though we can produce and store simple antimatter. But that's my guess as to how a black hole works, and any new mathematics to be derived would begin with the conversion of neutrons to a black hole (be it an anti plasma soup of Higgs and anti-particles); and the difference between or threshold of how many neutron stars or even magnetars don't reach the stage of fully collapsing to a black hole indicating a fixed condition of neutron density and star mass. The event horizon and jets are likely the result of contaminate matter or an excess of re-processed matter thrown out by the magnetic poles as radiation and can escape because the speed of light is near enough or equal to the infalling matter ( or an imbalanced threshold of distance) which is actually time dilated or slowed, so that energy escapes at a certain distance from the magnetic poles of the black hole via the jets. Possibly like the push pull of magnetic fields and gravity. I find that black holes may provide the solution to Einstein's Unified Field theory. That the minimum level we can produce antimatter or the occasional Higgs by colliding neutrons, we're barely scratching the surface of the production capacity of a black hole, in which all of its infalling matter converts to neutrons and then into antimatter and Higgs particles we think are annihilated, are those rare by-products such as the Higgs and anti-matter at those minimum collision energies near the speed of light. If the recent gravitational waves shows the result of matter trapped by time dilation in the event horizon annihilating with antimatter and matter releasing all its energy upon collision or the merging of two black holes something must be preserving the Higgs closer to the singularity allowing mass to be added to a growing merged black hole. The singularity must be that unshakably dense. Again we can only produce a limited amount of anti-matter in random collisions with no certainty every collision will result in producing an anti-particle or occasional Higgs particle signature, black holes must therefore be a mass production factory.

    Was it really necessary to squeeze in an unedited 10 second video of a woman being crushed to death. Shame on you NBC Nightly News. There are fatal accidents every day on Americas highways, the only news here is you have a sensational video of it.

    Props to Katie L. Bouman, a postdoc fellow with the Event Horizon Telescope @ MIT, who developed the algorithm that enabled the photo of the black hole to exist. She's getting no love, say her name.

    He says the investigation was a coup but him firing people all over and installing new random people is the real coup d'etat.

    Climate Change creates extreme weather; not higher temperatures everyday everywhere.
    Don't be ignorant; don't buy into Repulsive Republicans Fake News!
    Republicans are only protecting BIG Business; not you nor the environment.

    Poor , poor NBC News.
    2 Years of egg on their "journalistic" face's after 2 years of slander & partisan lies
    in support of the Mueller Russian Probe that crashed & burned in failure.
    Thanks for your part in spreading and forwarding this propaganda NBC News.
    You should be ashamed of your disgracing the traditions of American Journalism.
    America remains the most media manipulated nation on earth.

    How Albert predicted this 100 years ago ?
    How they know it sucks light ?
    This sound like a makeshift story to continue financing.

    On Barr testimony: This is why it's so important for Congress to be prepared in question ing Barr. The follow-up question. Should have been: if the "spying" was adequately predicated, isn't "spying," which has negative connotations, an irresponsible way to characterize surveillance?

    look ya'll the Trump campaign was spied on just sort of by accident because OG the Russians are over here we better go look at the Russians and oh there they are in the Trump campaign so yeah with the FBI had to follow the information I mean the American people that stupid?

    The issue is not as simple as "vaccinate or not" . The way that it's done is what is causing serious damage to people. There are serious toxins in vaccines- mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde- also, the multidose policy is overloading a child's immune system. The vaccine industry cannot resist to promote their product as it is- I can't blame any parent for refusing to go along with it- and the vaccine pushers refuse to change their product or procedure.

    TRUMP does not need to see the Mueller Report or read it to know he was spied upon. He knew it from the day he evacuated his campaign from Trump Tower.

    @13:58 There is image that look familiar so to speak.

    @13:58, is something my eye sees if my eyes had a eye, if that make since, ,its alomt like having a antenna on part of your vision… there is something about the image or graphic at 13:58, is almost how i would describe what it look like, but most often is kind of vibrant, blue white is collor but looks very simliar to that imagine at 13:58…

    Sometimes, when tring focus, or getting my sel set to write or think.. I take my hand close my eleid sorta. why well a ), it works.. i feel better more relaxed have a smoother focus, just closing my eyelid one time making the connect using my hand sometimes i move my hea from left to right, you might say axis and atla stuff, but that more like thinking, just getting in the mode or comfortable is more what its like, like music says sometime dust your shouders off, dusting your shouders off,

    You know how some people can only wink one eye, either that, or that have to close both of them at the same time, that stress happening somewhere, its means your kind of tied together, …
    Heres a way to get set, Can you move your head to the right towards shoulder, close or wink your right eye slowy, then naturally move your head to left, to get to same place on left side, dip head forwardds or backwards , close only or only wink your left eye while doing it towards the left. At the end of this excerise, you should feel great and be able to blink or wink each eye one a time..

