NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – October 23rd, 2019 | NBC Nightly News

NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – October 23rd, 2019 | NBC Nightly News


    Now Caucasian’s know what it feels like for your children to be killed by police while not a threat….Tamar Rice (12) shot less than 2 seconds of police arriving on the scene. Ayana Jones (6) shot in the head when police raided the wrong home…officer blames grandmother for causing him to shoot little girl, even though he did not follow protocol. The chicken has come home to roost.

    What happened at the Capitol was a disgrace. And anyone who doesn't worship Trump is scum according to him. So much for being everyone's president. That cop is another murderer. Trump gravel at Putin's feet asking what Russia wants next.

    The Walk of Shame.This is a good shot at each one these Spineless little boys that were voted into office by each State.This is a disgraceful stunt' any Republican can be in that room.They all choose not to be in that room instead they stand beside this Criminal Donald Trump.

    Every single one of those thug republicans needs to be arrested and jailed for obstruction of justice. Their carnival barker nonsense is an embarrassment to our nation.

    Any chance I can get paid leave for even just a week while I care for my partner after he gets a vasectomy? He'll need a caregiver for a shorter time and cause less issues than a kid, just sayin.

    These so called congressman should learn their own rules and laws..I guess when it's not in your favor laws and rules dont matter.

    Linching supported by our congress, law enforcement and all the people who swear over our constitution to protect us.

    How many young men need to die to call the attention? All of them?

    They run away, because they fear for their lives.

    Do they have reasons to fear the police? You tell me.

    [email protected] VERBALMILITIA !!!

    URL The Legal Definition CONSTITUTOR, He who promised by a simple pact to pay the debt of another; and this is always a principal obligation.

    https://legal-dictionary.thefreedictionary.com/Constitutor https://thelawdictionary.org/constitutor/

    Does this look like ‘The Law’ /which is not law in Legalese or a Vatican /British Monarchy /Federal Agent Freemason One-Sided Open-Ended Debt Contract Scam on you that you run on your offspring for fun for The Legal Fiction of Government ‘to Shall /Shall Not exist’, at all?

    [email protected] VERBALMILITIA !!!​

    URL The Treaty of Peace /Paris 1763-1783 … of the Holy Roman Empire … signed by Fed Freemason Handler Ben Franklin / British Monarchy BAR Qui Tam Attorneys John Jay /John Adams ! https://www.ourdocuments.gov/doc.php?flash=false&doc=6&page=transcript

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    URL List of Constitutions and go have a look at The Vatican 100% Contractual Debt Slave One World Order, One World Military and One World Religion /your Government as God Cult and like all scams, it's man made and a what, not a who. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_national_constitutions

    [email protected] VERBALMILITIA !!!

    We got completely scammed in 1763-1776-1781-1783.

    URL: Shall Not means Shall in Legalese !


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    URL Legal Definition AUTHORITY

    In contracts. The lawful (Legal /Contractual, written in Shall Not means Shall in Legalese to scam you, the opposite of law full, deceitful, dishonest, not law full, unjustly only awful Holy Pedophile Contractual World Nazi Policy, full of no law at all so it’s all anti-law, all around planet earth. -marc27) delegation of power by one person to another. In the English law relating to public administration, an authority is a body having jurisdiction in certain matters of a public nature. In governmental law. Legal power; a right to command or to act; the right and power of public officers to require obedience to their orders lawfully issued in the scope of their public duties. Authority to execute a deed must be given by deed. Com. Dig. “Attorney,” C, 5; 4 Term, 313; 7 Term, 207; 1 Holt, 141; Blood v. Goodrich, 9 Wend. (N. Y.) 68, 75, 24 Am. Dec. 121; Banorgee v. Hovey, 5 Mass. 11, 4 Am. Dec. 17; Cooper v. Rankin, 5 Bin. (Pa.) 613. https://thelawdictionary.org/authority/

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    Politicians write contractual Policy. If that Legal Definition of AUTHORITY were a Contract and it's not, that law would have to be 'Law' for Contractual Policy /Statutory Law /not the English word 'law' that has no Legal Authority at all. The difference between reality and Legality.

    URL 1st Contractual Liberty for the English word law that has no Legal Authority at all and A1 S8 C15 for Contractual Policy /Statutory Law only you create. Take your real power back ! I tell Holy Pedophile Policy Enforcers that even Murder is not 'against the law' on the streets and they ask me if they are free to go now and all I need is my knowledge and words to do it.

    Even Murder is a Contractual Policy Violation, not ‘against the law’ that cannot exist, because it’s The British Monarchy Common ‘Law’ not law Legal System, which can never be common law, which are English words, not Contractual Policy Legal Terms, that have no Contractual /Legal Authority at all, in Court, in Contracts anywhere else. The Common ‘Law’ Legal System is under The Roman Civil /Canon ‘Law’, 'Worldwide', already, which can never be ‘the law’ at all, which can never exist, because it’s impossible and if you don’t know that Contractual Policy writing Politicians cannot write law or even Statutory ‘Laws’, that you, individually Contractually create for the Artificial Person /Federal Corporation you have, (or belong to, if it’s not just you, that cannot be owned, just like anything or any thing else in reality), out of Contractual Policy the instant you put ‘your’ Legal Name Signature on any Legal Document /Vatican Federal Debt Slave Contract as a contracted Constitutor. -marc27

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    This entire The Scam is merely an English word for Contractual Policy Legal Term bait and switch con job for the World Wide Vatican One Sided Open Ended written in Shall Not means Shall in Legalese Legal Fictional Constitutional Debt Contract Scam. You like only believing you have rights so you got conned into signing Contracts for Contractual Liberties for something that does not exist cannot and has not ever existed and if they were honest, it would be spelled 'writes' not 'rights'. The Bill of Rights cannot mean The Bill of rights in Legalese, because English words, like rights, own and law, can have No Contractual Legal Authority at all. You like only believing you can own things that cannot be owned, so you got Contractual Ownership, which is you, not even able to have things now that cannot be owned, that you can only be in Legal or Illegal Possession of since you Purchased /not bought things with ‘not your money’ /Fictional World Vatican Debt as a Contracted mad men made Mark of the Beast Constitutor.

