NEO DevCon 2019 DAY 2 Live Streaming 2019/02/17

NEO DevCon 2019 DAY 2 Live Streaming 2019/02/17

Coindesk. Everybody makes that
mistake every time. Thanks everyone for coming so early in
the morning. The title of the talk is cryptoeconomics and data
metrics for the next market cycle. The purpose of it is to
give you guys an insight on how all of your is going to be
interpreted when the market shifts in the next year or two.
There is a lot of data projects going on right now, so this is a
bit on after overview of that as well as friends, but anytime we
are talking about the future, it’s a pretty good lesson to go
into the past to find out about the trends and the reasons thing
s happen. We will start this with the original 2013 price spike and the
companies that won. Coindesk was one of them. We said there
is spot market prices in London, Tokyo, Hong Kong and a lot of
people were making money tread ing trading these those cities
and we said let’s try to shrink that arbitrage and let’s shrink
the price. It did set the trend for global pricing. The other
important data service that set the mark was
This data service was foe focused on the performance of
the blockchain. They look looked at mem pool size and
others. These are really the two winners and the two things
they achieveed with global index pricing and blockchain
performance metrics. Not much ended up happening in the bare market after. We saw in
2017 with the crypt to currency proliferation was that coin
market cap became the Big Data winner. They were offering
something no one else was, showing the market and exchange
activity across a broad section of coins that a lot of people
weren’t paying attention to. Even at Coindesk, we said it’s
so deep how are we going to pay attention to more than 100 coins
, and these guys did. It was a really big innovation and we
were checking it every day constantly and that led to a
powerful base and powerful platform and product, so the
three things that has been done, with the global
index price — ex exchange and showing the flows from each
asset and trade pair. What we are seeing now is a pretty
interesting thing. So after all the ICOs and races, there is a
premium on seeing what is being delivered, so we are seeing a
lot of development theater and data services are springing up
around GitHub. GitHub code trackers have become a very
important service. This one is tracking what is
going on in different repos and different chains. Crypt meso is
very much the same. That has become the definition of orphan
ed and abandoned project when the GitHub goes dead. We can
see exchange data what coin market cap did. These are
important and lots of people are covering them. Important to
think of what is happening next. Exchange data is a part of it,
hashrate not so interesting in this room of course but for a
lot of platforms very, very important, social data, more and
more important you are seeing a lot of services measure
measuring who is chats about a thing, what platform is it, is
it Reddit, is it Twitter. Development data is a big one.
When you start putting these data services together we arrive
in a point where we are out in the industry measuring how these
networks grow. This is where we get into the field of cryptoeconomics. It is
economics like we all know, making decisions and it is a
subcategory of service design and engineering and how
decentralization decentralization networks
through grow through the network s that shape their growth. If
you combine them all, they give a topographical map of these
what data services can look like and they end up being five
pillars of this. We did a Coindesk because we added all
these five together and turned it into a cryptoeconomics
explorer, a way to judge the different networks. This is NEO
from January 1-February 14. We took all the data points and
measureed them across five different axe a different axis. We are
measureing repo for the core property tol. It’s not
necessary a sign of progress if you are going back and thee tet
ry scaling — is a good sign. We see important networks like network important networks gaining
steam. This is the five point product we createed at Coindesk
to measure all of these forces. Now, this one is a little bit
heavy on hashrate for network score so that is why NEO doesn’t
have a very high score on this, but the methodology is still in
beta, so still trying to find a comfort zone and adding more
data points and points of reference. That is why we need
your help. We have open sourc ed this entire methodology and
data sources on GitHub and in the spirit of cryptoeconomics we
are opening it to everyone especially the NEO community and
other the other communities. We want to track dap accommodate D
ap activity and wag let activity wag let activity activity. Tell
us the data points that we are missing and we will start adding
those into our database, so the cryptoeconomics part is through
GitHub all of people’s contributions are tracked, so we
will be offering a coin and that will only betrayedable for
tickets to our events and things like that, not looking for a
secondary trading of the coin, we are the sole buyer of the
coin but it will go to tickets and fun services. Just the main
GitHub repo you can see NEO there and we are looking for
help to expand and that further. What we really see is the trend
going forward will be these five bucket buckets, these five
pillars are going to be thousand data how the data service
services come together and measure the growth of a
decentralized network. What is going on social media, who is
using it, are they trading on ex changing, who is working on and
building on the GitHub, these five things become a way collect
collectively a way to measure the cryptoeconomics forces and
conjure up these project, so we hope all of the work will come
into your platform and we will be able to measure your product
and it will come out in the find product. It won’t just be us.
Lots of people in the industry are trying to find a way to come
wine these data points points. Cain point. Coingecko is doing the
same thing. They are tracking things that are going on the in
the network. This is what the market is going to use to
measure growth in the next market cycle and looking for the
new big winner on data services as we have seen before. That is
the presentation and we would love for you to contribute to
the project, so whatever you are going please go on our GitHub
and open up a pole request and let us know what we should be
tracking. Thanks so much. .
>>Thank you Nolan. Sorry about screwing up the very
first part of the day. Next up we have — I am going to screw
up err time I come up here. Buoying buoying he is the co-
founder and technical Director of NSPCC. I need the clicker.
I think we have lost it already. Thank you very much.
(applause) >>Hello everyone. My
name is Anatoly. I am glad to be here today. I will tell you
about our core project and our activities. L we are the NEO
group in St. Petersburg . NEO SPCC you can find detailed
information about our company and activity on our website.
NEO NSPCC has been founded by — and
experienced engineers with great technical background, and over
the past five months we have put together a strong team capable
to solve complex research and development tasks and have
established several partners with different companies,
universities, and communities. We are a development storage
platform integrated with NEO blockchain that allows users to
store their data without the relyiance on a third party
provider. Our goal is to provide users with full control
of their data. According to development system of
architecture of user controls, where is data stored and how,
and who can get access to it. NEO smart economy,
storage, DApps, SMEs, and loT. Use case in external use case,
can secure a platform for storing data from DApps and
final users. Minor modification s in the NEO protocol. We hope
to discuss — it allow us to store data in our system for
smart contracts, for example, in the blockchain we can store
all block data in our system not but full — as in now. It can
increase NEO blockchain activity . All very good things. Our
system is interesting for SMEs aspirate distributed storage and
can store archived data in public storage. We are a
flexible control system of storage policyies which I will
discuss later. We store data and distribute it
through different devices. I will discuss about it.
To make our storage platform efficient in the use
cases, we have set the following goals. In order to achieve the
goals and solve the correspond ing problems, we have proposed a
set of novel approaches and solutions. First of all, let’s
see how the network is organized . Three network node roles.
Host Host, publisher, and client. Host is part of the
network map, a set of knowledge about network and provides disaster for public
sort. Publisher shows data in the network. Client is not a
part of the network map and also not a part of accoun accounting
system. Client can receive data from the network and in and out
can combine different roles. We have two layers of our
network, inner and outer nodes. Inner nodes are responsible forl
maining accountability — to solve these protocol is used.
Information about outer ring nodes and network map with some
additional information and they are responsible for keeping the
map up to daddy and distribute it over all network . Network map contains
information about a group of nodes, their allocation and for
correct data search and place ment. Bucket in our terms is a
vertex of the grab and our system keeps the network map
up-to-date and distributed over all network nodes. E-book is a
time period when a network map is unchangeable. There is a
demo you can find by the link on the slide. Instead of maintain
ing a core database, information , additional information our
system uses consistent placement function. We can place and get
information to such party storing information and payer
information. Doing so we don’t have to keep a huge amount of
metainformation. How does it work? A user can define a
storage policy by placement rule . It consists of a set of
applications replyied to the network map. The separations
will be subject of the network map. A separation is applied to
the network map. It takes input number of necessary buckets and
bucket time. The separation take this this important information and
forms sub graph and using for rendezvous and selective
algorithm. If we select two locations sub graph will be
selected by the high highest weight. In this example two
buckets have been selected. Separation inputs budget bucket
type, bucket value and separation and we will get a sub
graph. If you want to store data on SSD disk only you can
sub graph will be selected which contains only buckets fulfill
fulfilling the condition. When the op patience operation
of the next step will be performed for all buckets. For
example, for the plac placement rule, when we want to store our
data, disk in two different locations with three nodes in
each location we can declare this placement rule as in the
slide and one set of nodes will be accepted no matter who and
where it performs the ap application. Absolutely any
storage policy can be declared. The store objects and work with
them, we want to limit the sub graph on the network map in
order to maintain scalability. This sub graph of the network
map, in am ma zone, the closest is a bucket. On this slide, container with
two locations and two nodes in each location and redundancy
factor per container is two. Exactly the same placement rule
is used to place an object in the container. Placement rule
is applied to its placement in the graph. Object intelligent device
instead of container intelligent device. The result is
consistent and placement group can do this without storing a
huge amount of metainformation. We have create add novel
approach . On this link you can find
information about and we will announce our novel approach soon
. So we can put our get an object from the network and
verify that the object is stored correctly. What will happen in case of nodes failing.
Storage nodes control the replication storage node yets availability
of object replicas and where they are stored and that
replication uses replacement function and ignores failing
nodes, so same process as data replacement. This allows to
allow our approach to scalable data
placement, storage policy rule for object replaitment, allow
minimal movement in case of storage node failures, so we are planning to support video
from our system. About privacy. In our systems data publisher is
responsible for that encryption. Control O. of encryption keys is
assigned by the publisher. A principle task for us. About payment, as a common
solution of our storage, payment by guest
token and based on NEO smart contract. It is controlled by
inner link nodes and it can be used to convert payments into
guest token so it would be possible for bank and Fiat and cryptocurrency for cost nodes.
We have a road map published on the website and planning to
release the prototype of our system in the summer. So we are
happy to hear your feedback regarding our project and
develop development and also we are hope for open for discussion
about potential clap collaborations. Thank you for
your attention. (applause)>>Thank you. So we have a
slight change in the order. The next two squeakers are flipped flipped, so we have Liu Yongxin. >>Liu Yongxin: Thank
you everyone. I will share with you what NEO has achieveed over
the past year. I founded NEL because my English
is poor. Just kidding. (laughter)
Important reason. First technical Evan evangelism. I
will elaborate on these points. A QQ group with 1,000 people.
We also built a Chinese related technology exchange on the forum
, and we held a series of face -to-face open con councils on
related technology. In the year 2018, we hosted the
first new blockchain development competition. More than 100 team
s registered and 40 games were submitted and 8 mayor 8 major
games awar awarded. This has promoted new gaming infrastructure and
technology infrastructure. In terms of infrastructure build
building, we mainly develop the projects and we developed a high
performance network databaseed called — and we developed
multilanguage for interacting with new nodes and provided the rehappied API. There are the API. I will highlight some
of our projects. The first is light DB. Transform the storage part of
the NEO into network storage and the light node to directly find
the network database to execute invoke script. Light DB is a
modification based on the — it is difficult to
understand what is the data presence. At the same time different types
of data are stored in different tables. Such as the transection
s, . Light DB is a da to storage
location without having to go through the service layer and
requiring firewall and data verification. It makes the data
synchronization very convenient. This is Light DB makes it easy
to develop in explorer and Dam p. Let me introduce NEO Ray.
Integrate s deplete, compiling and
debugging of the NEO smart contracts. NEO Ray is online
version . Here is a interface of the
newest interface. On this page loin by line with line by
line with excushion an execution to meet
the requirements of debugging. NEO name service. As of now
they are already 25,000. We have gained a lot of
value such as O3, SEA wallet , and others. We assign a name to each new
user, so that they can easily large. There will be more
wallets in if future. Do main names and holders can receive the dividend
from the domain auction, and you can purchase in the second day
market. The first of three steps is
applied to name service and the second is applied to other DApps
and the other is based on diverseified DApps. It will be
more stable because it’s not bound to one single DApps anymore. Regarding the future plan of NEO
Ray, chrome extension monitor, which will have the
open APS to interact the monitor , and token ly token liquidity protocol.
— what is currently lacking in your ecosystem. Okay, I hope
through the work of NEO Ray we can bring this one step closer
to the users. Thank you. (applause)>>Thank you very much. So one
more talk and then we are going to have a little break. I would
like to introduce Igor and vie tor Vitor Coelho.
(applause) >>Good morning
everybody. Let’s do a double presentation, as usual.
>>As usual. >>Here it is. We are from Brazil. My brother
is professor in the field of computer science and we have
been investigating during our life things related to
optimization and high performance computing. Here it is.
>>So first of all, our presentation today is a more
technical than usual, but still we are going to try to put this
as easy as possible so for everybody to understand how is
the security on the network and how the consensus works
basically, and our perspectives on high performance improvements
. >>Perhaps some the difference between classic
and modern cryptography. An example typical from one
thousand years before was Caesar Cipher and he was trying to
communicate and only wanted to wanted to make sure only his
generals got the information. The letter D to A scrambled in
his manuscript and the few people that knew his logic could
read his manuscript. Anybody who knows the roles can take his
manuscript and decrypt it, so nowadays that we have computers,
we have strong Erma sheen machines we cannot do such
simple things. The most important things regarding
cryptography is digital signatures. Usually we don’t do
a lot of description of. Blockchain usually is
digital signature and now we use this standard here, which is
very secure for classic computer s.
Every type of cryptography depends on having a
hard mathematical problem. Two problems here are integer
factorization is like combining two numbers together to build a
bigger number and trying to reverse this is really hard for
classic computers and discrete logarithm. For classic computer
s computers, now we are going to enter era of quantum commuter
computers. They can do things that we couldn’t before. Is
there problems much harder than this too? Well we have problems
that are even more harder. Just to show how classic computers
work. You have this shelf and our books organized, so I ask
you the book R is here in this list yes or no? No. You can
lock on the list but you can be smart and it’s organized after
the P and before the Q Q, so more or less how computers do
this minor search. Don’t need to look at all the data you can
do like smart search. Everything is scrambled, so the
book R is here, but how can we make sure it’s not here, so have
to look one by one to make sure it’s not there. How can you do
this faster? It can be in any position. So this is what you
call loin linear time. If you double the size of the input it
will double the time to search. Quan tom computers can do this search
in the square root of this time. It’s the So So for 100 books quantum
computer would only need to look ten times and this changes how
we do security. Integer factor factorization and factorization discrete logarithm
become easy. We are on the road to build them. So in 1994, the
algorithm which is quite similar guaranteed that we can really
solve this problem, so these are not hard anymore for quan tom
computers to make sure our cryptography will be strong
enough. Right now we don’t have quantum computers
to solve this, but people perceive in ten yea years we
will have. Vitor Nazario Coeljo in 1963,
some guys came and started to design things for complex
optimization problems and base it on the nature, which is
something that is natural to all of us because we imagined
species and you are crossing and you can use that to find
solutions that in each generation they are better than
the previous one in the same way that species evolved so we like
to show this example because it inspired a lot of different kind
of metarisk. Simulated a search. That is this famous
problem called eternity. In this problem we have a puzzle
and each spes piece has four colors if you
want to solve it with 16. There was a price of $1
million for who could solve this problem and anybody was able to
solve it, but they thought maybe they designed a puzzle that is
unsolvable unsolvable, but it is not. You can draw it in your
home and cut the pieces yourself and you can see that after your
shuffle that, you won’t be able to put the pieces together again
, so that is our example of simple problems that are like
finding specific ity in the universe. Igor
Machado Coelho looks easy but it is hard. It is like a
millennium prize problems. People believe it’s different
which means >>Vitor Nazario Coeljo:
We believe this is a path for even a change in the way that we
can mine hashes. We can have useful computation for solves
these kinds of problems instead of just wasting energy to find a
hash function to meet this, but this is another discussion.
>>There is a standard going on, and less than one
month ago the report was relet ted with candidates for quantum
security and one thing we need to worry when designing new
cryptography is that is it strong enough because all the
standards we have were tested for many years and there was a
candidate like that was supposed to be strong and was patented,
and after people discovered flaw s that could leak information,
so it wasn’t secure. People argue now that one solution that
we could adopt is like using two cryptographyies. If it happens to be weak on the
quantum side because it’s new, at least the classical part will
be safe. Even if the quantum computers got accessible in the
few years, we have time to make it safe at the same time
Wes we don’t destroy the security that we have. >>Vitor Nazario Coeljo:
You can create a smart contract with a specific puz that needs
to be solved and decrypted, but it’s going to be costly, so each
time we want to design a specific cryptography we have
two paths. NEO VM, we give users
flexibility to choose their own cryptography. To allow users to
pick their own and then this has a path of given flexibility and
pass in this layer of safe to another level where users user it is user-specific. >> Igor Machado Coelho:
This is our vision that instead of bringing the full
cryptography, just pieces that people can view view. For
example, you can use bitcoin cryptography, just build the
code like smart account contract and it works and you can build
quantum security. We are in a few weeks I hope, going to
finish up a prototype of quantum security and using the code we
have, it will be costly, but it works, I hope.