    It litterly means your untied, you got a good flow or ecent flow going, some people fight there whole life, develope a twich,, or blink but it easy as the excerise above,

    Sometimes i just cheat and use my hand, close one eye…hold it close for about half a second it works pretty good,

    whatever it takes

    More fear mongering for the parents who do the research and see that having measles and the symptoms those entail is a lot more bareable than the side effects of the mmr vaccine. Id rather live with measles dor the rest of my life before the CDC ever gets the opportunity to vaccine injure my daughter nor further injure my son. Do your own research, read the side effects… even the "rare" ones. Just stop the bs and use that thing in your skull.

    I absolutely love it Trump Trump trump Trump trump Trump trump Trump trump Trump trump in my right hand keep looking at Trump he's in my right hand but wait what's my left hand doing you're not paying attention Trump Trump trump Trump trump Trump trump stupid people

    Fine Americans and Take away American Kids from American Familys but Refugees and Imigrants come in free During an Measles Outbreak stop calling it an OutBreak!

    The Dude has a lot on nerve calling other people bad! His comments are ALL lies he even believes them himself!! When are peoople goiing to realize, He's a self serving, power hungry, demagog!

    NBC news blames the gas explosion,the blizzard, the measles outbreak, the death of the 2 black Americans in the Dominican Republic, poor healthcare on cruise ships and the Maryland traffic accident all on Trump…..And give credit to Obama for the spaceX launch and the new black hole discovery.

    11'8" 😂 The bridge that eats trucks, big-rigs and motorhomes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Apparently, in Durham, NC

    Tax cuts for the Wealthiest…
    The common people are Now paying MORE !!!!
    This is SO WRONG!!!
    "" A POOR MAN HAS NOTHING TO LOSE. "" A Revolution is necessary !!!

    Just remember folks : DO NOT EVER get a TAX RETURN CHECK!! You'll always want to PAY(without fees) when April 15 comes around.

    Conservative Viewpoint: "I ain't a scientist, but I do believe this is all just weather variation, and not climate change. That's my story, and I'm stickin' to it, until I cain't stick to it no more."

    The vaccine can cause brain swelling. You can't compare us to India w no clean water or good food. Vit A will treat it. The measles virus is a live virus and sheds. Go to any cancer ward and there will be a sign saying ‘RECENTLY VAXXED PEOPLE PLEASE DO NOT ENTER.” You are in far more danger from a vaxxed person than an unvaxxed person. They never report that anyone died, did they? You can get the measles from the shot. It is on the insert. It was never eliminated. HERD immunity is a myth. Over 65% of the adult pop has never had a booster shot and is unvaxxed. It’s much better to get these “childhood” illnesses when young than as an adult. Since its sheds in the feces, urine and even spit, you can catch is when changing a diaper. And the vaccine strain is more virulent than wild measles. Many outbreaks stem from a vaxxed person. They have done DNA testing on the strain and can prove it. I am 69, never vaxxed, nor were my 6 siblings. The death rate from measles in 62 was .001. MMR came out in 63. we all had the spots and lived. It is NOT the PLAGUE. We are 34th in infant mortality, behind Cuba. How does the CDC explain that? We are the most vaxxed country and sickest. There are over 30 different CHEMICALS in vaccines which do NOT belong in the body, like formaldehyde and a known neurotoxin, ALUMINUM. WE evolved w viruses and bacteria, not CHEMICALS. . If all these vaccines were so critical, why did they only start until AFTER Pharma lost liability? Clearly money is the reason. It's their biggest 50 billion industry. In 1980 there were only 3 shots now there are 72, many for illnesses that an infant will never encounter. So it’s clear that after they lost liability there was a GOLD RUSH to make up new vaccines to scare us with and now they force them on a free people. Did I miss a few epidmiecs? Ir’s always the measles. what happened to the rest?Best to treat it as they occur. Sweden and Japan and other countries banned mandatory vaccine. They also only give 11 vaccines and are # 1 in infant mortality. we are 34th. Clearly vaccines are doing more harm than good. In 2018, 43,2000 children died from vaccines.

    We are 34th in Infant Mortality, behind Cuba. We are the most vaxxed country and have the sickest children. The mortality rate goes up along w the excessive # of vaccines. Japan and Swedon give only 11 and have the best mortality rate. 2.2, we are 6.72 with 50 vaccines by age 5. Link to mortality rates

    If parents fail to vaccinate a child and the child dies from a vaccine-preventable disease could the parents be prosecuted for child neglect or some other crime? Prosecution or not, they will live the rest of their lives knowing their decision resulted in the death of their child.

    So I fully understand, cruise ships don't have the entirety of Johns Hopkins medical staff on board in case someone has an illness? Unbelievable. I remember reading this in my cruise contract on my first cruise, but I thought they were just kidding. I will never cruise again until I know that every hospital in the US has been emptied of health care professionals to staff these ships with full hospitals.

    Again misinformation by this Democratic puppet NBC on taxes.
    The reason people are getting less back in tax returns is that they paid less for taxes.
    So tell the government what you want.
    Higher taxes and get more back or
    lower taxes and get less back.

    Every campaign runner is spied on just like he spied on Hillary President Trump Should of lost his job instead of guy who interviewed him when President Trump says to just grab woman by their private parts but thrn he says Hispanics are Rapists ehen he clearly stated he is and was elected after the fact this country has truly lost its rights and freedom

    CNN breaking New, lastest américain political news, CNN lastest news !!
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