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    Voluntary Contractual Liberty is The Scam world wide already.

    Everything is a lie and a scam of, by and for The Scam.

    Our Words are Weapons,

    Our Ammo, the Truth.

    VM /VM Army


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    1. (in ancient ‘like 1783 isn’t -marc27’ Roman and biblical times) a collector of taxes. –

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    Here total truther fails who can only cry about ‘The Jews’ for The Vatican World Wide Constitutional Debt Contract Scam by design because of The Post 911 Fed Psy Op that was The Total Truther Fail Movement and still is, of, by and for The Scam, of course:

    Israel's Constitution of 1958 with Amendments through 2013


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    Open and Honest Legal-English-Ease, by marc27, a free slave, not a freed Slave. In Contracts? i reality. -marc douglas, of the house of vogt, my family name


    F*^@ that cop ok, But when was the last time any of us heard our mother or society, in general, say " When a police officer calls out "Stop Police" or better yet just drivers up on you and engages. Whoever taught you to run!!!

    when a white person dies it make NBC Nightly News, but if they were anything other than white it would barely make local news

    Why is it that the police always say oh I thought he was reaching for a GUN 🤔 of he had too shoot why not just shoot in the leg…

    There is a good case against Google and YouTube for bribery of federal government officials in the discharge of their duties. They also have an ongoing arrangements with civil authority as well as law enforcement personnel. Trump using the presidency to favor select American businesses. Many of these bribes are in the form of service for favors. Google has also made gifts to municipality. Judges and prosecution can be witnessed receiving these bribes.

    The process is fair, if they had nothing to worry about they would also agree, they broke there own rules. They had no right to be in that room.

    I think EVERYONE should get 1 year of paid leave, broken up however they see fit, for WHATEVER THEY WANT. New parents can use it to stay home with their kids, and everyone else can use it for whatever lifestyle choices THEY make. Why should new parents get paid to stay home for a choice they made when no one else does?

    The wheels of justice turn slowly but eventually filthy bong weasels from Kenya are ground up into a fine po0py mush and poured into a prison cell.

    Paid Leave is good however companies have to be profitable to survive. A lot of companies can't afford healthcare and everything else. Individuals should consider this as well.

    dont expect any riots or looting from white people over the white 16 year old shot…dont expect any black people to care about it either

    You should know how much you matter to the American companies. Your so valuable to them. hit 56 your fired, get sick too long your fired, work under 32 hours no insurance. You don't matter your meat. you fill a slot.

    The kid shouldn't have ran from the cops. If you resist and/or run away, you pay the price…… plain and simple. Follow and obey the law, and you'll be fine……. plain and simple.

    All I can say is one thing. God made me one way. Or my Creator made me one way. Anybody that wants to change, your appearance or enhance a part of their body. You have no that's a risk that's not normal. You don't add silicone or anything that is foreign to your body without a price to pay

    You ppl should learn from HK. HK riotoer got shot while charging riot police with metal bar, HKers took the street and it was a international news, fron Japan/Korean to Europe to America, every channel was playing that clip again and again, NYT make a special investigation video about it, etc, etc. But this kid running away from office? I think no one will remember after tomorrow.

    History will not be kind to trump and House Republicans who stormed the secure room. The RULES were made by Republicans in 2015

    The United states need to worry more about china than russia..They have alot more..(dub L talk ..never eard a word …closely they are all monitored…Trump Trumps the world!!!!!

    I know it seems too obvious to mention, but there are as many Republicans as Democrats who have the right to be present at those SCIF hearings. Including several of those who marched.

    The sand can't be too blood stained. Considering trump's sorry ars has American lives protecting oil fields. Protecting the rich Saudis. Heaven forbid they fight their own battles. trump and his republican terrorist army must pay for their greed and actions. trains planes and automobiles.

    Exactly, what does shifty Schiff have to hide? So sad, dems trying so hard to get Trump impeached because they know Trump is going to be reelected!

    A wall is less important than paid leave for our children. We are now a third world country thanks to Trump's peeling back all our protections, allowing foreign countries in to drill, letting an American steel company go out of business while allowing a Russian oligarch to start a steel mill in Kentucky. MOSCOW MITCH, go back to your homeland, mother Russia.

    October is Breast Awareness Month. And I'm all for saving the breasts. These implants are totally unnecessary ladies. I have never seen a breast I didn't like. Well, except for that one time the old man across the street took his shirt off while mowing his lawn.

    Trump is beginning to be a joke with his foreign affairs, including pulling out of Syria. Since his move, the news has first reported our troops are going to Iraq. Now those staying behind are going to protect the Syrian oil fields. He didn't do anything, he back pedaled again. He doesn't have the b*lls to follow through and antagonize his GOP Congress. But remember our news media pedaled the story of Hussein committing atrocities and having weapons of mass destruction. Hussein was convicted and found guilty of 125 murders.

    Tv brainwashed everyone, god put you in this world and you were taught racism by you’re tel lie vision….this world is run by Satan, G2G power of god yt channel. Go look him up and seek truth…Jesus is coming

    timeline Adam Schiff "The President has a list of allies to keep witnesses from testifying." In other words condoning obstruction. @2:40

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