>>Vitor Nazario Coeljo: In the white paper there was a
proposal about NEO QS. In the white paper it was talking about
two different problems, that is the shortest and closest vector
problem which is going to have a space of integer numbers and
want to find a vector that disclose enough to specific
vector, but for example, you need to minimize the distance
but you need a vector that is not zero, but reaches that
criteria, that problem is hard to solve, but it was later show
ed as we present presented in the last slide that was based on
such concepts, so after you start to find a lot of different
transactions, another idea came learning with errors. You have
a space of integer numbers and you have a vector and you have
also another vector of errors. With both of them you have the
prove key private key, so the idea is to play with these
concepts for generating. There is a report going on about the N
SA, and they are trying to pick the best safe forward for
quantum safety. We keep studying that and keep connected
with state of the art and think ing about good implementations
and updates that should go on the protocol.
>> Igor Machado Coelho: We need four volunteers. Because of time we have four
trained volunteers. Usually like we need a multiple of three
plus one, there is the rule to guarantee that you have
resistance to one evil entity. The evil is green here. So how
the new consensus work, we have a speaker which is the node that
is selected to proposal propose the transactions. This is this
squeak speaker. The speaker proposeed a block so the others
can follow the decisionment we don’t need all the signatures,
but we need at least two F plus one meaning we are resistant to
one fault. One fault there. The network has seven nodes so
we can resist your two faults. This is a regular situation. Another situation, it is not
proposing the block in time. The time passes and after the
time passes the others request a change view, so that agree to
change the speaker. So the speaker has changed. Now the
speaker can propose the block and the others follow and we
have a new block, so we are resistant to one fault fault.
Thanks. This is like how consensus work
but we have many options in improving the consensus.
>>Vitor Nazario Coeljo: This was a die Didactic example. When
they were praising raising their raids hand we
don’t want to expose that because it is exposing your
signature. We want it to be redundant, and
recovered, and we want it to be resistant to hardware female
fails. Now we are calls dBFT2. The first one was
proposeed in 2014, 2015. In a couple of
months we could have a second version of that considering
these papers that have been done in the literature. We have
different ideas. Something for perspective it has
not been easy. We have block finality in the really of con
sense sus itself, we don’t have block finality in the really of
nodes. nod level of nodes. That is not easy to achieve.
They check if more than one consensus is sending the same
block. When you have block finality in the census layer
that means from the consensus below it, we can never send two
signage blocks and that is a channel challenging and very
useful feature. If we keep this idea of keeping the consensus in
that level of block finality, and we have also for that the
perspective is that we can break partial sin kronicity. synchronicity. In a specific
time we should time out then. We cannot wait infinitely so we
believe that recover mechanism SSP something that could break
and partial synchrony having new consensus. The the consensus is
able to be adopted we just need to change the way that each of
the nodes are sign signing and communicating between them.
>> Igor Machado Coelho: Another thing we do is dealing
with high performance computing and the conclusion is we all
have a supercomputer now. Like smartphones today is much more
powerful than the top super computer 20 years ago. We have
geo computing and different hardware that can be explored to
improve the speed of the network and the processing of the
network. We did experience on elliptic curves done on G.Us
which are faster processors are parallel data. We could
calculate more than one million signatures per second, which is
much more than the network needs and the in terms of cryptography
and the network could do many other things, storage, and other
types of calculation, but still we have many tools to make the
network must faster, so it’s possible to improve a lot. This
is a picture of the guide that did the experiments, and that is
it. Thanks to all our volunteer s.
(applause) >>Thank you.
>>So we are running early, I can’t imagine that
actually happening at an event, that almost never happens, but
the food is ready. We will take our break now and we will be
back in about 20 minutes. We will see everybody at 5 to 11:00
. Thank very much. >>It’s important to
consider the security of a project from the beginning. If you are going to build a NEO
smart contract or blockchain or any kind of project, security
must be an important factor to keep in mind when you are start
Agnew development process. >>Talking about security
practices, one of the most important aspects in secure
development is to verify all the possible inputs and return value
s. Which is important to know which
information we will receive and how we should treat it and very
important to perform unit testing so make sure that all
the code works as suspected. Equally important is to perform
unit tests for cases that are not expected. For example, if
you have a smart contract that has a transfer function that you
receive a 20 address Lent, important to analyze what would
ap happen if it receives a 10 byes 10 byte analysis length. This
is a way to know what vulnerabilityies appear in a
project. It is important to perform tasks in a real environment, for example
private. It is very easy to set up a controlled environment
using docker. This will help us with compilers and operational
filers. Do not forget in a project that uses a third party
library, this also should be updated periodically. If your
project requires cryptographic function, we must analyze it and
see what information is more secure and more reliable.
>>Now we are going to show you public examples that
you may know. Example of what we have seen in our security
audits. The first example is a bug that procowsed one extra
argument proproduced one extra bub from exextra bug from the stack.
Here in this slide, you can see the technicality of the bug in
case someone wants to investigate more about it.
>>Okay, another common case last year ether eth theorem abinexpersonsed developer costed
a loss of $300 million. This is an error that could have been
avoided by following good practices because they didn’t
utilize a library that was initial initialized by the
contract. The developer dezoid ed to initialize it and became
the owner of the library contract. Once the user one the
owner of the contract he had the mistake to call the kill
function and all the contracts that were using this library was gone and their balances were
gone forever.>>In this case, the CEO
unfortunately died. He didn’t have a multisign
wallet, and all of the customers meres were lost and the company
closed. Now we are going to see the storage of — this is what we found in
implementations in NEO. In the case of NEO it is important to
know that storm works as key value, so if you are able to
control the key you are able to write in any place of the
storage and compromise the smart contract. in this code you can
see the parameter is not controlled. You can see the
parameter so used key as written to the storage without being
validated. The correct way would be to check the input to
en ensure that it fits the entire format and another good
practice is to use a storage map . It is a function which is
assigned to avoid this kind of failures. A problem that is
also seen very often is the use of hard coded variables on
administrator accounts that would not be modified. What
would happen in case you would have to remove one of the admin
strays or revoke one of his permissions. We must prevent
these situations as we saw in the case of the CEO who died.
Not everything is blockchain. When we out did any project we
recommend to our clients to perform penetration testings
over assets. In some websites and services that we have been
auditing in the last year and we have a lot of experience in
performing this kind of test. All the examples you will see
now are real and found in the projects we were doings have
year and of course all these vulnerabilityies have been
solved. The first one is STMH. This allows us them to sandfishing campaigns.
In this issue the issues was locate intelligent device on the
one functionalities of their main well well, a website subscription functionality. If
we were able to send any e-mail to servers using the e-mail
serveer of the company. This would least to loss of fund or
at least loss of reputation. This will allow us to modify
functionality of the users or for example, modify their token
balance. We were able to modify the token balance that appears
in the token distribution platform used by the client. By
just mod modifying their — request and parameters as we
were talking previously. Another common July
vulnerability is SQL statements. Depending on the database
configuration we can also modify the information that is stored
in database or even gain full control of the systems. Of
course we can also see all the personal information of the
users and modify whatever we want. As we can see to test
this vulnerability, we just modifyied the request and tried
to execute a sleep of five second over the server. If you
look at the response, you can see how the server takes five
seconds to respond. This is just like a proof of concept
that we used to test that the server was ver vulnerable to
SQL. Another one that we will see today is cross-site script
ing. He will automatically send us
the code via the authorization cookie. This is something we
tested with own of our clients and this is evidence that we
prepared of how we received the administrator cookie when the
malicious code is executed. With this cookie we can log into
the application as if we were the administrator. This is the last vulnerability
we will show you today. This main one is the to force
the using to use one — in the web application. For example,
in this case we were able to prepare a request that modifyies
the address or password when used by user or
admin. This is the end of our presentation. I know that was
very brie brief, but hope you liked it and thank you very much
for your attention. >>Thanks, guys. Next up
as we continue our deep dive. We have a panel to talk about
user experience and security enhance enhancements of neo
wallets. Our pan lists are coming up. Nicholas Merten is our moderator
. Give these guys a round of (applause)
As they perform manual labor. >>Just a real quick
introduction. My name is Nicholas Mert Merten. I run
data dash. I love learning what is going on in the tools that we
are using for cryptocurrencies. We have Maxwell Lapsky, Alex
Knight, and Alex DiCarlo. Three developers working in different
projects like the the neowallet. The first thing I mentioned was
user experience and the problem I find a lot is most wallets
over the past decade has been QT wallets, very inefficient to
work with, and something that I don’t think we can see 99% of
the world that haven’t adopted cryptocurrencies using. What
are you working on at the moment to better user experience and
better simplify the process? I think in general often we get
pretty wrapped up in the applications that we are build
ing, but unrelated to blockchain , I think it’s important to step
out of that role and just think about interfacing with the
application with someone for lack of a better
word is a total idiot. It goes a long way and kind of just
interfacing with DApps and to neowallet. I took a look at
it and I thought there was a lot of things that could be done to
the app to make it more user friend friendly, and that has
been my vision for the past year -and-a-half or so. You lock
look at applications like — and it is the most popular one used
today and it is confusing even coming from someone that knows a
lot about NEO and blockchain in general and look at the app
through the ey eyes of someone who has no excue at all, and I
think that has been a proven and sound technique. >>Nicholas Merten: Alex
, what about you? >>Alex Knight: We released it
over a year ago, but we haven’t made too much updates, but we
are working on a full redesign. We are really focused on making
it super simple to uses. Today when you go to NEO tracker if
you have no cryptic experience. You would
go to NEO tracker and see this page of like a blockchain
explorer and log in with your private key and it’s not very
friendly and people don’t understand what’s going on there
. What we are trying to do is to echo what max is saying is if
now have experience, you can come to NEO tracker and
leadership about blockchain and how well it works and get
comfortable with using the wallet. Some of the things that
we are experimenting with is to make it so that you are
comfortable with transferring your fund. I think one of the
things that scares people the most object using about using
their wallet is the active transferring fund. It’s a very
daunting task because you are like if I mess up, this is it, I
lose my funds forever, so we want to make that process more
seamless so that you are more comfortable with transferring
found so every time you need to transfer to an app, you are not
feeling like this anxiety that you are about to lose your
money. That is one of the things that we are working on in
the redesign. >>Nicholas Merten: Does your
wallet allow for contacts or being able to list an address,
like by Bin as address.
>>Alex Knight: Making it we can integrate with
exchanges rather than going to your exchange and say let me
copy my address, just have it transfer to my account that I
have already prelinked with my wallet. I think that would be
interesting to pursue and something that we will look
at in the near future. The knee tracker wall eat is something
that is old and redesign is what we are work oging on.
>>Nicholas Merten: Even just the simple copying and
paste pasting I find myself double checking the address and
that can be daunting. >>We are always trying
to improve and remove the technical jargon that people who
don’t use these sorts of wallets might be uncomfortable with. We
are looking at having better on- on-ramps. We have released a cryptoswap. It’s all integrated
to Zhao don’t have to worry about it, you send bitcoin and
it will pop up there. We are working on improving the
developer experience, so we have released API for developers who
don’t know much about blockchain or how it works so they can
integrate their apps without that knowledge and they can just
basically use our wallet as a gateway to make payments and
sign contracts and things like that, so that is a big part of
getting new developer developers into the space without needing
to have the technical knowledge to do it.
>>Nicholas Merten: I was fortunate to go around the
boot boothings at the conference , I was watching the employees
show showing off the 03 wallet. This is something that I am
curious about and want to get opinion on what you are doing.
I saw in the 03 wallet, not doing you not have to manage a
lot of technical jargon, but within the wallet with the
applications, I could instantly start swapping knee token sey swappingee token swapping NEO tokens — so I would love to
hear from you, you talked a little bit on the 03 platform
are you doing anything as well in that regard with the NEO
wallet. >>Alex Knight: I think what 03
is doing is really great. Something for a long time I push
ed for is that decentralized app apps should not also be wallets.
It makes no sense. If I am work ing with ten different apps, I
shouldn’t have ten different wallets. I have to trust ten
different places with my prove private key, that is crazy.
What 03 is doing is something that we have been wanting to do
for a long time, is a way to integrate with apps is something
that was a core tenet of another product that we are working on
called NEO 1, it’s a development platform. The way you work with
NEO 1 in such a way that you end never createing a wallet. By
default it integrates with deferent wallets and you
shouldn’t be createing a wallet as part of your application so I
feel it’s critical something we are doing with NEO 1 as well as
NEO tracker. >>Nicholas Merten: We have
been hering hearing store story stories — it tur turns up most
people report bugs to the team off bug bounties on wallets
given out before they become issues to others. What have you
en you have been doing on the side of security and new areas
to improve security on the exist ing wallets that that you are
working on. >>Maxwell Lapsky: I am sure
NEO tracker and securityies as well, it is at the forefront of
everything that we do. We definitely take security extreme
ly seriously. Recently before the launch of V2 of NEO wallet,
we had a rigorous audit on the entire application top-down by a cryptosecure firm in Germany, A
Acure53. Our manual test basically covered all of the
issues that we had before, but that really thorough audit did
expose some minor issues that we were able to cover up, but
basically when we take on new feature work it’s at the
forefront of what we do, and we have a pretty large automateed
test southeast as well as rigorous manual QA process
before we put out any release and before we put the wallet out
in front of consumers. >>Alex Knight: I think for
right now we support a few ways to dog into the log into the
wallet. A plain encrypted prove key. In th private key. In the
redesign we are going to try to reduce — let me take a step
back, the main way peopleize people lose their funds is they
get fished and they go to a side and end up entering their
private key that they shouldn’t have. We almost want to make it
so our users can’t make that mistake, so exmerrimenting with
different log in experiences and registering and people log in
with e-mail and password and maybe adding a layer of 2fac on
top of that. We are not going to be an exchange where we own
the private key, we are going to hold the private key for them in
an encrepted form so there is less of a chance that they could
take the private key and put it somewhere they shouldn’t. >>Nicholas Merten: If I
gate right same scenario , what you can do is by building
a log in system by then plugs in the correct log in information
they could access a file where their operate key is storeed in
their device, but it’s an encrypted way way, sumphishing
site would not know how to access that information.
>>Alex Knight: Similar to, effect
effectively kind of like an encrypt encrypted develop box
service that they can only access with log in and e-mail
password. >>Nicholas Merten: That sounds
good. >>Alex Knight: We offer
backup options with the encrypt ed version where they can keep
it on the computer or something like that, but also we offer
these services that you can connect to without needing your
private ke key to con NTSB it, so the service would send you a
raw transaction where it would be signed into the wallet and
returned to the private service so the prove key is never ex
posed to other services so when you are trading you don’t need
to access your prove private key.
>>Nicholas Merten: So its all done in the wallet,
interesting. A lot of interesting things. One thing I
am curious to talk about is with the standard for tokens coming
ou out, a lot of people are talk ing about nonfundable tokens.
NEO is focused on building a digital economy. Are you goys
optimistic for the potential of nonfundable tokens and do you
think it will play a role of what is stored on these digital
wallets. >>Maxwell Lapsky: I
can’t see that we are actively developing futures to
incorporate them, but in general they have a huge potential
feature in the NEO blockchain. I think the thing that comes up
for me time and time again, is there potential application in
gaming where we can have multiple applications
interfacing with the same NFTs and rendering them in different
context, and I think gaming is something where unique, digital
things of value happen time and time again, so it’s not a very
specific answer, but in general the digital scarcity that NFTs proride
provide has a huge potential. >>Alex DiCarlo: At NEO
tracker we thinking along the same lines and watching the
space closely and see what NFTs start to pop up, but as soon as
we see the standard finalized and NFTs start to pop up, we
will support them within the NEO tracker wallet.
>>Maxwell Lapsky: We are pretty .
>>Alex Knight: We are pretty much on the same level
and we are exciteed to get something happening. One thing
about the NFT NFTs too it is an interesting design problem
because your wallet is going to be full of lots of stuff
potential so we need to figure out how to show those in
different stats where you have one for each project so that is
one we are thinking about heavily but still haven’t put
anything together. >>Nicholas Merten: One good
last question and I would like to get an pen opinion from each
of you guys on this one. I would say that 90 to 95 percent
of users and less than 1% of global adoption of the world
that own cryptokeep their money on ex exchanging exchanges.
Right now you are focusing on building the wallet experiences.
