Netflix Quick Guide: What Is Streaming And Why Is It Better? | Netflix

-Hi, I’m Matt Marenghi and I’m part of the
team that builds the user experience here at Netflix. At Netflix, our members stream over
one billion hours a month of TV shows and movies. With Streaming, we can bring you a much
different and much better experience than what you get when watching
traditional television, downloading a movie, or even playing a DVD. Streaming means that it’s entirely on
demand and always ready to watch instantly on virtually any device
that connects to the internet. No waiting for a huge file to download
before you can start watching. No need to tune in at a
specific day and time. No more scheduling a recording to make
sure you don’t miss your favorite show. You simply click and watch what
you want, whenever you want, wherever you like. In other words, Netflix Streaming
puts you in full control. You can even pause, fast-forward,
or rewind as you see fit. Our streaming technology also makes it
really easy to start watching on one device and pick up right where you
left off on another device. So give Netflix a try and enjoy your
favorite shows and movies entirely on your schedule.

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