And welcome back. A few weeks have passed. We are back in Germany and I have continued working on my cave or my gaming room, streaming room, my place to hide, whatever we are gonna call it. I don’t have a name for it yet. But yeah, I’ve continued working on so I thought why not give you guys a little room tour. It is not completely finished yet. But let’s check it out anyway. And that’s it ! That is my cave at the moment and I’m actually super happy with how it turned out. And that I actually didn’t have to spend lots of money and lots of time into this project. So, what did I actually do? The very first thing I did was to just move this drum set from that corner to that corner. Basically in front of the black wall, which I think looks pretty dope because the drum set is black. The wall is black and then I used my old cymbals. My leftover cymbals, bought some rope, tied some knots and just put them on the wall. And then I found this old Heinz ketchup tin in the kitchen. Nailed it onto the wall and now it functions as my drumstick holder. Yay Next I just bought this 2 meter long wooden board, which I think was meant to be a kitchen countertop, but I’m now using it as my desk and it’s big enough to fit two 27 inch monitors, my huge tower and all the other stuff. if you’ve seen my last video, you know what I did next. I cut these old wooden boards into pieces, bought some stones and now it’s functioning as a low board in my retro corner. And I bought these… thingies here from Ikea. So I have lots of storage, lots and lots of storage. And I think the last thing I did was buying this gaming chair. I think, I hink it’s game chair or something. Found it on eBay, and I thought would just be more comfortable to play the Super Nintendo on a comfortable chair instead of sitting on the floor. By the way, I made a Twitch account to livestream. That’s my name there so for anyone who’s interested. You find me on Twitch with this name EevieX. Because Eevie wasn’t free. Damn it. Anyway. Thank you guys for watching. I’m gonna chill out here and enjoy my weekend. Thanks for watching, see you in the next video!


    Hab gehört du wanderst nach finnland aus .Viel spaß ! Bin selber oft in Travemünde viel spaß und grüß die finnlines von mir.

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