For someone like me that got on cryptofor the ability to own
your own bank. Do you feel in the future more and more people
will want to own their own bank. What are you doing to make the
ultimate change that will lead the other 90% of the world to becoming
their own bank in that case? >>Maxwell Lapsky: A lot
of people are willing to invest in blockchain but then not
willing to use the technology. It is the antithesis of the en
tire thing that we are trying to do, so I think driving people
towards trusting the ownership of their assets and prove sees
is super important, and it can be achieveed through IU and
front-end development that is self-explanatory and easy to
interface with and just really straightforward, so that is
something that the NEO wallet team is going to keep harp
harping on and driving towards and hopefully keep increasing
adoption and having people trust themselves is our goal. >>Alex DiCarlo: I think
it is an interesting issues with the exchanges and that really
what it comes down to is users, it’s almost too much
responsibility to be their own bank current currently and what
we need to do with UI and design and wall let lets is make sure
that they have less responsibility, less of a big
leap. Today its a big leap to go from my bank that I trust and
if something goes wrong I can call them and they will probably
get it reversed whereas today if it goes wrong, there is no
reverse. If I lose my private keys, there is no reversing it,
so there is this huge responsibility gap between trust
ing a third party to kind of handle things for you, and like
trusting they will probably be able to reverse things if they
go wrong, versus doing it all yourself and we need to bridge
that gap making people more comfortable comfortable with
being their own bank. >>Alex Knight: I think I
reflect exact think same. It’s about safety of losing your
private keys and not being able to access your fund too much
anymore is just too much responsibility especially if
they have a lot of money in therem there, and everyday time
people don’t want to think about this thing, so we need to have a
way to find fullbacks for situations. I don’t know what
that is yet. I think we will see companies build these new
services that will help you manage your tripe crypto. At this point
it’s still a bit too dangerous for most to deal with that
responsibility and would rather pay the $5 a month for the bank
to look after it and deal with it all, so that is something
that we have to do a lot of work on to make it more mainstream.
>>Nicholas Merten: I wish you all the best of luck.
I hope you can take that challenge on and make it better
working with exchanging and above all build a good user
experience. I have used neon tracker and you are doing good
stuff. Thanks for taking the time to speak. Appreciate it.
>>Thanks everyone. (applause)>>So I have a few T-shirts here
. I have been told they need to be thrown into the crowd. I’ll
see if I can do a better job of this than I did yesterday.
Slightly better. There are more for later. I would like to invite Dr. Junda
Liu. Give him a round of applause >>Dr. Junda Liu: You
may have heard about this different terms of chain and
layer two, channels, generic channels. We might need a blockchain for a
consensus on the term, but on a high level, what is the Celer
network. We consider it more like coherent off-chain platform
with the primary target on scale scalability, and the scalability
has two parts of the problem that we are going to go into
more details later. There is a layer between the underlying
blockchain and the applications. But why we need it? The
blockchain has been pretty good. If you want to do something with
what we call layer 2 state channel of development, it has
been available for a while and there are already very exciting
projects based on, built on top of that. It’s available native
ly, mobile, Android, iOS and web. Has been doing
part of the application for user s and the other part is trying
to form this layer 2 standard ization body, so basically we
work with all the different projects in the same directions
that instead of everyone making your own design proposal, how
about we come together. We have a weekly call on that about
generic state channels and we have the virtual list together
to go over what should be the interface and what is the trade
off between the security and performance. What is the best
user experience. We work with several projects in Europe.
This is kind of what we have been as part of the fundraising
and technical partnership we have been working with different
teams and different public blockchain and we are in the
middle as a new platform, so we have to work with different
blockchain projectses, and other applications at the same time on
top of that. The blockchain I remember
hearing somebody was asking why he fells it’s a little bit
confusing and more people would invest in this thing rather than
using it. Our own view of the information
in information transfer. Imagine just a hundred years ago
you want to send a message to someone else across the world,
how long would it take? How long expensive it has to be,
pigeons, postman, whatever, but now with internet it’s instant,
almost close to light of speed, and also it’s more like a stream
streaming experience instead of every individual chunked up
envelope, you have screaming across scream streaming across
the world instantly. Same thing could happen with value transfer
. How about we target 500MTPS. On blockchain alone
this can never happen. Imagine the physics. It’s not about
technology. Can a public blockchain support this number?
The answer is no, so that is why we say solution has it’s value for mass
adoption and part of it is for the raw TPS and the other part
is for the latency, so for err every fully decentralization decentralized blockchain, there
could be people overriding the different blocks and you could
run into the risk of duplicate translation in different blocks.
If you ask the user to wait, the user is used to the internet
latency. When doing a Google search if you tell me come back
in ten minutes, it would never work. The latency part is also
key for aoption. Off chain can solve this. On a
high level it’s pretty simple and you can find similar idea in
real life. Before the off-chain payment channel can happen,
there , Alice and Bob deposit ten
token into this smart contract. After this, what can happen?
They can effectively only between them send back and forth
off off-chain transactions without any commitment needed
from the blockchain. You get this instant finality. The moment I
send it to you and you sign it and get the transaction back,
and it is fine. For all the finished. For payment alone,
it’s just like how many money I owe you and how much you owe me.
In the beginning each deposit 10 Drs. In the end, it could be
millions of whatever or trillion s of transactions between them
back and forth, but in the end the only thing that matters to
the off-chain contract is what is the final number that Alice
and Bob should have. In this case after 47 transactions,
Alice said this is our latest result between me and Bob. This
is the token distribution fate fates. First thing is to set up the
channel. One of them will say this is our latest distribution
of what should be sent to me and to the other party, and in this
case let’s say Bob degree agrees which is the right
balance on whatever they agreeed upon. What if one party tried
to play with the system? What if they tried to submit
something incorrect, or not exactly incorrect but
intentionally submitted submitting outdated agreement,
what can the other party do? Using same example when Alice
was submitting 47, actually bob has newer proof between them
saying Alice should on the get 2 and Bob should get 18, so the
smart account has this logic to say whichever is the latest take
s the priority. You could have malicious user
try to submit outdated proof, as long as the other users have the
newest proof, and can submit to make sure there is no security
sacrifice. In this case, the contract will always be follow
ing whatever is the latest agreement between the parties.
This construct can be extended to the network. Another problem
initially people say before I even want to have a transaction
with some other random address, do I have to always set up a
channel with it? No, because with some term call called hash
time lock, in general hash lock you could send up the path as
long as there is a source between you and the final
destination. A path to a network. That is base collthat
basically what it started as payment-focused lay 2 network,
hub-to-hub payment channel and when ever you send something it
will be related by the node in the middle. Does it solve all
the problems? The short answer is it is a ways from done.
There is some security channels that we have to handle in off-
chain. If it’s payment only it’s still missing the power of
smart accounts. Saying I am trying to dopa DApps develop a
DApps game. If you ask someone to play, imagine how long that
would take. It is slow and every single move
would cost you traunch fee. Codes are relaying all the
payments, what would be the reasonable incentive, and what
is the problem for so, I have to to pay a fee per hop. fee per hop. Just by doing off-
chain alone it solves some of the problem, yes, but it also
has it’s own set of problem because the — was started to
say off-chain is the right direction to cut down the
latency and also improve the scaleability in terms of TPS,
but at the same time we are not claiming it’s the holy grail and
solves everything by itself, so we see new problems arise by
chooses this direction and also to see what is the right
solution for new problems. The example earlier I gave is
two parties agree on a number, and now you can say, what if
this number can be something arbitrary. Say, just like a less board. chess board
. There are many smart accounts that implement this on-chain
games, but of course the user would be very small
because imagine every single move. You have to wait for the
move to be confirmed by the blockchain. In the end,
hopefully when they are both still alive you can get the
result of the game and let’s say one party wins, but the user
experience many of the panelists talk about this a lot earlier.
You could say the users have been spoiled by the internet,
right? Actually we have done some user study and even if you
show a spinning wheel the user is likely to quit your app.
Every single move I have to wait for the spinning while. Again
with wheel. In the beginning of the
game there is a powerful construct we call conditional
payment, so if you go back to the original all the payment
happens in lighting network, it solves the payment itself which
should only happy, let only happen, say you buying
coffee and then you send payment. I am sending the
payment right now, but this payment cannot happen until the
attached condition is true, so this is what gen generic state
channel with label. In the beginning of the game both
parties say I will pay this amount of stake if you win.
Alice says to Bob $5 if you win and bob of course sends one to
Alice saying if you win, you will take my money. At this
time, neither party can actually take away the payment because
the condition by itself is false . Then this comes just like the
earlier off-chain payment, the off-chain back in the force
saying this is my move and this is your move back and forth. The latency and commitment
happens instantly between both parties and nothing needed for
blockchain to confirm. Let’s say the game ends and
Alice one, now the seller network enabled is kind of when
do you resolve a condition. This is a virtual contract and
it’s not even deployed on a blockchain, so there is the off
-chain message in protocol that says when the condition is true
we can confirm the payment. Remember there was another
payment from Alice to Bob, that payment condition would be false
, so the payment is canceled. Nothing like rocket sign, but en
ables us to say it could be an arbitrary action state. We have
interesting projects based on some Oracle tol say I am doing
streaming payment for a subscription, so every second I
am sending you a payment with the condition your service is up
. As long as your service is not up, the payment itself is
invalid, so all of these things can be enabled by conditional
payment. Now the c economy part. We talk
about about the benefit of off- off-chain. We put too
much burden on user. Not only do they have to manage their
private key and also be aware that at any moment someone that
has played a game with me sudden ly wants to dispute, I need to
react or what if I am traveling in the forest or I want to — to solve the centralization
risk showing to the people that it will be more and more central
>>Dr. Junda Liu: Ed. season trallize centralized. As
long as you are comfortable to run a node you can get what you
need. What if myself is going offline
and basically disconnect from the internet, and at the same
time what if my county party tried to submit earlier state
proof that was benefit to them and actually would hurt me, I
have the latest proof, but I do not have the opportunity to
submit it to the blockchain, so I would loose and this is where
we would have a special — guard your state. If you know you are traveling
and won’t have internet, you tell the state guardian, this is
my state. Help me to sub submit if needed for two days. This
actually goys the time. ly goes actually goes by the
time time. They will have the probability to do the work for
you based on their seller tokens . In this case, if someone
states a little bit, they will be more likely to be chosen, yes
, number 2 you will take care of Bob cease’s state proof. If
anybody tries to submit incorrect one, it’s your
responsibility to submit what Bob told you. There is this
penalty mechanism a little bit like the POS mechanism, so if
you didn’t do your work, your deposit will be basically crash
ed. A seller token translates to in
a state guardian network to user income flow. This is my
willingness to pay you if you do the work. What is picked is based on the
state CELR token. You can say I will be back in two hours so
only need the state CELR to forward for like two hours. How do you optimize the payment
routing and the new word is different from the public
blockchain to so we have but the layer to itself has its own set
of problems. For anyone you are welcome to check out our website
s and white paper we can discuss offline. Thank. +. >>We have one more
presentation before we break for lumping lumping. I would like
to bring to the stage Fu Xiang. He is the architect on chain.
Please give him a round of applause.
(applause) >>Fu Xiang. : Hello everyone. First of all, what is
ONI? It is independent protocol layer between the
application and the — we use it to build up
platform to decentralize the storage and the sharing service.
In my opinion, most of the blockchain of the word can use
this platform to serve their user and the user don’t need to
exchange token or coins and they don’t need to know how many
nodes on the surface and which consensus is use using. They
are just protocol API directing one advantage is structure. Therefore several problems in
this environment. There are Privacy security is being
channeled all the time. If the people have the same poppy right
data they can copy the data and share
it to each other. For a service provider, if you
want a better user experience you should buy expensive
hardware, software, and network bandwidth different application providers
require redundant storage and CDN for the same copyright
content. Which benefit can we earn from this OMI protocols?
First of all the data for storageing the networks and
people can decide no host server and data is
shared at high speed between the loT device devices. Transaction
fee can be paid automatically to copyright owner and last one is
user can benefit from sharing downloaded data and apps reduce
storm and storage and network bandwidth.
The next question is why is layer2 based protocol only layer of the
platform. and have many different blockchains and
different consensus , different confirmation time,
different gaps gaps, but all are used to send protocol AP
I and the layer 2 is the only platform. It will provide decentralized storage to other
blockchain and it’s using the cross-happy protocol to manage
pub-chains. For the application layer, the
faster data transfer and the transaction confirmation improve
s the user experience and the uniform decentralized access pro
coland multiple token interface interface much easier and pay
data sharing service will more quickly and zero
transaction fee will encourage use enter in different
blockchain economy. I will introduce the ONI frameworks
what can we get from these frameworks? We will provide SDKs , we will give you browser, DNS
node, FS node, wallet, and other s use need to integrate into
this platform. Now I will explain how the O (I platform
works. For these networks there are several nodes which we
call decentralized storage for these networks. It provides
data slicing and redundant storage. It is also using up PD
P to check if data are stored in different. If S nodes and
different FS node. It also has the content contract
property tol. contract protocol. Along with
this, we will set up a knew network few networks which we
call decentralized networks. We will have P2P sharing
information between the clients and FS node and the state channel we will be running
on these networks and DNS and route proxy and stuff like this,
which makes running on these networks quickly and smart.
Next, I will give you a steps to show how the sharing stuff is
running. At first, the client will set up and it will connect
to the dns node, then we will create a safe change between
open other, and then the clients will send the request refor DNS node. Maybe get from
website or any social network. The DNS node will be translated
URL to the hash screen in pairs including the FS node.
Then they will hand shape with each other and begin to
transform the data slice. After clients receive the first
data slice, it will push the slights slice information to DNS nodes
and helps client receive slice push info to dns or wait
for other clients. Now we have done the PDP algorithm, the P2P module,
the smart contract, and we want to test on it at the end of
last month. Also, at the end of Q2, we will start to open source
and I believe that more public blockchains will join in this
and that we will start to copyright contract, and at the
end of Q3, Q3 — will be released and the
more bub public blockchain will join in this and we will — the DNS. That is all. Thank
you for your attention. Thank you.
(applause) >> So with that, we are at lunch
and we are running a little bit ahead of SQL, so I don’t thinks
the quite set up out there. We will be back here in the main
room here at 1:30, and I will sea you see you then. There
will be T-shirts given out then, so make sure you come back on
time. >>Okay, I hope essential
had everybody had a good lunch. We have a few T-shirts to toss
into the audience. Where you know without further
adieu I would like to bring up Fabio Canesin. I am beginning
to mess up your name. He is the cofounder of city of Zion and
Nash. The morning was all about blockchain deep dive and this
afternoon we are talking about DAppss practices and patterns.
(applause) Fabio Canesin >>Fabio Canesin: It’s
great to be here one year after we started everything in San
Francisco, that was the first event of NEO U.S., so a long
journey and so happy to be here again. I want to talk about
distributing finance to everyone here. Everybody knows that
both from city of Zy yon and Nash we have been driving this
different way of thinking about blockchain, so we are trying to
take it from a business perspective where blockchain is
the business structure where we build this financial system of
the future, so we believe that blockchain is going to be the
infrastructure for digital asset s and the way we go forward on
society is increasing how society is digital. I want to talk about Nash for
you guys and what is actually is because there is a lot of
confusion talking about Nash is an exchange but it is a
financial platform for the future when the economyies are
digitalized. NEO is a great partner because NEO is a great
about a smart economy. The first thing is most people are
already familiar with our project called NEO exchange
which it has the token NEX. We did a re-brand, but came the
name for the token. We have a new brand. We have a new look
and feel that I think is great. Nash is going after one major
problem of cryptocurrencies. If this is
going to be the background of the economy, we need to solve
the problem of self-custody. 99% of cryptocurrency training
takes place on centralized ex changes and your assets on these
exchanges are not crypto anymore but mere representation of what cryptois. We wanted you to be
able to still use your fund while still being in crypto. We need a DEX if we are
going to be able to get there, we need to be able to trade
assets. Next is an exchange where users are in control of
their assets at all times. It offers the same user experience
as the best central Lized experiences. Everybody today
has some banking app, maybe Venn mo Vemnmo or whatever.
There is a lot of promises and it is very
hard to achieve, so how do we get there? We get there with
revolutionary UI. To do revolutionary UI, you need
revolutionary technology. It is based on what we call off-chain
and on-chain. What does off- off-chain mean. Means some
computation, the matching outside the chains but we need
to assign contracts and do hand shakes in the platforms that
people hold their assets. This is deemployed in NEO and bitcoin
and elsewhere, so this contract descriptions hold the state
channel system with matching managers and interactive user
wallets. I’m going to show you guys what is revolution ref rev revolutionary for DEX
and for wallet. This will be on going security tests now and
for a while. These are new protocols. We are not talking
about just one, but about one for state channel math, for zero
management of keys and one protocol for interacting with
the case management to the state channel management. To be
secure of it, we need to have many testings. User testing is
more regarding UI and UX. We have always been saying that
next that we will launcher when we
are happy with the interchange. and how can we say that we are
happy with the users are not using it, so that is why we want
to get more passionate users, so some very wise business people
said you need to find passionate users about your product and
listen to them, and that is what we want to do. Revolution air
Revolutionary UI, if you think about the best
systems that are centralized. They look exactly like this and
that is what we want and we want to push forward. You are a
website that you are logs in with your e-mail and password
and through a complicated management you get yourcos from
your client and it looks like you are logging into any
centralized service that you know. After that you have your
wall let here for bitcoin and NEO and wallet and what we want
to support in the future that you can manage your transaction
s, see your assets and manage your coin coins. The technology
behind the protocols are there, implemented and solid, but we
want to work with the users how this is beginning to lock like
and this is how an inveigh invasive ex exchange at Nash
looks like. You have a very fast interface and you can do
cross chain chain as if you are doing it in a centralized ex
change. You are trading F for F and F for NEO as if nothing was
holding you back. How do we do that? Using state channels.
