This is how I use to film my YouTube videos,
up until I hit 50,000 subscribers, with my Logitech C920 Webcam, which I love and I still
use. And my computer, a stack of books and QuickTime
to record right onto my desktop. It was so easy and if you know me, you know
I like efficiency. And you know that I like to keep things lean
and simple and just straight to the point, because I don’t like messing with tech all
that much. However, as my channel has grown and as I’ve
grown as a YouTuber, as a creator, I realize, you know what? I think it’s time that I invest in some new
equipment. So obviously you might’ve seen Peter in this
video because Peter is Videographer, so we have two different setups. I have this set up now in my home office and
this is all of my equipment that I use to create YouTube videos. So I wanted to walk you through my set up,
my equipment and we’re going to do a special giveaway in this video. So I’m actually going to give away the new
camera that I’m using and the value of it is $1,700 US and it’s the bundle with the
lens and everything. So I’m going to give you details on how to
enter that contest at the end of this video. But before we get into all of the deets and
all of the equipment and everything, which this has been a highly requested video for
a long time. So if you’re pumped about this and you’re
excited to see my equipment, the behind the scenes, give this video a like, subscribe,
hit the bell to be notified every single time I post a new video and let’s dive into this. Okay, so first things first is this little
guy is so cute, and this is my vlogging camera. So whenever I’m doing things out and about
or filming myself, I’m generally using this vlogging camera. So this is the RX100 and it’s Sony. So our equipment, we’re Sony crew I guess,
because we have a lot of Sony equipment. And then this is the GorillaPod from Joby,
which I love because you can make it work with, really, wherever you’re filming, it’s
super flexible, all those other things. I know there’s a bunch of things out there,
but this is what I use and because I’m not the most techie person on the planet, I don’t
like to fiddle with things and I don’t like having to learn new equipment. So I’ve had this for a long time and I love
it. So it’s awesome. So this is my vlogging camera, which gets
used the least I would say, because most of the time we’re filming in this setting in
my house, in some way, shape or form. And what Peter is filming with behind the
scenes right now is the A6500 from Sony. And then the camera that I have in my office
is the A6600 with an 18-135 lens. Now how the hell, heck, hell, whatever, you
don’t care. How the hell did I learn all of this? Well one, thank you Peter, because he educated
me on a lot of the equipment, but also I just watched YouTubers and I watched a lot of reviews
on equipment that other YouTubers that I really liked were using. And also YouTubers where I really like their
aesthetic and what it looked like. So that’s how I came up with my game plan
of the equipment that I needed to get. And I want to also say this, you don’t need
to get anything. As I mentioned, I filmed all the videos when
I was getting started on my computer, stack of books and Logitech C920 Webcam until 50,000
subscribers and it worked just fine. It’s so much more about the value of your
content than it is about the production value, but at a certain point treat yourself. So now the setup looks like this. So we have the Rode VideoMic Pro Plus, which
is awesome because as you can tell I’ve got some hair on me and it often rubs on the mic,
on the lav, which lav mic is what’s right here and it goes under my shirt and then clips
up here. I think I might of just hit it. So I often will have my hair covering that
mic and it’s a little bit rustling and annoying. So to save myself from having to deal with
that, especially when I’m filming myself, we got this mic because the sound is epic. It’s really easy to use. As soon as you turn on the camera, this turns
on. So we use this, this is just a generic boom
stand, so that’s how we have it standing up here. And then we have the ring light and all of
this will be linked in the description below, so you know exactly what equipment we’ve purchased. And then like I said, we have the A6600 camera
that I’m using and I got a little HD monitor for it. And also, I forgot to mention on here, on
this camera, we have these little fluffy things, what people often ask me about, and it’s basically
to muffle any wind. So they’re kind of like tiny little wind socks
for the mic that’s in this camera. And the mic in this camera is actually pretty
darn good for just a vlogging camera. So that’s the setup and then the tripod I’ve
had forever and honestly you can pretty much get any tripod and it’ll work just fine. And we’ll put a couple of options for tripods
below this video. But like I said, whatever works to get your
content out there, that’s what you want to focus on. So you don’t need to have the fanciest equipment
