Need content ideas fast? – Content Marketing Strategies

Need content ideas fast? – Content Marketing Strategies

My dear old Dad, as brilliant as he was,
had a strange mantra. I ain’t got the slightest idea. Dad, why does dark matter
go invisible when you look at it. I ain’t got the slightest idea. Dad, what time is
it? I ain’t got the slightest idea. For a nuclear physicist he was often rather
clueless now even though the pure exaggeration of it was kind of funny it
was still a little frustrating for us kids far more frustrating is when you
strain for a topic to write about and you ain’t got the slightest idea
actually for a long time I thought I’d inherited that gene in a moment the
method for finding topics that works flawlessly every single time and why
nobody wants to use it every day we’re bombarded with thousands of messages and
millions of sensory impressions all designed to keep us locked in our little
emotional and perceptual prisons so what we write or make a video about is always
in danger of being equally confined how could it be otherwise when our thinking
is prescribed by the herd hi i’m steve washer and this is the five-minute
authority where people become more of who they already are and that’s why we
need to talk about templates templates are so popular today and it’s also why
we see very little worthwhile content anymore haven’t we all had enough of
five tips to dominate YouTube or seven tips to dominate Russia or three tips to
dominate your spouse and it’s what inevitably happens when we take an idea
and try to you know squeeze it into a certain format whether it fits or not
I’ve done it I’ve created template scripts for people to use on YouTube
I’ve still got one as an easter egg in the first 20 seconds ebook I did it
because I wanted to help people get started
but if someone isn’t careful in adapting it a template can also make the original
problem worse like taxing everybody into poverty in
the name of prosperity I guess templates are okay as a way to
get yourself moving but they’re just a stopgap measure
and for so many reasons the only way to win with any kind of content marketing
is by adopting a long term strategy but there’s that whole prison thinking thing
so let’s just put one toe in the water what if we dared to think for ourselves
what sort of messages would that produce I can tell you that even if your content
was similar to someone else’s that wouldn’t come out looking or sounding
like theirs because on video everything that is unique about you suddenly is
just as important as the content itself and we even have a word for that
authenticity no let’s put one more little toe in the water when you think
about what your business is based on and I mean really think about it you’ll come
up with just a few animating ideas those are way better than templates these are
ideas all your content will spin around okay let’s put a whole foot in there oh
now they can be anything you think is important the the place I get my haircut
creates the atmosphere of getting ready for a Madonna concert they often have
Madonna music playing and Madonna pictures on the walls and many of the
stylists and very theatrical cuts and colors so if they ever decided to do
content marketing at least one of their themes would jump out at them pretty
quickly they wouldn’t need any templates okay let’s dive in now the content
carousel which is the way that one feeds and grows an audience over time is
designed to work with the animating ideas of a business and finding those
ideas simply requires thinking back toward them from the end result let’s
take one quick example say you do financial planning for couples who want
to retire well you do portfolio balancing asset allocation tax planning
annuity is insurance your three animating ideas could be something like
couples who communicate win the financial race against their single
counterparts tiny changes at the right time can have outsized results your
physical health is the key to living long and making your nest egg less the
rest of your life now topics from these three animating ideas could be as varied
as should you do couples counseling or should you
maintain separate bank accounts or what to do to care for a spouse in failing
health or even charitable giving us gift giving at Christmas these simple ideas
can spin off more than a hundred videos that your market would find completely
captivating this also frees you from the tyranny of templates or should I say the
tyranny of feeling lost and compelled to use templates when people see your ideas
presented over time in a way that’s original to you they can be confident
that if they choose to work with you than what they see is what they’ll get
it may even surprise you a bit when they start calling out of the blue and asking
how they kind of work with you and that is exactly how the content carousel is
designed to work it demonstrates the who what how why of everything you do –
everyone can use it it can absorb a template just fine but it loves
broadcasting who you really are I found this to be true in every
business I work with when they get this one idea they suddenly go from confusion
to confidence just like that topics are no longer the problem now it’s just
about getting them out there but that’s a topic for another day find the
animating ideas in your business pull your topics out of them and then you’ll
never again have to you have to say I ain’t got the slightest idea i’m steve
washer a son of robert see you next time on the 5 minute authority


    Great video Steve. Love the "tyranny of templates" angle. I'm finding that the more videos I do, the more I'm getting comfortable in my skin and associated with that comes the will and confidence to share more of the authentic and vulnerable me. Thanks for your unique and authentic expression!

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