This is how we are going to buy crypto. Partners are behind clear and
they are deemploying to the client. Our client is coded as
adversarial, so they don’t no trust where they are sending
from the front end. This is something that we
haven’t seen done in this place. A great wallet for funds math, a
great exchange for trading and a great way to go in and out of
crypto. They are ready for launch on March 31.
(applause) We invite every member on your
community to trade, pay, invest, in many chain and cross-chain
with no latency. Our goal is to provide revolutionary UI and we
continue to strive with technology how to get there and
how to bring everybody to a digital economy. If we move
forward in this future, how people are going to interact
with digital assets should be as natural as using centralized service today. I am
very happy that we are going to support U.S. at launch. I am
Brazilian, and I can say this, U.S. is not going to win a
Brazilian bureaucracy. I know bureaucracy
, I can play that game. So we have the licenses for material
loy sense licenses in every state and we are going after
every license to allow us to do the user experience we want to
provide. We are not only follow ing compliance, we want to push
it forward, so same way we worked with the European union
to launch the first public offering of a security token.
We want to help every other place that we work to have more
forward-thinking digital economy launch.
This is how Nash is going to look like and this is how
Nash is looking like now. This is just the launch of our NEO UI or how our brain looks
like. You can enter gnash.. I have to thank the
team on their amazing innovation . We are going to give away
100,000 in bitcoin and 46,000 Nash tones. Turing is
easy. You need to have a referral code and this is by
invite only until we open it to everyone. To wait on the
referral code you can use one of the cards that we are
contributing distributing here and it has a code on the back,
or you can be a member of our community where we will send a
message with a code for your to join our referral program. I
want to show a video. (applause)
Yeah. The more people you invite to be
part of the digital revolution the better we are. We want to
continue to work together with the community to refine the
project and continue to work with the community to give the
most value we can to our investors. Nash loves developer
s. We have dev. con. I need to have a few slides about
developers. Everybody knows that the five founders of Nash
came from city of Zion. We tried to put a lot of code up in neon Python and neon wallet,
so we continue to love developer s. We are developers at heart,
so to be developers at heart we want to provide the best user
experience for developers also. It is not enough for us that the
user has the best user experience when we trades — we
also want that people who build on top of platform have the best
tools to build also. Three Ex change made by three complex
protocols is as easy as coding any centralized servers. So you
can easily port your current to it. Web prosecute voiding
Python SDQ, go SDK, and type script SDQ. We knee you as a
Python developer that Python is API, I will show why . This is a graph dealing with
three complex things to list all the balances in your account.
With ten lines of code code, six of those comments and definition
you can list all your assets in five different chains in a
decentralized manner manner. That’s how you bring best user
experience with developers and that will be launched on March
31. We are going to open source preSDKs for everyone. Thank you
very much. (applause) >>Thank you very much.
We have a video coming up next are Steven and Alex the CEO and
CTO from bridge protocol. Identity is what makes us
all unique from the way we shop, travel, and connect with the
world around us. It allows us to identify with one another and
maneuver through both physical and digital worlds, however this
interconnectivity comes with its own set of challenges. People
no longer have control over their sensitive information.
The more data we share, the less control we have over it. We no
longer get to decide who sees or profits from it, and that opens
the door for bad actors. Our identity is our unique DNA.
It’s what sets us apart from one another, but in this digital
world, our identityies are more vulnerable than ever. We
regularly disclose more information than we need to for
services that we deem free. These services can come at a
very high cost, but luckily bridge protocol strives to
reduce this cost createing a world where you decide who sew
sees your data and you determine the data you want to be seen. A
world where you control your identity. Bridge protocol is
the future of digital identity. Utilizing blockchain technology,
bridge’s safe and secure identity verification for users
and businesses alike. Users can digitize their identity with the
bridge passport without having to share sensitive information.
Keeping your sensitive information securely off off the
blockchain and establishing point points of trust for the
user and the business. Preserve ing anonymity. Bridge delivers
comprehensive compliance checks through trusted verifyiers. The
bridge extension allows users to send their NEO address along
with their verifyied identity ensuring businesses get what
they need to be client and nothing more. Take control of
your identity. Bridge identity secureed. >>Can you hear me? How
is everybody doing. I am Stephen Hyduchak and I’m here
with Alex Guba he is our CTO. Hopefully we won’t bore you too
much. NEO is throws a great throwing a great event. We
drank lots of Starbucks and tried those new Seattle hot dog
dogs and that was pretty cool too. The first thing we wanted
to tackle was the blockchain development. When wu pull that
back, that is where is the problem and we saw the
traditional KYC and it was expensive $2 up to $60 for
credit investor checks. That is what you are see you are snig
the STOs now. It limbs this whole space on what it was
supposed to do. This is one of the things we wanted to tackle
with this solution. It’s a compliance tool out of the box.
That means the business doesn’t have to go in and try to figure
outdo I need this watch list or do I need to certify this
passport, how do I do this credit investor check and it’s
already done for them and ex plained easily. With our system
the users only verify once, but I’m sure we have all been there,
multiple exchanges, send your passport with a selfie. By
doing this one time through a trusted party, it elem Nate Nate elimb eliminates that element.
There has been transaction additional securityies
regulation and financial instruments that need these
things. We are just standard izing that and that means we
found that a croak extension regardless ex chrome extension no matter what
you are using — businesses are coming to us and saying what do
we need. Do we do a regular D or regS credit investor
investors. How do I certify the documents. We need a streamline
to do that. Do I need facial recognition? What is a due
diligence and those are seeing that out of the box. There is
a business need, so we are see ing a lot of different companies
come in with social media scoring, transaction history
intelligent device, companies like chain analysis will track
them, blacklist them white list them, but the social media
scoring is in my opinion not a good way tooidfy to to
identify someone. There is a lot of bots on linked in and
Twitter and you need a safer on boarder to bring them into the
digital world. We here there is multiple dock
trends and it is expensive and that is one of the things with
the blockchain identity and the way we architected this, the
business doesn’t need to worry about G.DR. When we use bridge
we shift the power back to the user, once your idea is scour
secured you go through the process and you get a bring
passport and you get these claim s that allows them to say hey, I
can control my identity that ex exchange doesn’t hold that
information anymore and that means you don’t need to deal
with regulators hitting you with a big fee. The cost is almost
three times as much to be out of compliance than in compliance.
That will give them the tools to say hey, if easier and cheaper,
we will hit it from the get-go. >>Alex Guba: There is
three elements of the bridge protocol network. When we are
talking about identity, our identity is made up of a
collection of claims around us. Are we over 18, what is our name
and what is our Social Security number. These are for peer
-to-peer fashion. It’s also a network of trusted partners on
the bridge protocol network we are verifying that when you go
to submit those claims about yourself you know who you are
submitting them to. It’s a data verifycation market plic.
Verifyiers want different types of information. Third parties
can offer your services on the bridge protocol network for a
fee to extend the marketplace and extend the things you can
put in a passport and build out the ecosystem. We have decided
on a web brower browser ex tension based interface that
will allow uses with no ripe cryptoexperience to take l take advantage. Users are in
control and user data security is a big issues these days and
users manage their own payload and they send that data only to
the people they choose when they choose. For the it’s folks it
is containerized. As some of you might know in Q4
Q4 we did community beta and with that we launched the final
version of the bridge protocol key server contract under the
NEO main net. We launched our production service and APIs and
our bridge protocol on chrome exclusively and we had over one
hundred community members go through the process and take
their real world identity. For all of those out here who
participated thank you, we heard your feedback. We have heard
your feedback and now we are announcing in March 2019 we are
doing the bridge protocol open launch. We are going to be
doing version one. We have done extensive upgrades, based on
your feedback we took the ex extension experience and revised
it and now support chrome, Firefox and opera. We
will release documentation and integrate into your DAppss and
websites. We are going to be open sourcing the critical
components of the bridge protocol, the SDK, extension
client, integration modules so the community can get in here
and help us extend the protocol. In addition to that launch, we
are talking about verification providers and types of claims on
the network, our major initiative 2019 is announcing
project Aver that is using intelligent
identity processing. We are going to do digital and document
verification for all government identities worldwide with
advanced detection. Real time image analysis and pull
information like age, gender, native language detection to get
a good picture of who is sitting behind the computer and get that
into the digital world and really identify them. >>Stephen Hyduchak: You
look at all these stokeen econom economies and we want to bring
stray transportation additional businesses and players in here
and we pulled back that layer and we were trying to offer this
service and garner adoption. The businesses are looking for
this service and this allows us to say hey we offer the service
for half the cost. Trust me we have talked over ten providers
in this space. This will also compliment the bridge protocol
network. Besides basic due diligence, we have Geo location
tracking through browsers and some of the best new technology
that you can get when it comes to facial recognition and
identity verification, so it’s pretty tool. Not only will this
help STOs and exchanges but Medicare, finance, as you can
see it’s a broad spectrum. In terms of adoption, the sky is
the limit as far as we can sell it. Pretty excited about that.
It is going to reduce time. The bridge extension, I hope some of
you guys have checked out out, if not, please do. It’s a very
easy process. This will help speed that up as well. I think that’s it. We really
appreciated being here hope you enjoyed the video and our talk.
+. >>Next up, I would like
to bring Alan Fong he is the co- founder of city of Zion and
moonlight. (applause) >>Alan Fong: Hey guys
thanks for being here for my talk about moonlight. There is
a lot of cover so I might be going a bit quick. I am the Co-founder of moonlight
. I have been part of the city of Zion. What is my business
case? Now last year in order illustrate your business case I
made a fun example you might recognize. I have been reading
the YouTube chat, so I will give you a hey, hey, hey, just for
fun. Anybody recognize this photo.
(fire alarm) Fes photo Frye fest cal. It was
a 2016 luxury festival that promised everything, gourmet
meals and you got to hang with celebrityies, but we all know
how that turned out. Don’t see any celebrityies there. It was
run by Billy McFar land and J a rule. This guy was such a
scammer they put it next to his name on Wikipedia. He caused a
lot of pain to some people. If you don’t know who this guy is,
ask someone next to you. How did he manage to get so many
people to guy into their scheme. Turns out it was easy they
promoted using social media influenceers, and they believed
them by virtue of being famous. None of these people had any
qualifications unless Snapchat costs. Peopl People’s
trust was bought and paid through these Chesapeake Bay
celebrity influenceers. I got to say it’s not to be really
embarrassing getting scammed because you didn’t watch the ”
notebook. To north Cree yeahs North Korea
‘s professional basketball player.
(laughter) It isn’t just celebrityies that
people assign arbitrary qualification to. A huge number
of people do it all over the world. It’s just so easy for
people to do. If you know exaggeration, it’s a
big word and it makes it seem harmless, I was just
exaggerating, how many times have you heard that in your
life? All the time. Sometimes they use a small word they say
it’s inflation. But at the core these are lies. Even if place
you go first for information, the places you trust still have
no guarantee of the truth. A lot of people will take
advantage of this for personal gain we call this fraud despite
what Ja Rule calls this. These figure figures are just foreth
they are for ether Ethereum alone. The Super Bowl
champions are worth just $3.8 million, which is a lot but
compared to the amount you are losing in fraud, you could buy
the patriots over and over every single year, so it’s accurate to
say we have an issue on our hand and our graphic designer did put
other 1100 of those individually up there so, round of applause
for that guy. (applause)
There you go. Good job, James. How do we take a step
towards eliminating our reliance on true faith into something we
believe in which isn’t just words. We call these ka per any
cus Copernic Copernicus. Let’s
start with this. With moonlight we
allow anonymity and optional KYC s so you know if you are dealing
with a specific person an you can log in with your favorite
platforms and our headline feature is called creation of
trus trustless digital resumes. The trustless resume is why you
can be anonymous. Trusting or faith is not the same as trus
trusting what you are getting. The work you do is published to
a blockchain. Program For example, if you are a JavaScript
God instead of just saying it, it’s possible to show people
real proof of how quickly you have done your work and what
skills you have shown and over time you will build up this
resume. Right now people try to gauge competency by doing
interviews and are terrible if you want to get a candidate of a
person’s capability. Young to Yale study, interviews allowed
participant s to make worse prediction. Our second part is Kepler and
it’s about recruiting people with trustless resumes resumes.
You can pay them in whatever way you want including crypto. I
don’t know if you are aware of the gravity of this, but there
is really nothing like this yet on the market and it will one
hundred percent be a game changer. If you want to create
a start up, getting the right people together is half the
battle, so we are providing amazing capability that really
hasn’t been seen before. People bid on task. You bid with how
long you think it will take since the price is already set
for the job issuer. People are incentiveized to create complete
jobs quickly. If you keep promises work done faster than
you do i it, people will be able to see that and our system can
adjust for thatment you can accurate a more accurate
time estimate. To make it simple, the platform lets you
know how well the result will probably do and how long it will
take you. We support task dependencies. If you want to
build a car, you have to assemble wheels before you
assemble the car and these are taken care of by different
people with different assets. Before giving someone a task you
can experience with what-if scenarios by swapping different
candidates in an out. You can project the impact through a
project cease completion window, so super convenient if you don’t
know exactly who you need for the job. Our third part is call
ed Galileo, and it’s all about project management. So project
management might be some way the most important part of getting
jobs done. We will off a full suite of PM tools and off the
ability to clap collaborate with other teams and take samples
from external testimonies. testimony exsystem external
systems. It takes VB mapp of a whole lot
of things for max activity. That is not the only type of
system that it’s limited to. We are partnered with VDT right now
to help provide that. The last important thing I would like to
reinforce is moonlight scales. Every platform out there, fiber,
freelanceer, Uber, Lyft, a person will drive
you from here to there. Always one task a at time. It’s hard
enough already to trust one random person with multiple
people you don’t know. Even one bad egg can spoil a God thing.
good thing. You can hire, one, ten, or twenty people at the
same time while knowing how they will interact and their timeline
and knowing they are skilled. No other project on the earth
that can do this right now. So we have another initiative that
we call constellation, which is not part of the moonlight
platform per se, but will benefit the ecosystem it will be
in. It is a decentral.>>Dr. Junda Liu: Ed identity decentralized — we think it
would be really important to get people to adopt these products,
so think of it as invasive consortium for blockchain
intelligent device. We are not the only member. You may have
seen some of our members present ing today. You can find this
graphic that summarizes everything on your website. So
where are we now? Well, we are pretty far along
with our first iteration Galileo . With the platform you will
log in with a simple beautiful home screen with a number of
options and you can see those below. Simple contract creation
. You can start off by entering your previous work experience
like with any other web so it. This kind of self input
information isn’t validated by our system. It’s not literally
the work you have done, and confirmed. This is a way for
people to get started and provide information before they
do the trus trustless resume. That is
always going to be our base and we can always go higher than
that. You can define what skills you want to advertise as
having. You will have easy way to view
and manage your data and profile s. You can create more than one
provile. It’s really cool. Say you are great at dog
training training and a great dog trainer and bulldozer
operator. If you saw this dog train training, bulldozer
operating photographer, you would see this guy doesn’t know
what he is doing or a joke account and you might end up
looking for someone with only one type of expertise. You know
what I mean? It’s the way people’s minds work. You can
split these up and reduce the bias and reduce that down to
what each person is proven to they can provide for each skill
set. No other platform provides this. Another view of what you can do
and this focuses on your education. It’s not validated.
In the future there may be a way to do that. Of course you can
edit your information anytime you wants the really detailed so
be prepared to spend as much time as you want. You can get
really specific about everything you have done. We give you ability to maintain
your data and your account and you can see exactly what is
available about you and we make it easy to deactivate your
account if you don’t want it anymore, unlike some companies
that like to bury that ability under 20 menus you have to go
through. Security is also super port to us. important to us. Especially if
you hold any cryptotoe crypto crypto. You can see your
activity from the dashboard, unlike some other companies like
to bury this information. There is no reason to bury that by the
way, so I have no reason why they do that. I think it is a
nice looking platform don’t you think? Round of applause to our
designers by the way. Thank you.
(applause) Our designers will thank you.
That is all I will show you guys today. We have a lot of amazing
stuff cooking, so why don’t you keep your eye out our tine white
paper or you can go to our website. Thanks i Thank Thank
s for being here. Next up is coil coil to talk about Blacat.
(applause) >>Sean Chen: Good
evening ladies and gentlemen, sorry that this is my second English speech
, so bekind to me okay. Thank you. Here is the thing. How
many players, gameers in this room? Can you raise your hand?