in the world. You don’t need to have the fanciest set up. For me, the big reason that we wanted to set
something up in my office is because we do a lot of batch filming, as I’m sure you’ve
noticed, and it’s what I highly recommend because it really helps me stay consistent. Because I do run my business, we’ve got a
lot of things going on and if I wasn’t batching my content, meaning filming a bunch of videos
at once, I just wouldn’t get them done. So I batch a lot of content, but part of our
strategy also is, when videos take off and they do super well, we want to double down
and capitalize on those content topics. So then I want to be able to film on the fly
and I also get inspired to create content a lot. So I wanted to have a setup in my office,
in my house where I could just film on the fly. And I made this video, and it was the number
one secret I learned from a billionaire, and it was all about staying lean. And that’s why I still film in my house. I still film in my bedroom sometimes, because
I just have never had a real desire to grow from here, as far as the aesthetic or look
of my office, I really love working from home. Maybe that will change some day, but I wanted
to make it as easy as possible for me to create content from where I’m at, which is my home. So that’s my studio set up in here and how
we create more content and how I’m able to create content on the fly and how we have
now, a mixture of all these different pieces. So here’s the exciting part. Because of all the growth, because I love
you so much, I wanted to do a special contest and giveaway associated with this video. So we are giving away, like I said, the A6600
bundle. So you’re going to get the lens and everything. And so I’m going to link below to what we’re
giving away. But in order to enter, listen carefully people,
first, you need to like this video. Second, you need to be subscribed to my channel. So if you’re a new viewer here, welcome, make
sure you subscribe, hit the bell to be notified every single time I post a new video. So like, subscribe, hit the bell and make
sure that your privacy settings for your subscription to my channel is public. It has to be set to public in order to have
a valid entry to the contest. And the next thing is, I want you to leave
a comment and answer this question. If you could wave a magic wand and in 12 months
have the dream YouTube channel and make the impact that you want to make, what does that
look like for you? What kind of content are you making? What kind of equipment do you have? What kind of impact are you making? What kind of feedback are you getting? I want to know what your vision is for your
YouTube channel. So answer that in the comments below. And that’s the third step to entering. So again, in order to enter the contest to
win this prize, which is valued at $1700 US, I’m in Canada, that’s why I have to say that,
make sure that you like this video, subscribe to my channel, hit the bell to be notified
every single time I post a new video and turn on your settings for your subscription to
be public, and we’ll put a link below to show you exactly how to do that, and leave a comment
with what you envision and what you want to achieve with your YouTube channel in the next
year. And we’re going to go through all of them
and we’re going to pick a winner. And I will let you know what the exact end
date for this content contest is, in the title of this video. So you’ll see the end date and you’ll know
exactly when you need to enter by, in the title of this video and in the description
of this video and we’ll let you know when it’s closed as well. So get those entries in, share this video
out, tag me on Instagram. If you enjoyed this and you want to share
it out, please do. And the more views we get, the more reach
we get, the more people can start their YouTube channels successfully. So your shares mean a lot and I love seeing
them on Instagram. And I love seeing your shares just across
social platforms, it seriously means the world and you help keep me going. And you’re a big reason why I’m still making
content. It’s crazy to me that I’ve been doing this
for so long and I know there’s people out there who have been doing it for longer, but
it’s pretty wild to know that I’ve made a video a week consistently for almost five
years now. A few weeks off, but mostly doing it consistently
and now two videos a week. And I just am so, so grateful for your attention,
for your time, the fact that you watch these. So this is my little way of saying I love
you so freaking much, I’m so freaking grateful. So I’m excited to see your entries, I’m excited
to read your comments and I’m so excited to pick the winner. And yeah, thank you guys for being here. If you want more info on YouTube and how to
grow your channel and all that good stuff, make sure you check out these videos next
and be sure to subscribe. I’ll see you in the next video. Bye.

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