Okay, thank you. Let’s dive into the gaming industry. I want to introduce our team,
gaming industry almost over 15 years and we make successful
games in China, maybe 60 million. You must think I’m
rich, but most of it goes to the publisher and the channels, so
there is a few left to us, so I am still poor. What is Blacat Blacat? At the end of 2017 we engageed
the blockchain. Can we do games on blockchain and most of the
revenue goes to the developer, right? Then we had this game
called cryptokitty. If there is a
centralized gaming platform that don’t count any revenue then
they will go bankrupt, but we can do this in blockchain way
because ec have the developers put it there in game assets like
tokens, coins, and inventories and make their own chain and
become digital assets. So we decided to build Blacat.
I will give you some details after. This is the overview.
Basically we have the developers building the game on the
blockchain, and then many of the issues that
blockchain like slow and hard to use and expensive, many things
of that we have established with NEO. I will give you more
details after. We have the Blacat. We don’t have the
revenue and worry transparency of the data to the users. This is the game platform and we
also have a market where players can trade with each other,
right, then it comes to the developers and they get all of
the revenue and to players they are holding their assets in
their own hand that no one can take from them and they can make
benefit from trading them. In our opinion this is good to the
develops and MRIers MRI players. You don’t want want to play games that most of
the revenue comes to publisher and channel and it creates
little value of the industry which the developers carry most
of the value and they get less so, maybe when the revenue goes
to the developers they can make quality and better games because
they are well funded. Fistfirst off, we embed the
wallet. It can be embedded in the game, in the app. You so
once you have to game you have your wallet, right, and then —
sorry you can purchase coins inside
the wallet. You can use bitcoin or NEO 3.0 or fat money. We
also have the SDK interface and thicketsly embed the wallet in
the game. We have an SDK tool set. Here is the other two. One is
the game platform. As I mentioned that our game platform
is different from this because — all the game data. Each kind
of game data like the user activities, the transactions and
access and active users you can find the data in this platform
and we are offering progress on the
platform. You can come out with idea and set up a website or
page on our platform if your idea is good and we are
supporting you then you can raise fund like Kickstarter or
doing some presale, but you need to do this and you need there for more transparency.
The game market they can trade their game assets. I can sell the stuff I guy and
get the money back and play another game, so we can make the
excess flow and make the currency. In the traditional
game in the global market there is $150 billion per year which
is huge and if we can cut some revenue from the market and make
it gross every year there would be many, many digital assets in
in the second tier market. It’s good for the players because
maybe they can make benefit from it. Eventually they go boom like
fortnight fort nite. This is what we do to benefit the player
s and support the developers. By this I think players will get
more willing to play with us because they can keep their
assets and nobody can take them by shutting down the server
because we are blockchain games and the developers get most of
the revenue, so its good for both of the important part of
the gaming industry and why we can’t give up this revenue
important thing is volume. We can cut out transaction fee, so
we can complete with centralized platform. Maybe you
know there is a game platform launched now that reduced part
of revenue to 20 to 15 percent. They have fortnite and many
players. As I mentioned we are working on Zorochain. Why we do
this? Right. , because for now the NEO chain or other chains
maybe they can support the game level from transaction
transaction speed is allow. The experience yens of the users is
not as good as the centralized game, so I think we maybe need a
response real quick. I send to the Zoro chain and get
my result immediately. The reaction comes in less than 1 second. Maybe later in March we will
have a test night online online. We have multichain structure.
That means for each app , one chain for one D app. So it’s one chain, one app
structure. Also we have the guest fee payment from the
developer. They can choose. The developer can decide if this — who is going to spend the
guest fee for this master call, the user or developer because
users can understand why I have taken bay my steel back — also we have the virtual
machine. Basically doing this like building in the second lay
er into the virtual machine that our own computing and also off-chain
computing. Off-chain computing is that we
approve the cast of the operation but we don’t worry
about that. This is called off- off-chain computing. This is
the milestone of Zoro chain. Q. We also changed we are coping improving the
response speed in like 200 or 300 mini seconds.
This is what we are planning, so I would like to introduce the
tokens of Blacat. There are t hree kind of Cokeens. tokeens.
Yes, we are doing the security token offering now and preparing
the paperworks in DNS. That came out of BCD which is means
Blacat share is a security token . The BCP and BCT is the
utility platform. . The BCT is more like the
stable coin. One cent, one BCT. Why should we have the BC
T, because in traditional game developers don’t know blockchain
and they don’t want it it. I receive the bitcoin from
the player another have a 50 disdoesn’t count I lose my money. BCP is utility
token that you can purchase by the bitcoin, so this is kind of
yowl cryptoin our platform. Anyone who has access can decide
which token I want to charge. Here is the picture for the
utility token flow. The player can purchase the
token or game coin can or any other digital asset, but the way
that they use ripe currency an use the fate
fat coin and tender. Once the player gets the BCO and
BCT, — when they gave their token to
the developer the developer can redeem the fat money or currency
from us. It is a circle like this. We both can serve the
praadditional traditional game developer.
Also we encourage the developers that build blockchain style game
s which have the logical on- on-chain, so these are two type
of developers that we can serve. So how to build and
public a game publish a game in Blacat. We
are offering our SDK. The dollar happy is on the dollar chain is on GitHub. You test it. We supply many
templates of the smart contracts like the NEP file and the action
like an FT, a nonfundable spoken . When you finish the test you
can bring it online. You just have to set up your
game community on the platform and you can start gathering user
s. We also have the cham the channel, we have the
developers to publish the game — after that you take your game to the
audience to the users. If you want to know more, there
is information on our website Blacat. We are building a million NFT
partnership for sale and once you buy, you bet a pro promotion
code and through promotion code you can se everything from our
platform platform. There is millions of
dollars of reward during the million certificate sharing. If you want to know more about
this, you can go to our booth and ask for more information.
Here is our contact info. If you want to contact us, you can
through this. Last I want to mention that we
have agile — also offering free
certificate. If you want to get them you can also go the our
booth. Thank you. This is Blacat.
(applause) >>Thank thanks Sean. We
now have a panel. As always they have to bring their chairs
up so we will give them a moment to come up. Give them a round of
(applause) (applause) >>Cole Peterson: I am
here at dev. con representing news BTC. We will talk about
two relevant topics in game industry and the blockchain
industry. Every day you are hearing about twitch streamers
and YouTubeers making millions a month streaming games. It’s
just becoming a really huge industry and then offing the
blah chain industry i the blockchain is growing by leaps
and bounds every day. We have great panelists here in the
industry. Let’s start right here if you can introduce user
and talk briefly about your project.
>> . Rudy Rong hi everyone. Hi
name is rudie, and I from magic cube. We found there is ways of
gaming distribution and this made us invent the whole new
ecosystem magic cube. We help them gain more users an increase
their retentions. >>Sean Chen: I am Sean
Chen again. >>Rayman Yang: We have
welcomes over 50,000 users so far far. It is a sandbox game
and users can create everything in the game, the buildings and
the underlying mechanisms like the economics, the voting system
s and it is quite like primitive version of a movie. It’s a read
did ready player one, and virtual world with real economic
s. Also I would like to clarify something because people are ask
ing so many times what is the relationship between NEO and NEO
world. NEO world is independent project from NEO. If you are
asking the relationship about half a year ago I would like to
answer there is no relationship between us and we started the
collaboration since the end of last year and we have built a
special — called the NEO lens which is
a special one that use uses NEO as the main currency as the
other economics activities. NEO lend and NEO world. That is
the response.>>We did have one another panel
ist, Parimal Deshpande who was unable
to attend. I want to start with you rudeie
from magic cube. You already have a pretty large user base,
but you’reous to hear your thoughts about what blockchain
game platforms post to users and what they pose to developers.
>>We have started doing game publishing and we have
published 23 games already and we onlily focused on social
casino games, black jack, Texas hold em, and this year we are
bringing out different games. Everyone can search the games
that we are bringing out, it is supposed to have 100,000 users on you play.
Check it out. What we really think it changed and what we are
really trying to solve before magic cube we realized in the
model there were a lot of users and not that many games, so we the conversion rates are allow
in Google and Facebook and all the channels, so apps are not
exactly working there are too many games out there and not too
many useers, so retaining the users is a key. When a new game
first came out that communities is not out yet and the contents
are not out yet. Ask a pl player wild you want to choose a
game instead of going to a more mature game in the same genre.
We introduced initial game offering, so basically the early
adopters of game like magic soap if you play it early in the
firstmont first month you can gain more tokens with the same
amount of time investing it and same amount of game regenerate.
It is call called game mining. Later on when there are new
contents that come out, the consumption of these token token
s are going to increase so the demand in total are going to
increase, so it’s more of a demand driven growing curve
compared to the other which I see us and we are selling to the
market selling to the mart. We on the other hand are trying to
solve problems and create utility tokens that have demands
right here and right now now. >>Shawn I want to ask
you the next question. One concern is what if a group of
developers stops developing the game that people have invested
and bought the assets within the game and it stops developing
>>Sean Chen: You know open source project like Linux people come in and out.
For the block blockchain go they must go open sourceed and build the project, but they are
not like the only one. If the core team want to quit,
and there must another guy to join buzz there is many investor
s and many things, value in the community, so they will Capitol
and someone will will continue and someone will
come in an maintain this game. It’s not a technical problem,
it’s how do you — your games within blockchain sort. Okay,
thank you.>>Rayman, I would like to hear
more about the token economy with NEO land and your thoughts
on token economyies within these decentralized gameed.
>>Rayman Yang: NEO land is a part of NEO world and
ecosystem is similar to NEO world, so I will start with NEO
world token design. We have a three layer token design and the
first one is currency, and it is Nash. In NEO land it’s NEO and
we use NEO as the main currency. The second layer is continental
RO, so in each continent we have this specific RO. to represent
the user rights. The value of the RO will depend on the
economy of the continent very much. If the economy is good
the prize will go high and if it is bad, it will be going down,
so it’s something like it’s a company stock in the real world,
so last is nest which is global
rights and a physical tool in the game. When the economy is
going too hot, it will provide a buffer, and it will provide a
boost if the Citix is going allow. These three layers will
work together to help to stabilize total
economy of the whole world. >>Would like tommy on to
group questions on anyone is able to answer these. If you
are a gameer and moving on to a decentralized platform, what is
the experience like. How does a decentralization blockchain game
affect the user experience. Is it better or worse?
>>We at magic cube try to make the user experience as
seamless as possible, so — embedded directly inside the
games games. The gameers can always open the page and trade
their agile tokens inside the game. We try to make the
blockchain game a seamless experience for all users. I can tell you every new step
introduced to the user is one or two dollars more to acquire a
new user and this money adds up if you are Troy trying to get
more users. You are talking about millions more if you are
trying to educate the users. We don’t try to educate them, we
try to give them the best experience possible.
>>Sean Chen: Two perspectives. We try to keep
the blockchain game that has the same experience as the
centralized game. The MRIer don’t even mind where you are a
blockchain game or not. They want to play good games, so from
technology part we blockchain must be as fast as centralized
game. This is a tech any technical part, and from
economic part I think they will be different. There is so much
people in the same game and the data is so much excess and even
trading so from this point the
blockchain may have the economic change like the limited issue of
access to have the trading and have the value go up not inplain
inflate, inflation, right.>>The next thing I want to talk
about are what are the next steps from a developer’s
perspective that need to be taken to improve the user
experience on to blockchain based games.
>>Sean Chen: I think it depends on the blockchain, like
NEO, I wish they would go further and have high TPS and we
can build the central.>>Dr. Junda Liu: Ed part of
decentralized part in there too to achieve the centized game
experience.>>Do you have any other
thoughts on that? Rudy Rong based on our interactions with
the gaming developers, I think that is something they would be
concerned about our first legal part, so I think that’s really
important for us to have a legal team gather all the info and let
the game developers know it’s safe to work with us because a
lot of games we are working that we publish are from public
companies in China like Tansin and perfect world. That is how
we are trying to make them more willing to incorporate the
blockchain. For the small developers, it’s better for them
to work with second lay layer protocol or Blacat or second lay
er because it’s easier for them to incorporate and don’t have to
go through a hard time of understanding the publishing and
all these TPS issues.>>The next I want to talk about
is what’s commonly known in the gaming industry as the publisher
‘s monopoly where the publishers will take a significant amount
of money away from the developer s, blockchain games kind of
remove that and allow for freedom and money for the
developers. Do you guy want to talk about that and how
blockchain helps save money. Rudy Rong e we were taking 80%
of the revenue overall and we realized that is not works and
why we tried to develop a platform that gives it back.
The traditional way of publish ing doesn’t work anymore. When
is the last time you clicked on your apps on your phone, right?
People don’t do it no more, and that is a problem and that is
why retaining users and giving back value to the users is key.
I belief this blockchain game is going to replace as the third
biggest gaming revenue. It goes through two stages the 1.0 was
you pay to play and you pay for the hours in war of war craft.
In China, a game revolutionize revolutionized it and put out
the — and everyone transferred to 2.0 at the same time, but the
3.0 is when we are really giving it back to the users. You can
observe that in the industry in other games.
>>Sean Chen: I agree with rudeie, and I want to add
this. No matter your centralized blockchain, you the
public published act you also need. Very different from the
traditional of the publisher because the information is —
you can easily achieve information. Let’s say
Fortnite, it’s a boom. If we have some incentive from the
game, right, if you found the core of the game earlier than
the others and you purchase assets, you get benefit, so this
is a different published way I think. This is a whole new
thing and we call it community. Maybe we invented this word, a
community operation. If you mind this game is good, you can
tell anybody and they get it, you can get some benefit from
it, so I think this the way that we have people that the users
publish the game themselves and then they get the benefit, but
not some company.>>So we only have about a
minute left. One last thing S Sean is about blockchain
increasing the trance parentcy. >>Sean Chen: Everything
will go to blockchain this is our purpose. The speed is fast enough I think
for now so because it’s on chain , we can recognize how many act
ive users, how many transactions , how many total users and every
detail. You can see which — say the best you can check it
on-chain. There is more issues about the
privacy so maybe something that we need to figure out for that.
>>I want to thank our panelistst this is a great
discussion and there is no discussion that tease two
industries are improving by leap s and bounds every day. Thank
very much. I hope everyone has a good event.
(applause) >> Next up Mark Jeffrey, he is the
Co-founder and CEO of guardian circle.
(applause) >>Mark Jeffrey: So
guardian circle is a community emergency response network. It
lets friends, family and neighbors help one another in a
crisis situation. The big problem that we are solving 6
billion people on earth have no 911. There is no magic numb
they can call when bad things happen. If you lif in the quite
we do have 911, but when you call from a mobile device, they
don’t know where you are which is amazing. Uber can find you
easier in 911. Also it doesn’t scale in mass emergencyies. The
centers are overwhelmed overwhelmed and they can’t handle the cals.
Recently in Florida they announced they would not answer
the phone. 911 does not find those nearest the emergency
because it has no concept of these people. The way the world
should work is no matter where you are on earth whenever you
are in trouble all you should have to do is presa button and
this send the alert up to the cloud and it looks down and sees
what resources are near you and pushes this help to you as quick
ly as possible. You should say we are in the
flash mob helper business. It’s edge delivery, we are crediting
this new CDN of help. When you are in trouble open the app,
broadcast alert by hitting the alert button or you can use one
of devices that are associated with your accounts via the
guardian circle amount of FIA API. . The alert goes out out.
It starts with your guardians, those who you have pre
preconnected to in the network. If you opt into this, it can be
nearby citizens, so these are strangers who happen to be
nearby who are also running the guardian circle app. Later on
we will add in operate response and official response. When the
responders get the alert they are brought into your alert room
which looks like this. In under 130 seconds everybody knows
where everybody else is and everybody can talk to everybody.
Now they can come up with a plan to help you. Whether they knew
each other beforehand and hands are they don’t. Now everyone
that responded is on your page and
you respond. When you are happy with it, you click to tip.
Notice this is a one click to tip. We have equated our token
guard to safety. It is tieed to tangible real world value. Our
users are ripe first world ripe cryptofirst time users. . When
we decided we needed to provide this experience to our users we
decided it was only possible to do it with NEO because they give
the primitives we need to do it. The way it works is like this,
when you download guardian circle we generate new wallet
address and drop you some guard to start you off and we bake
guard in. In NEO new wallet
generation is free. We did look at iOS, but if we got a million new
newers it would cost between a million and two million dollars
some benefit that accrues back to NEO. We have a very
compelling reason, p mutual safety for your users to grant
access to their contacts and send each other invites. We
make this easy through our in in-app contract manage. Each
sign-up produce as new wallet and we think the result will be
a lot of NEO end user consumer growth. If that is not enough
anytime you refer a friend, they earn guard. For people who are
unbanked and have no 911. They are earning safe safety by
helping us be develop our network. Something else that
falls out of all of this. In our universe you can send guard
to someone by only their name and don’t need to know their crypto address. This is made
possible by in-app wallet and sophisticated in-app manager. It was hard to get right and we
are there now thank God. Privacy is big in our universe.
You have control over who can get your alert alerts and who
can send you alerts, and your location is always, always,
always private until you enter an alert room because it’s
shared. When you leave an alert room your location is private
again. It will scale in an mass emergency. Things like
hurricanes, wildfires, where there is a lot of people in
trouble at once. It’s like putting calls on hold and
jumping in and out of different alertm Roo alert rooms and we
provide alert transcripts. This is a chat log with information
and time stamped. Useful if you p want to review alerts like you
had your phone off and Tim has an emergency and I want to look
at what happened with Tim. The transcripts will be immutable
and corruption proof. No one can alter the evidence and
everyone can be sure this is a true an accurate representation
of what happened. A couple week s ago “Newsweek” named us as
nominee for blockchain awards. We are in a domry called trust
call documentary called trust machine. This is in theaters
now and will go on strea streaming in about a month. We
are in a new television series called the rise of blockchain
and executively prosecute executive produced by Leonardo
DiCaprio. Tarting in Starting in March of
2019 we will be exposed to millions of consumers so we
think this will be good for our app.
Any hardware manufacture er can can connect any divide device to
our grid. Wander management, where if you
are a little older and you get confused and you break a geo
fence that can send off the alert. The way it is you stake
guard for API access as devoice alert manufacturer. You give us
wallet address and we give you back is . These are devices that have
been added. We have partners with the women’s safety X prize. 22 of them went to the final
round and we went to Mumbai, India. That is my watch going
off like crazy from all the watching generating alerts one
of the contest tents move into production. Employs this into
assisted living homes in South Carolina. We connect connected
Amazon Alexa to our own working grid and this is working today.
How does official response participate. Basically
this is anyone who has a geography within which they are
responsible for the safety of people, so the obvious example
is a city or a municipality, think smart city initiatives and
that sort of thing, hotels, resorts, people parks like
Disney land, corporate campuses like Facebook or Google. These
organizations stake guard to access all alerts occurring
within their geo fence. The bigger area is you want to
patrol the more stake forward it guard it costs. We give you
access to guardian circle dispatch. This is the God
moment that Chris, my partner, and I have access to and we will
con train it to the geography your you defined. This is a
mock-up. , screenshot. Now you have been
introduced to the pieces and parts. This is what it looks
like from the 5,000-foot view and how the pieces and parts fit
together. Guardian circle 3.0 release is coming at the end of
February for iOS and Android. That’s it thank you for
listening. (applause) I would like to bring to stage.
>>Jonathan Meiri: She is the CEO and founder of barrel
protocol. >>Jonathan Meiri: Hi,
everybody. I am standing between you and the last break.
I am here today as a what is that called, council member of
barrel protocol. Barrel protocol is all about compliance
and pricy and how privacy. I want to provide you
fee feedback on how to interact with NEO just from my own
personal story and nobody at NEO asked me to do this, but this
helped me about a year ago when I started exploring different
blockchains and platforms to work with. My first interaction
with NEO was in San Francis so in the first dev. con. I came
and signed up and the nice lady asked me for my phone number and
I said+972. A man standing next to me said, hey are you from
Israel, and I said yes, and here I am today and theing standing
on stage and having received funding but it didn’t happen
overnight. First after all talk to people and ask them about
their platform, beyou’re curious . Try to join a hackathon.
Try to set up your own hackathon . Fly around the world with the
team and get to know them and the feedback you get is
invaluable. If you secure funding from a
specific team you know you made the right decision on securing a
platform. That is what I went through and I would recommend to
you to hit a few of those same spots.
Let’s talk about data. You open up the news and it’s
all about data. I put on the screen a few quotes. How many
read anything from Nuvai Harari. I would recommend read
ing his books. Where is my data , who is using it? What are
they doing with it and can I trust them? There is three pool
s of consumer data, Facebook world, Google world, and e-mail.
E-mail is are also partly owned by the GEMO platform.
So I mentioned this huge amount o amount of
anxiety around who is using it on my behalf and why am I not
making anything about this and Facebook, giving them
information about ourselves and sharing pictures and intimate
discussions. Facebook is one of the biggest losing losing 40% of
the trust it earned. You learned about the conversation
on record that zuck talks about your data you have to right to
be con sensed. concerned. There is a whole bunch of
breaches across almost my brand name if it’s in the travel
industry, if it’s software, eBay is here and really huge distrust around data. A bunch of “New York Times” area
about people tracks where I have been and what restaurants I went
to. Why are people buying and
selling your data? Because there is a ton of value in our
data. Supposeing Google and the dark weapon dark web, you can
pay and get people’s passwords for this services. You can look
it up. Google is doing something similar, selling you
to an advertiser and getting a lot of money for it, so if you
are looking for a mortgage, these are pretty recent numbers. Things that go online to do a
nice search, but someone is selling that lead and making a
lot of money to the tune of $30 million of revenue that Google
made last year. What is barrel protocol about? A clear mission
to help people people that they are in control of your data.
You have heard a bunch of people present this. I like to focus
on not the privacy component but the monetization. When people
talk about this, they think about an app that’s making money
off from me. What we are going to do here is show you how you
starting today can start making money off this data. How, and
if there are developers in the crowd, it’s really a set of API
calls for developers that will pay their users for their
anonymous data. You say if it’s anonymous, how can I get paid
for it? There is a huge, huge market in alternative data. I
can talk about the whole arc on the slide, but there is the four
horseman of alternative data. There is click stream, there is
geo location, a anonymize a anonymizeed and there is
receipts. These might be Uber or any app you sign up for. If
I see all your personal receipts I would know something about you
and multiply that by so 10 million and now we have insights
on the companies. We care about what that means in a large panel
. Those insights are being sought after to the point of
seven- seven-digit deals with hedge funds and those very much
driven by discounts. I know the space well because we recently
close closed the deal with a company that lif lives off data.
They don’t want your personal data but the . I will give you a sense of what
we believe is the data Bill of Rights. No PII should ever be
shareed with everyone. Second ly, what is it worth, every time
I want to know it. Who is buy ing it? Maybe I don’t want to
sell my data to a certain vendor , and what are they doing with
it. Of course on the developer side this is an API and they
will be the customers of this. In line with the California
privacy law, and integration with any AW is.S service. They
can choose to pay their user s. , and to participate in this
alternative data market. The California governor ahead of his
time saying we should force Facebook and Google to give a
dividend to their customers. With that in mind, I would like
to launch today a spender track er app. It will start to pay
you for every single receipt that you have. We don’t cover
tall receipts in the world. We will tart with the popular item
s. If you are going to be Pate one of the first 50 oh users
five cents for every anonymous receipt you share in per pa
Tutti. perpetuity. A dollar or three
or four or twenty or third. I have about 10 seconds before I
finished. Pull your phone and go to spender tracker and sign
up, it’s a one click and from this point on forever as long as
the company exists and doesn’t go broke, you will be paid in
your currency of choice a nickel for every anonymizeed e-mail you
care to share. This machine to man type receipts. Nothing
personal. We don’t read personal e-mails. This is what
the website looks like. You are going to click it. Spender We loaded this up over the weekend. Try to use whichever account has
the most recents. This is what the signup looks like. Read
what you are signing up here. Read only access to make sure
you know what you did. I am out of time, thank very much much,
please sign up. >>With that we are on a
break. We will be back at 3:30 right? We will be back in 20 minutes.
As I mentioned before there is one last set of T-shirts that
has to go. It’s either that or I bring them home and they won’t
fit me. See you back here in a little bit. there are some materials that
you can get, so please take your name back to registration, and
you will be receiving material thes after the conference. I
would like to bring up Joe, the co- founder of Jarvis plus.
(applause) >>Joe Zhou: Hey,
everyone. In the past year we have been working on many
community projects with partners including the blockchain and
nonblockchain projects and we see very interesting change is
happening across the industry, so this is the purpose on which
this session, and I am going to introduce what we are seeing and
it deserves noticing. We attend ed dev. con last year in San
Francisco, and this is our partner and AI scientist. Since
dove dev. con we have been talking a lot about how AI and
off- off-chain with help the project
to understand the community and the members and their voice
better. After dev. con we built demos into the project, and we
are working with many token farm s in China. We are helping some of their
projects to adopt our technology to work on their community to
manage the community economy better. China also came to us
an wanted to understand whether our technology can help their
communities. They are not blockchain projects but we are
highly interested in the community and when we talk close
with these partners, we look into different scenarios and the
way the corporate goes we see a very interesting change
happening in this industries, and this is what I’m going to
introduce. We call this any economy. First of all I will
talk about bounty programs. If you are a
blockchain guy, you should be very familiar with the bounty
tram program, it gives out value to your users, and make them
work for you and the users will bring you new users and they
will bring more new new users. I don’t want to talk about names
but I know quite a few of them and this is PDD. This is What is special about PDD is
it’s business is happening on the mobile internet, more
specifically happening on the social network or more
specifically happening in the mobile communities. This is a screenshot from the
mobile community that says that there are more than 800,000
people use this to cut the price . Come over here and help me to
cut price, so that I can even get something for free is the
message from PDD. Let’s remind you of the
bounty program to give value to the users to have them bring
more users. This is a newly Nasdaq
listed company. The screenshot is from LAIX user. The Chinese
message says I have been in for 49 days. Today
‘s topic is our it should work — I will say the last is more
aggressive. The model is very interesting. When the lakes LI
AX got new users, it didn’t ask to download first, instead it
asked to join the community first, and they even use the
community as a classroom to urge its user to post its study
progress in the groups to let students choose their friends
and they are teachers or volunteers in the last group.
It helps to answer questions and make comments to the student
students, something like that, so I will say this pod El is
much more likely to — the users go to the community and actually
the things, most of the things are happening in the community
instead of (indiscernible), so I think it’s
very, very interesting. Then we also say this. This is from
many Chinese games. The message it says is like share me to your
friends and you will get the gold, or else you will get ten I
do Monday. The Tendai ten ten diamonds. Based on our
observation, we see that these cases va similar
pattern. Traffic means new user , for these projects when there
are new users, the first thing in the project we will do is
identify users who share the, who will like the its value and
who will like the model, and who will accept. We call consensus for blockchain to build
consensus it’s the white paper. It’s the AMA and the interviews
and the Q & A or Mead meetups or even the dev. con we think is to
build consensus. For the PDD when the users help their
friends to cut a price, the user s will look at at the PDD goods,
and the goods have the same standard, it has a very good
price, but not that good quality . It even has some fake blands
on brands on PDD. If you accept a model of good price but less
good quality, then you are like ly to use a PDD and be a part of
it. The last consensus is whether you would like to
improve your English in the Chinese users or whether you
will feel anxiety or curiosity when you see your friend is
improving his English English, if yes, you will accept the
consensus of LAIX and likely by its useers. If you play a game
for 30 second and do not quit and you still play it, that mean
s you accept it’s part and it’s game play. You accept the
consensus you want to be the game player, so after the
consensus disspout, the dispute. We will give out a
value for users to do things for them. We can see that it will keep
circling around those three step s. The product grows bigger and
bigger bigger and we see successful case like PDD and use
the circle to be listed, 30 billion or more something like
that. Maybe the token economic is part
of something bigger called the token economy. It is something
special because it gives us token instead of paper money, so
in theory money the committee member that accepts token bill
lock at look as it a it as a long-term value. We the it is a little bit
special but it’s not alone. We can see that there are similar
things happening in other industries in this blockchain
industry, and we believe it will be a global change to ledge a
committee and economics based on that. Why do
we think that? There are two reasons. The first of all
because the growth of the mobile internet. This chart is from
the research gate. It’s the growth of smartphone penetration
among population. We can see that the smartphone is still growing
among population. It helps a lot of mobile users tart to
start to use the internet. They were previously not internet
users. Even narrow sentiment can have
its voice spread and can find users to accept it’s sense it’s consensus. That matter how
small at at at the beginning it can have a tipping point. That
means if we do something around the community community this
things becomes possible and there are big brand in why that
working on that. Also, we believe it is because of the
mobile payment. Why we see these cases happening in other
industry. Why do we see these things in China right now?
Mobile payment is very advanceed in China right now. In China
it’s possible that you do business only on mobile. You
accept payment only in the community only on the mobile
device. This can grow into a very big business. Whereas in
other parts of the world because of the privacy and efficient
efficiency, the mobile payment is not adopted yet, but we say we believe these problems could
be involved in maybe three or five years. When it is solved, we think the community economic
might be the trend. Young people are growing up and the
young people, from very young they are living in the
communities and are living on mobile, so we think that the
community economy will only be changeed in the future. This
year what we are working on after we figure out what is
happening and we believe this will be aCh’ie achieveed. We integrate into different industries. I just
want to let you know that there are many things that could be
done in the community economy, for example, we are helping
these big brand in China to do did tokennization to use token
as incentive for communities because we believe that the
token will make people look at the long-term value. If these
guys don’t want the adopt the blockchain, that is fine we will
make the model will work and function in the system. The
other thing is that there are a lot of things to be automateed
in the system like when you give rewards and incentive to bolster
big influenceers or the small users. Could be part of the economy,
the community economy while we will eliminate the loopholes so
that no one can expose the loophole to benefit himself, and
like to view the consensus like when you choose a lot of things
like customerification with help users to understand the idea and
value of the project but in a much easier way, and like we
will also do some opinion lead ing to help the user to look at
the many aspects of the project instead of looking at something
not very important . A lot of things need to be
done in this very new community Citix, and there are big chunk
chunks, big opportunities there, so that is why we want to share
what we offer you and urge you to look at at this. We have a channel
called the Jarvis plug and plus. We will keep updating our
progress in the channel and if interested you can follow the
channel and understand our recent progress. Thank you, guy
s.>>Thank you very much.
(applause) There are projects that will air drop their token to you, so
please leave your information at the registration area. Eric Wang Archon. >>Eric Wang: Hi,
everyone I my name is Eric Wang and I am a Co-founder of Archon.
NEO is a very powerful an influential blockchain and this allows users
to develop decentralized applicationings. Storage is a
critical component of adapt developers tax about.
We will begin be bereviewing the two more common options that
people use when thinking about implementing storage in adapt
tech stock. The most obvious application is
Amazon S3 and any other central centralized cloud storage
platform. Amazon is extremely powerful and it’s convenient and
cheap and been integrated through so many other platforms.
There is one major issue Amazon suffers from is that others
control your data and as a corollary am am my corollary am — results in millions and
billions of data loss. Can we find a solution. The short
answer is yes. The first solution that does decentralize
storage and does it well, which I am sure many of you know about be IPFS. It makes it
very, very easy to find files and it’s actually quite powerful
and great for many, many files. Many developers have implemented
it. However upon reviewing IPF is. Further it’s clear that
it’s not a perfect solution for decentralized file storage.
There is no strong incentive mechanism for users to store and
deliver their data security as well as the inherent DHT, which
is hash table structure renders it susceptible to attacks and
these attacks allow any malicious attacker to manipulate
the files that people will see with just a small amount of
resources, so luckily people have figured that out and
developed a temporary solution at least to address this
problem. This involves using centralized IPFS nodes wrapped
around Amazon S3 instances. Because they are by themselves
powerful and usey to use easy to use, they don’t suffer from lack
of need for any token mechanism or any lack of solid
decentralized structure, however , this is not a good long-term
solution because once again those solutions will suffer from
the fact that others will once again be able to control your
own data. The third solution that I’m going to talk be the I
believe has the potential to really be the long-term desen that centralized storage solution.
Companies such as us are using the blockchain in many
innovative ways such as and this allows you to not only
control your data, but gives benefits such as crypt to
graphic and sensorship resistance. They are also resistant to black
swan events and collective down time. They have helped various
small performance benefits over say ma’am Amazon S3. Different
companies have useed the blockchain itself for a
different technical reasons, such as to coordinate nodes, for
smart contracts and these different companies
have used the blockchain in different innovative ways. However, on this slides I talk
about the benefits that it has, but the grim reality is there is
a ton of issues that these knees these need need need to overcome
. A haste ill Hastily done graph that I did a
few day ace ago correctly only stored 300 byeses of data 300 Tera bytes of data. Why is
there such a wide disparity? There are many issues for
blockchain based storage system to overcome before it can be
widely adopt adopted. There is really various issues with
performance. There is a lack of features for many commercial
case uses. The blockchains are not yet scalable and the token
economics are not that well DEX fined yet and they are hard to
implement and generally have pretty bad UX, etc. To I would
say there is two frontiers that blockchain base file sources
need to improve on. One is the technology itself and one is the
platform for end users. With these ideas in mind that formed
the basis of how we in our Archo n wanted to design a close based
storage solution that users in my supported blockchain can use.
We have developed a set of in house erasure codes which alu aallow you code a file and you
— these files and contribute it to a custom blank — we are the first storage
network with a byzantine — even if a large percent of
these storm providers in your storage providers — even if an
attacker is very powerful, they are not beginning to be able to
take down your file. We have tailored other custom features
just as custom name that allows you to search and find your
files with a very small over head and over features that
creates native blockchain for file storage. If you are a NEO
user we have smart contract integration where you can play
for NEO tokens to upload any final in a centralized network
and make that file decentralization file. And
understand you upload it the downloader can download it
without having any knowledge of blockchain. Integrating with top chains like
NEO allows us to — files can be exchanged between different
blockchains and that allows to grow within DAppss. Say you wanted
to decentralize this image of a dog. This is just a normal
picture of a dog, and I want to host it in a decentralized
manner it’s pretty straightforward. To upload this
file, you put in some various parameters, such as how long you
want to upload it for and as an uploader in Archon you pay for
the upload and the end user to downloa download. In the H TML
code you add one line of JavaScript code and add the URL
that is obtain obtained from the upload and the end user will be able to
view that file without installing anything, so the end
useer experience will be like browsing a decentralized file as
if it were from a centralized system. The big picture that we
want to bring is that we want to make the decentralized internet
just as powerful and reliability as the existing centralized
internet with all the benefits that decentralized touts. To
conclude my talk, I basically want to give a call to action,
so for use users who want to learn more about our platform we
have our first beta March 1 and first public test net on March
31. Please go to www.a Thank you. I
would like to bring to the stage Chris Qi he is the CEO of
Alchemint. >>Chris Qi: Good afternoon
everybody and thanks for still being here with us. I am Chris
from Alchemint. Today I want to share some opinions about what
we think about stable coin. To be honest there always exists
misunderstanding from bitcoin believer about we already have
U.S. dollars and why do we need a crypt currency like U.S.
dollars. In 1976 the famous economic Frederick Hav Havek aannounceed private money
that could compete against government. Since two fascinating advances
in ripe graphfy grap ripe graphfy.
It made it possible that anyone should
issue private money and what happened afterwards is that
bitcoin believer believeed that crypt currency, they can be the
equivalent currency and some thought it would replace money
in the futures. Many commercial institutions try to offer
bitcoin payment service and even got the permission of regulatory
authority in some countries. At the same time, entrepreneurial
boom of DApps come up , createed their own token and
claim that those token are used for in the e ecology they will
create later. In the current situation, this experiment
doesn’t go well. Bitcoin is big in Japan and
recognized by government as legal tender. Over 20,000
merchants accept it for that is products and services. In this
business, the payment service provide and pay an important rote role.
They cut down the fee to 1% to the merchant compared to 3% for
the service. It eliminate s the volatility risk for
merchants. When a customer makes a payment in bitcoin, it
converts to Japanese Yen, and merchants receive yen instead of
bitcoin, which is indispensable for their acceptance, but
unfortunately these advantages haven’t made the bitcoin payment
for mop pew popular in Japan. We visited restaurants and talk
ed to their staff for serving and vetted payment service to
figure out the real operation condition and the result is
frustrating. In fact, the volume of bit county bitcoin
payment is almost negligible. Z They receive one bitcoin payment
per day and the other face the same problem they don’t find
customers paying with bitcoin. People are not willing to hold
bitcoin and just expect to use it at checkout, especially while
they have other options without risk.
How about the situation of DAppss. Let’s like at the
statistical data of 1800 DApps coded from a thirds party
website. We are disappointed to find out that over has less than 10 active users
per day. Only three has continuous goys
goysing users use continuous growing users. Most
never survivorred within the first month or continues. . The top ten DAppss are mainly
distributed in games and gap gambling and they usually leave
quickly after a bonus of fresh DApps exhaust. At the
moment there is no indication of successful case that would
bring investment of real value. This lead to bubble burst in the
last year which deserves our serious reflection about where
did we go wrong. In Among all these problems, I
think the — should list as number one and
that means if we don’t solve the volatility risks there won’t be
any change even if we solve all the rest problem. Let’s just
try to imagine such a situation if the user app we are using now
, say Uber or air B & B, would it be a killer
app or a dead app? I would think it’s probably dead. If
you are a driver, are you willing to receive bitcoin or if
you are a customer are you willing to spend bitcoin can or just hold some and expect to use
it and pay for it for the rent. I won’t do that. Holding
bitcoin is too risky for me. If there is another another Uber app that supports
supports bitcoin, I would rather use that app. If your cush
currency has unstable price people will not use it. We
consider bit bitcoin as invest ment we will never use it as
every day currency. There is some fundamental
principles of economics that can never be broken. One of those
is that the stable purchasing power of currency is most
significant quality of currency if modern commodities economy.
People realize that, so the stable coin appeared in the
blockchain world. The most popular stable coin at
present is USDT issued by teth er. Each is backed by one U.S.
dollar in tether’s bank account. This is a way of createing
stable coin called Fiat- Fiat-back stable coin. Despite
the rumors surrounding U SDT, I have to point out that
the major problem of USDT is its position to be a crypt to
currency. In my opinion, it is more like offshore dollars using
blockchain technology as it payment . The only purpose of it for
the moment is just to let the traditional money enter into the
cryptomarket. I didn’t see it make any contribution to the
growth and maturity of decentralized economy which
deserves more attention in this blockchain revolution, so we are
dedicated to make a kind of stable economy which is
generated by inherent power of blockchain in a more
decentralized way. Our stable coin which really belongs to the
centralized community instead of capital predators, so we
encourage all communities and crypto- crypto-collateralized stable
coin. SDUSD is a loan against NEO, so
it’s totally different from USDT. U.
SDT is full reserve. We can’t make sure that the
dollar reserve is safe or not or issue without real dollars. Sorry. Contrary, SDUSD is over
collateralizeed. It is backed by more than one dollar
worth of crypto locked into a smart contract. The risk of these two types of
stable coin is different. The risk is caused by individual
fallibility which is an inherent quality of human and cannot be
avoided. The risk of crypto- collateral crypto-collateralized
stable coin is by — of code which can be avoided by script
audit and verifyied by long-term operation operations. Anyone
who has NEO assert aasset asset can leverage them at smart asset
reserve. This locking collateral inside
the until it is covered by a an
equivalent amount of SDUSD. It is quote simple and
accomplished on the blockchain without authority to do so. It
only takes you three steps to finish generating. Step one,
you should send the traunch to Alchemint to create
your own account with your new address. Step two, you should
send another to NEO as collateral. Step 3, you receive
the amount of SDUSD from your is. AR, and in return your SAR
will return an equivalent amount of date locking you out of
access to the collateral until the outstanding debt is paid.
If you count feel it’s convenient, Alchemint made a one
click function that allows you to make all these steps in one
operation. You just decide the amount of NEO that you want to
send and the amount of disuse SDUSD. It is available on any
NEO wallet. On the first stage of
application of SDUSD, we were listing on cryptocurrency exchanges and it
will be more acceptable in the broad field with our continuous
work in the following years. When you want to retrieve your
NEO, you must pay down your debt first and a service fee that
accrues from the date over time. Step one, you should send SDUSD to SAR paying down
your debt or part of it. With the debt paying down you can
freely retrieve your NEO back to your wallet by sending us
transaction into Alchemint. Stability mechanism is designed
to achieve one goal, a token that is approaching the value of
$1 USD. Each is always back ed by over collateralized NEO
asset and there is always enough to cover the value and this is
guaranteed by Smart Contract and independent actors will inten
vise incentiveize. When NEO prize changes the date,
your SAR change changes. As it rises your SAR will be safer. There is a bottom line of liquid diagnoses ratio set at
115% of Alchemint so far. Any S AR under liquidation ratio is
considered too risky and can be liquidated by any SDUSD holders.
The holder can pay down your debt
and take your cor ponding amount corresponding NEO at a discount
ed price, so you will suffer a loss, thus you should always
keep your SAR safe. To summarize, original actors are
incentiveize to remove rest date from the system by paying it off
. Owners who find the date too risky we can see that SDUSD is total
decentralization. There is Notre additional bank and SDUSD
with U.S. dollars and no Goth governments can shut it down.
It lives entirely on the newest blockchains. It cannot be
controlled by a company or organizations. There is a transparent rule of
code. The most valuable part of the — I have to emfa size that
the exploration of decentralized economy is the most valuable
part. Our lives have been ruled by centralized operation for a
long long time in enterprise organization, games, banks,
securityies exchanges, media currency and everything else of
scale or centralized operation operation. It has been around and is so
pervasive, it’s hard to imagine there is any way it can
be organized. Blockchain technologies bring pos be the of
ability of createing a brand new form of economy. Distributed, encrypted, trust
less, border borderless, anticensorship. All these
features have never happened in the history of human
civilizations which deserves our high expectation about whether
it will make your life better or enhance our life. Just like to the human body,
there is a central intermediary by which everything can be
organizeed in a centralized way and it cannot be sub city
substituted the decentralized economy is still at it’s — one biggest problem is the shot
of qualifyied crypt to asset as , the crypto cryptocurrency is
too Naida CI All-in-One Solution generate to neat need of
centralized economy, and another problem is isolation of
cryptoasset in different public chains which mak makes the
liquidity more serious, but tokenization of real asset there
is irreversible trend and brings huge value to the blockchain as
collateral. The technology will be mature in
the following two years I think and there are many good teams
working op on it including us and fascinating progress like we remove the obstacle in
front of us. At that time it will review its great advantages
and become the central of decentralized economic. T at when we talk
about cryptocurrency or bitcoin, — laid the foundation for
cryptocurrencies we see today, but I want to argue that haikais
hey Haye k’s hypothetical currencies —
in this book he makes a case that private banks should
believe to issue tare their own currencyies createing a private
market for the control of these currencyies A bank. Banks will strive to manage the supply more
reasonably than governmentsed to. How to keep the stable of
our money instead of how to create usage of that. That
value is a precondition over all other qualities of wild widely
adopted currency. That is the key . Maybe the bitcoin in our last
ten years was just a prelude. It’s the first of decentralized
stable coin may be the chapter one of this great blockchain
revolution. That is my presentation. Thanks for your
presentation.>>Thank you very much. We now have a panel. >>Hello, everyone thank
you for sticking around. I think we are beginning to be
talking about STOs in this panel which I think is the last panel
of the day actually. Before I dive in, I will let the panel
introduce themselves. >>Angela Tong: I am the
CEO of Jinse finance. Jinse finance provides individual
interviews and news flash and quick mart cap and we also hold worldwide media events and in
this honor of this month I will we will host in Tokyo, so if
anyone wants to go there you can contact with me and for coin
time. That is the English version of Jinse finance, and
also we are launching Japanese version and Korean version in
April. Meaningish is not so good.
>>You are doing well so far.
>>Angela Tong: Thank you. I was staring at my thank you.
>>>>Waldemar Scherer: My name is
.>>Waldemar Scherer: I work
with the ecosystem growth department and also working on
work in regards to security tokens.
>>My name is Bryan at a company called republic. Thanks
to NEO capital rehave been able to exist. Nonaccredited tail
and not accredited invest to be investors to participate. >>Drey Ng: Hi I am Drey
Ng, and I am the chief product officer of liquefy.
>>Sound like we have a broad range of people and sound
like you might benefit from STO s, so I will apologize if I do
play devil’s advocate at any point. A lot of people are starting to
say they will fix all the problems of ICOs, which 80% had
issues involved with them and they haven’t launched products.
With them comes the regulatory side of things, which means
there is more hurdles to jump through and invest investment
opportunities would be taken a way from a lot of people that
would be able to invest in I STO s. What are the characteristics
of an S. The O that SS STOs that we need to pay
attention to. >>Waldemar Scherer: If we are
creating real securities backed by assets it’s not completely
new phenomenon. The ICO market aimed to gain access of who is a
credited investor in order to participate in basically what is
a crowd sale just using tokens. I think security tokens are lock
access at the same concept of accredited investors. We are
not talking about everybody who passes basic — but credit
credited investors but with securityies and through digital
ization we have access to dig talart and div vend and by
cutting out the middleman, we can ensure that small contracts
that are executed in this contract are done in a cheaper,
faster, and more transparent way. I think STO will revive
the ICO market is misunderstanding the concept of
what is a securit security token .
>>Thank you. Bryan, what are the benefits of
using blockchain when using STO token tokens.
>>Just to piggyback off from Tamar was saying. You are
just doing an ICO and following security’s laws. What
blockchain allows you to do is provide you a quicker path to
liquidity and allows you to fractionize and allows more
people to own things that are typically aliquid. Good
examples are real estate, pieces of art, things not easily tread
able, tread tradeable, but if you tokenize it. it and provide them to anybody
provided you follow the security ‘s laws and maybe in the future
when there is more exchanges and liquidity on them, there will be
enhanced path to secure based on unlimited amounts to access.
>>Interesting. I think it would be unargued to say that
we have to satisfy a lot of different jurisdictions. One
thing that I have spoken about with my Leeings is my colleagues is we look at
securityies through end of America. What are these other
challenges that we are facing with regulatory challenges or
compliance and can you bring a different perspective as well
her happens. >>Angela Tong: This is the
time I was staring at my phone. First of all promoting
regulatory compliance I think also this might be the challenge
that the whole blockchain space is facing, and also is.. The O.
should have a regulatory system that belongs to itself. in
China we just abandoned everything, but for now, like
China and other countries there is no regulation or everything
is like shut out, so even if there is a regulation like maybe
in America or in other countries for STO, it usually has to
comply with the existing securities regulatory system, so
in order to develop in a help healthy way, the government is
pushing legislation that assumes is.
assume STO and is.. The O should be more frien friendly to
individual investors.>>So you think perhapsing being
accredit id investors you think those should be changed so it
can be open to more people? >>I think it should be
more people but the knowledge of what is a security token and
they know what is a security supposeen will bring suppos a
security token will bring to them. >>Drey Ng: I degree
with what Angela said. Most can communities are yewsing existing
framework to govern existing securityies. In terms of
governing the new technology they ma bring in more risks to
those types of security. The hurdle for regulation is not
from the countryside but from the issuance side. There are
not many STOs so far and the reason being for that situation
to be happening is because it’s really hard for issuance
platform to govern afraiding govern because most people in
the U.S. think that S. The Os has been happening and if you
think about primary distribution and secondary trading, think
about the landscape and countries in Asia. You need to
obey or be client with all these countries. a good issuance
platform is important because it has to be able to connect with
different external legal council s to make sure that the second
dare training and primary distribution complete with the
laws. >>Say I’m baseed in the U.K.
and I want to buy a security token, Nash issueed one and whose responsibility is it
Tokyo ? P
>>The issue issuance types of regulations should be
in forms of — law. Depending oh wherein where you contribute, for
secondary training combining the buyer’s jurisdiction and the
issuers because the buyers get protected from their
jurisdiction. In terms of tokenization it will be both. .
>>Everything that you mention applyies to the U.S.
mart and same problems we are having. That’s what makes it
really complicated because regulation is the main obstacle
to prevent all these STOs from launching. As a U.S. company
you care about U.S. laws but you want to sell to Novembers
investor based in Asia and they want to trade with an investor
in Europe. It is technology supports all these things but
make what makes it hard is the laws and governments move kind
of slowly and calculated. That is the main Hurl that Hu hurdle
that we need to we face. Don’t have a solution. I
>>I think if he is saying the technology exists, I
assume it exists in blockchain. >>Waldemar Scherer: I
think something that was lightly touched upon here was there is a
problem with lack of information and youris Dix your jurisdiction
s moving slowly and I think there is a lot coming out. If
it’s other countries that are coming up with more STO friendly
regulations and the U.S. is waiting to see what would happen
as well is Germany, U.K., etc. We have createed a virtual
digital asset ashrine where alliance. We are talking to
liquidity providers and KML providers and to the issuance
platforms and we are understand ing different projects from
different reamings and different jurisdictions have a better
understanding of what is going on in terms of the local laws.
At the end of the day the tech is there, but if we are createi
ng a standard, everyone is focusing on the same one, two,
three, or four concept at the end of the day. How do we
translate this into code and into a technical standard, and I
think just bringing all of these people together and we have
already seen it, we have people from Europe, Asia, and talk
about what is happening in their region region, that is will help
us prove this forward. If forward.
>>With those regulations being put in place it creates a
precedent to follow for certain things is there a danger that
things like ICOs will be viewed as securityies and I have known
there are things in the dot-com boom and people were given
things for free —
>>I can talk from the United States perspective. I
would say the FCC has done a few actions as in seen subpoenaing
projects that have done it in a questionable manner. I don’t
know if they are trying to make a statement, but so far they
have only gone for projects that are complet completely like
Frank lent. fraudulent. They have gone after products that
have done good things. Tor fair there isn’t clear laws in the
United States yet, so I would not expect regulators to come
down hard on a blanket of projects but by coming down on
those that are obviously fraudulent. ICOs that happened
in the past, I would say in my opinion they would be gathered
in grandfathered in. I don’t think
it would be worth it to go back and press charges. They were
obviously malicious. Everyone is just testing out the
technology. In my perspective not everybody is malicious, so I
would give the benefit of the doubt and give those early
aCapitollers some freedom. >>That makes perfect sense.
Moving on from that, one thing that interests me is what role
the media has to play being a writer and reporter. We have a
lot of swing that in what we get to correspond. I am conscious to bick pick things
that are global. What role do you think you have in educations
people with STOs. . >>Angela Tong: In China we
can’t mention any STO at all and we can only report about how the
situation in here or other countries. We want to provide
knowledge about ICO and the if there is air crop drop of any
projects to ICO by ICC, so we can just help projects to
know about that in the U.S. We want to tell everybody people
and like decentralized these is like important features in
blockchain, so I still have the find a balanced way to
decentralized and the central ization, and we want to help
like our readers and our clients to know how to do S. The O in
maybe other countries because you know China.
>>Did you want to add something.
>>For the other eco sim players I believe much like
applicant republic and lick liquefy we would be happy
to work with the public public. People are still confused about
it, so I feel there is lot ot education to be done . I believe that in the future
everything should be or will be tokenized. So the sales have to
be well educated at the same time.
>>I think we are running a bit short on time now, but I
just wanted to one last question out to everyone if if you want
to take a few seconds to answer. STO seems like a complex topic
one geared towards transaction additional NSPCC traditional NSPCC tors.
investors. So say I don’t care and we don’t care how the banks
do their thing as long as our money is there. Who should be
the ones caring about STO, is it one t?
>>Waldemar Scherer: You have people who are always
interested in investment, work ing in the financial industry or
people always attracted to different types of investments,
yes yes, they should be interested and following and
checking out what is going on because that is kind of their
thing just athey have been following the stock exchange.
When you look at the blockchain technology coming together with
this, that’s another sub community and I think it’s
interesting from innovation perspective. Allow we How are
you using this technology to combine tech and finance. Yes,
everyone should be interested in that just like people are read
ing what’s going on with AI, and VR and not everyone is playing
or using these devices but it’s interesting as a topic. If you have been doing invest
investment and you follow the markets because that is your
thing and why not, then, yes, you should be following from an
education perspective and how you could participate in this in
the best way.>>Blockchain and to Ken
tokenizeing assets and because you are unable to unlock liquid
ity for things like games or maybe housing in a city very,
very far away from where you live. That is something that
you can do with STOs and tokenizeing access. The most
secure personal in the world they could trade on it today
because you are limited to NASDAQ b wu STOs you can c co
tennize everything. te colonize.
>>If everyone cares about this, it will bring us
more readers.>>Thank you so much for your
input. I It sounds like it will be complicated and
confusing and we all need to keep read reading and educates
ourselves on the topic. Put your hand together for the great
panel there. (applause) >>Since we are running
behind, we are going to leave the chairs here. I would like
to bring>>Alek Tan: To the stage. He
is the CEO of InnoDT. >>Alek Tan: Hack in
there guys while I talk to you about fraud, hacks and scams.
What you are seeing is things that happen in “Headline News”
where we read from coin time or coin telegraph. A lot of things
have two types of prongs. You have the customers at risk and
institutions that are at risk. As you can see some of these
labels customer examples can include what we have seen or all
the ICOs and then for institutions you have fake
identity occurring on their platform, look at exchanges,
fake accounts. Now, my theory is a lot of these KYC process
where you have to scan your passport, take a selfie, write a
name on it, put a date. You can use your relatives, you can use
your passport you bought on the dark net, so matter how much
analytics that you put behind it is that really true that you are
try tied to this address that you are white listing. That is
one of my theory. When looking at how much demand in this space
, you can see on the chart, we have a lot of ICOs that are just
blowing out of control and we seen in in 2018 as well and
there was a study with Deloitte. 1,000 reupon dents den 1,000
Respondents and 78% of these folks saying they feel like
blockchain it’s an advantage we can bring in but 39% is there is
not a lot of clarity or visibility for them to build a
business case and push this product forward to implement to
their company. We serve in term s of transaction studies, we
solve these characteristics. We provide the macroview, micro
view of transactions. You can see behaviors that go behind it,
transaction gaps, fill or failed . We can make transaction trail transaction
trail there is certain data that
happens behind these transaction s. Doesn’t matter about the IP
or the passport identification, it’s transaction digital
intelligent device. Where InnoD T we lock at ripe currency ex
changes and we try to push this community
forward. Traunchs are on a ledger that you can’t change or
manipulate. IDs maybe you can. One example is visual lie the
macro and micro transaction behaviors. You can see money
going in and out. From a macro perspective you can start to
bring in mapping capabilities and understand these
relationships between tall addresses.
The second piece is because you can look at it from
a macro perspective, you can have early detection. Look
loose like at one than that has been ineighty enactive
for a long time. In terms of these constant patterns you have
these digital identity that businesses would be interested
should there be activities activities, so we can start
groups this into user A, B, C, D . You can start applying these
type of studyies and molecule mod you’ll modules how you look
at history can dictate future habits. Another example is relationship
between two virtual. If you were curious, what is the most
direct path you were keeping this history going. If you want
to go user A to B to C to D. That’s the most obvious, but
what does all these other transactions mean? You don’t
know when you are using a blockchain explorer to
understand all the letters and how they move around, but at least component you have this
tool to visualize your traunch. Here is a second example.
Remember I was telling you about the K.YC portion in terms of
opening up a new account. You have an address your interacting
with your friend and you receive funds from it. As soon as you
want to take your fund to ex change like Bittrex. They would
have to identify the source of fund. Is this something that I
can accept. Are you part of a money laundering scheme or where
is this money from somewhere that was ran some ransom where
and this is where they can verify that your fund
are safe or not safe. Remember that whale wall address example.
They can be quiet for a long time and then all of the sudden
he is not watching his address anymore, but as soon as there is
activity you can have alert that says hey, there is something
going on as opposed to watching for a few hours. You can get
the instant alert right away. There is tools that we are
providing. When you look at this entire map of traunchs
which we have 10,000 NEO traunch s in this example. You can see
there is something going on here. We are going to give you
the tools so you can do your own stud does doe Dee studies and
understand. We have three different products here. One is
for the enterprise. the other one is for the consumers and we
have another education program that does a reputation scoring
system. My name is Alek and I am one of
the founders, and my buddy is a programmer. I handle a lot of
fundraising. This is my history back in the corporate world and
we have also for you guys to come and sign up for today to
try out our dab system it’s invitation code only, and here
you can contact us on our website. If you would like
please fill out the survey, and we would be happy to address any
questions you have. Thank you, everybody. Good luck.
(applause) >>We are now down to our
last speaker who unfortunately could not make it. Some issue
fire in a cockpit, he is okay, I am talking about Dr. Brad
Mattson. He has recorded a video for us that we will show
right now.>>Hello NEO community. Thank
you for sticking around for my presentation if you are still
there. I had plans to come to Seattle, but my plans fell
through due to circumstances which I couldn’t control, I am
sitting in my hotel room in Louisville, Kentucky right now.
I am a practicing radiologist and after work on Friday went to
the airport, and there was snow that was coming through the area
, and we got on the plane plane, and we waited on the Tarmac for
like an hour, and final finally the deicing truck showed up and
deviced the plane and as we taxi ed out to the runway, there was
a fire in the cockpit and we had to evacuate the airplane.
Normally in situations like that , I tried to keep my cool but I
have to say I was getting a little bit nervous when smoke
started to fill the cabin and what didn’t help is that I was
at the back of the airplane and we were evacuating through the
front door and there were people trying to grab their luggage out
of the over head compartment, and I was thinking to myself
don’t worry about your bags when the plane is about to explode,
but anyway everyone made it out safe and we went back to the
terminal and waited there are for about six hours, and all of
the flights that were going to Seattle were booked and the
earlier one I could have made it was on Sunday I would have made
it there about noontime on Sunday, and I would have six
hours and then had to turn around to go back because I have
patients SQLed for procedures on Monday at 8:00 a.m. I will
briefly update you on the project. It’s going well. We
have a team of four physicians. We have a PhD in biophysical
chemistry. We have a full developer team. We have a team
that’s helping with community, and I will admit that we haven’t
been keeping up with the telegram as well as we should
and that is somewhat intentional because we were trying to focus
on the product and not the community and we really don’t
like to release news to type anything. We are under the
impression that we have to get a solid working product out and
functional in severall hospitals and that the hype is just not
going to do us any good. We are trying to get a medical encly
encyclopedia out in several hospitals and we are starting
with the country of Georgia, and Georgia because spot spy coin is based in Georgia and we met these guys
back in September, and they introduced us to the health
ministry in Georgia, so the medical encly Kloe peed yeah is basically done
and now 80s matter of signing contracts with hospitals and the
only thing that we have left to complete is the authoring tool
that allow allows physicians to edit the existing articles and
guidelines and also create new guidelines. Aside from that, we
have been working on an electronic medical record and if
you don’t know what one is. It’s sored sort of like in any
hospital or clinic that you go into your information will be
documented in an electronic chart, and an electronic medical
record is the thing that stores this information. There are
hundreds of them. It’s always surprising to me that there
hasn’t been one market leader that has dom name. dom name.
dominated that particular market, but there is a lot of
politics involves. Every countries that their EMR and the
United States the leadingE MR is epic and probably second is —
so we are developing an EMR which we hope to integrate with
the medical sen cly Kloe peed yeah, integrated support built
into the EMR. The EMR was something we started working on
before we started working on the the medical encly Kloe peed yeah
because we knew it would be a much more challenging project it is a complicated process
building an EMR. Anyways the first country we are going to
use it is Georgia and then we will test the authoring tool and
the difficulty of translateing articles and guidelines into a
different language in Georgia because Georgia is not as big of
a country as other countries, then we hope to bring the
product to China, and that will also depend on the regulations
in China and we will have to hopefully participate with the
government, maybe we can launch the project a research project
in a few major hospitals in China first to get our foot in
the door and then later convert this into a commercial product
in China. The long-term goal is to get the
product into the quite. The United States. The United
States is if you are trying to have a profitable company in
medicine, it’s still better than any place in the world. To do
that we would need to create content which fits the
recommendations in the United States, so every country will
have their own recommendations. Some countries have different
diseases than others, they will have different treatments than
others and different treatments that insurance companies that
they will pay for in some countries and they won’t in
others, so it’s complicated. In every country you go to you need
to adjust your article article articles. That is the
complicate complicated part of this. If you remember our
project a year ago it was called Bub hr atlas. It would function
similar to a Wiki where people would create content and then be
reward rewarded in the form of token and by redeeming
continuing medical education credits, which doctors need to
keep their certification up-to-date, we were going to
receive our profit that way, and we will still do that, but in
addition to that, we have changed the model slightly and
we are going to start small subscription fees for use of the
medical encyclo encyclopeed media encyclopedia but not what
our competition would charge which
is $500. We will try to keep it lower than that. It’s been a
busy year. We visited nigh Nigeria Nigeria. Their place that
probably need a medical encyclo peed yeah. It’s more difficult
to bring the project there because they don’t have reliable
internet wherever you go. That is something that we are going
to continue to worken work on, but not bring it there just yet.
We are going to focus on Georgia . I traveled to Malta. I traveled
to Italy briefly, which was main ly to meet people interested in
investing in the project. I guess that’s about it. We
will try to keep the telegram community better updated on our
progress, but I want everybody to be assured that we are making
excellent progress, medical encyclopedia is basically done
and we have a few more contracts to sign with people that are
supplying the content otherwise I would release a demo URL for
you right now. Just wait about a month and we will post it on
the telegram and later on this year, we hope to have a basic
working EMR: Integrated the medical yeah yeah . — so again I’m sorry I
couldn’t make it. I hope you guys had a good time. Hope to
be there next year and the NEO health project is going well.
Talk to you later, bye. >>>You guys are going to
have clap louder than that for him to hear you in Kentucky.
Congratulations to bringing it to the end of the conference. I
would like to bring up Zhao Chen . He is the general manage of N
GD Shanghai. >>Zhao Chen: Thank you for
being with us for two days. Before we go and before I forget
something to mention. There are three projects doing air drop
and each participant with leave your badge at the registration
desk when you leave and instructions will follow. That
is all I want to say in terms of the air drop because I know scam
mers will use a lot of Twitter stuff. That is all I want to
say go to the desk when we finish. Coming to the closing I
think there is so much to say, so much I want to say. Sorry I
made a quick script. Let me practice. I am going to say
some names. You know English is not my native language. Vitor,
Ashley, Fabio, Tyler , Erik. Anthony, Ethan, Alex, Jason —
that’s the fester part. Okay, that’s only a very short
list of the names that I can find easily within our
communities who are dedicated and true belief believers and
contributing hours and days per month in one or two years to NEO
. That is a very short list, but it’s not all of of our
community developers. How many developers are still here? Can
I see your hands please? Thank you very much. Have you looked
into our GitHub? I think you guys are missing some very
important discussions. A thread is 570 something. Go back to check it out. Neo
one, NEO more than that , we look forward to seeing more
and more developer communities build up. Remember to follow Twitter. The
Twitter is NEO blockchain. The first
presentation I asked everyone to closure eyes. I will not you to
do the same. Right now I would like to ask you to open your guy
eyes and look at the faces around you who stayed here.
These are exact exactly the faces, the people, who are part
of our communities trying to build it up an build it even
stronger. Last night, it was a very late video. Some developer
s sent a very interesting developer love from Seattle to
Eric. I would like to mention that so some of the people can
have it echo. Last Lastly, I would like to extend our thanks
to all the hotel staff PSAV and all the working teams who make
this conference successful and make this happen, and thanks to
our Emcee Ted and Harry, thank you very much. Now I would like
to welcome the whole NEO team on to the stage and starting from
John and Peng, would you please? Following long Phi. Follow ? Longfei, — come on to the stage, let me
see you. (applause)
Charlene, Tamar, grace, Peter you have taking a
different route. Dennis, Sara, Lemone, finally Hongfei where
are you? (applause) I think probably Eastern think probably everyone has met
with the team, and I expect you already know what we are up to.
Hongfei do you have more word to share with us in.
>>Let’s do it in to 19. Let’s make NEO the best
blockchain in the world. (cheers and applause) >>Thank you, guys.
(cheers and applause) >>See you next year even
if I don’t know where it will b be.
>>Probably Europe.>>Maybe.
>>Maybe I don’t know. Thank you guys, thank you.
Thank you. (applause) Sorry, photo where is our lovely


    I wasn't able to attend but I watched the entire livestream of both days bc I love NEO! Can I get an airdrop from the projects too? #ContiNEO AGBdwPpaJQqKuqGvmhvmD8Wwhch7T4A7om

    NEO DevCon 2019 DAY 2 Live Streaming 2019/02/17

    14:29 Cryptoeconomics and Data Metrics for the Next Market Cycle – Nolan Bauerle, Director of Research,Coindesk
    39:20 NEL – bring NEO One Step Closer to Users – Liu Yongxin, Founder, NEL and NNS
    50:00 Perspectives on Cryptography, Consensus Mechanisms & High-Performance Computing for NEO 3.0 – Sergei Liubich, Anatoly Bogatyrev

    — Break —
    1:35:29 Secure Development in Cryptocurrencies – Fernando Díaz Toledano; Diego Jurado Pallarés
    1:49:08 Panel: User Experience and Security Enhancements of NEO Wallets – Merten; Lasky; Knight; DiCarlo
    2:11:15 Celer Network: Bring Internet-Scale Adoption to Every Blockchain – Dr. Junda Liu, Co-founder, Celer Network
    2:31:56 ONI – A Sharing Infrastructure & Platform – Fu Xiang, Senior System Engineer, Onchain

    — Break —
    4:06:58 Distributing Finance for Everyone – Fabio C.Canesin, Co-founder, CoZ and Nash
    4:22:16 RegTech for the Smart Economy – Stephen Hyduchak; Alex Guba
    4:36:28 The Moonlight Project and Its Future – Alan Fong, Co-Founder,

    4:53:33 Build & Publish Blockchain Game with BlaCat – Sean Chen, Founder, Blacat
    5:14:22 Panel: About Blockchain Game – Peterson; Deshpande; Rong; Chen; Rayman
    5:34:33 Guardian Circle – Mark Jeffrey, Co-Founder and CEO, Guardian Circle
    5:47:10 Owning Your Data – Jonathan Meiri -CEO and Founder, Barrel Protocol

    — Break —
    6:20:55 Embrace the New Economy – Joe Zhou, Co-founder, Jarvis+
    6:38:00 Designing a Blockchain-based File Storage System for NEO – Eric Wang, Co-founder, Archon
    6:49:55 Stable Coin, an Infrastructure of Blockchain – Chris Qi, CTO, Alchemint
    7:17:10 Panel:What You Should Know about STO – Beedham; Myint; Salant; Ng; Tong

    7:41:17 How Regtech Prevents Cybercrime with Enhanced Visibility – Alek Tan, CEO, InnoDT Inc.
    7:52:27 NEO Health Medical Encyclopedia – Dr. Brad Mattson, Founder, NEO Health

    For more info, please visit:

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