My All-Time Favorite White Hat SEO Technique (59% More Organic Traffic)

My All-Time Favorite White Hat SEO Technique (59% More Organic Traffic)

– A few months ago I get
this email out of the blue. The email said, “Hey Brian, “When read your skyscraper technique post “a couple months ago, I was intrigued. “I had recently taken over SEO at our blog “that was receiving very
little organic traffic. “After many hours spent
creating, promoting “and manually link building,
this happened on Monday. “That’s us at number one.” I’m Brian Dean, the founder of Banklinko, and in this video I’m gonna show you exactly how Emil got his site to the number one spot
in Google step by step. (upbeat music) When I first launched
my blog, I knew that I was entering
the insanely competitive online marketing space. I was a one-man show banging
out articles from my apartment. And I was competing against
huge marketing teams from sites like Forbes, Search
Engine Land, and And I knew that to have a
chance against these mega brands I need to do something crazy to stand out. That’s when I decided to
use a white hat SEO strategy called the skyscraper technique. And this single strategy
increased my new site’s organic search engine traffic by 110.9% in 14 days. One day one of my blog readers,
Emil Shour, saw my results and decided to give the
skyscraper technique a shot. And it quickly boosted
his site’s traffic by 59%. And today, because Emil’s
site ranks number one for his target keyword, his piece of content brings in over 10 thousand page views
per month like clockwork. Now that I’ve showed you how well the skyscraper technique works, it’s time for me to walk you through the step by step process. Step number one. Find content that already
ranks for your target keyword. Step two. Create something even better. Step three. Promote your content. So your first step is to find content that’s already ranking
for your target keyword. Because Emil’s business sells
healthy snacks for offices, he realized that a keyword
like “wellness program ideas” is something that his
target customers search for. So he googled “employee
wellness program ideas”, “wellness programs” and
“corporate wellness programs” to get a sense of what
was already out there. And he noticed that the content that was ranking on Google’s first page had the same flaws. For example, four out
of the top 10 results for “employee wellness ideas” were PDFs. Needless to say, most
people rather read content in a blog post than in a PDF. Emil also noticed that the
list of wellness program ideas lacked important details. In fact, most were literally
just lists of ideas without any information
on how to execute them. Emil also saw that the
content on the first page lacked multimedia, like images, videos, charts and screenshots. According to a study by Skyword, content with at least one image gets an average of 94%
more social media views than content without an image. That’s why it’s so important
to use images in your content. Last but not least, but Emil noticed that the content on the
first page was boring. Obviously, employee wellness programs isn’t as interesting as
something like cute cats. But that doesn’t mean that
your content has to be boring like this. As I’ll show you in a
minute, Emil worked hard to make sure that his content
was fun and interesting. But first, it’s time for me to show you step number two of the
skyscraper technique, which is to create something better than the content you just found. Despite what you may have
heard about white hat SEO, first page rankings have nothing to do with keeping your site updated
with fresh quality content. Really. Instead, your ability to rank in Google depends on two things. Thing one. Create something that
deserves to rank number one. Thing two. Promote that content. Seriously, that’s it. Question is: how do you create content that
deserves to be number one? Let me answer that by
showing you exactly how Emil executed step number two of
the skyscraper technique. First, Emil listed more program
ideas that any other guide. Most of the content that Emil found listed about 10 wellness program ideas. But Emil knew that there’re way more than just 10 wellness
program ideas out there. So he set out to list
a whopping 120 ideas. Unfortunately, Emil realized
that listing out 120 ideas was easier said than done. So Emil asked his team to
get employee wellness experts to contribute ideas to the post. And many of these experts
were more than happy to lend a hand. Emil also reached out to
bloggers in the wellness space, and they hooked Emil up
with some amazing ideas that he could use in his content. And as you’ll see in a minute, these expert contributions
generated lots of shares and traffic to Emil’s post. Next Emil added multimedia to his content. Like I mentioned earlier,
most of the articles ranking on page one had zero images. And Emil knew that publishing
a post with lots of multimedia would be a huge competitive advantage. That’s why he included a
ton of high quality images and helpful videos. Finally, Emil made sure
his content was fun, upbeat and interesting. Because the truth about
content marketing is this. Whether you write about life
insurance or life hacking, your content simply can’t be boring. Emil knew this and that’s why he made sure his content was fun and compelling. And once he edited his
post, Emil hit Publish, and his content was live. The end result – 121 Employee
Wellness Program Ideas For Your Office. Now that Emil’s post was live, it was time to sit back, relax and let the back links roll in, right? Wrong. Like you, Emil realized that
hitting the Publish button was just the beginning. For your content to stand out today you need to actively promote it. Which leads us to step number three of the skyscraper technique process which is to promote your content. Yes, publishing great
content is important. And that’s why Emil spent so much time on a single post. But unless you promote your content, it’s gonna get lost in
the sea of blog posts, YouTube videos, Facebook posts and emails that come out every day. With that, here’re the
four promotional strategies that Emil used to get the word out about his new piece of content. First, Emil reached out to influencers to let them know about his post before he even published it. I call this pre-outreach. Specifically, Emil found blogs that wrote about workplace wellness and sent them a heads up
about his upcoming post. When the bloggers said,
“Sure, send it over,” Emil sent them a heads up. This pre-outreach led to
dozens of social shares but also a nice contextual back link. Next Emil used something
called the content roadshow. Here’s how it works. First, Emil used Google to find blogs that wrote about employee
wellness, human resources and other related topics. And when he found a high
quality piece of content around one of those topics,
he emailed the author. This technique also led to
a high quality back link. Once he was done emailing bloggers, Emil reached out to brands
that he mentioned in his posts. For example, Emil mentioned
authority nutrition in his content. So he sent them a message to let them know that they were featured. And as you can see here, these brands were more than
happy to share Emil’s post with their audience. Finally, Emil hit up the
experts that contributed ideas to his post. Remember when I told you that Emil asked a bunch of
workplace wellness experts to contribute an idea. Here’s an example. Well, when the post went live,
Emil let the experts know that he used their idea in his post. Not only were the experts happy to share Emil’s
content in social media, but one of them even
linked to Emil’s post. There you have it, the three step process that led to a first page ranking and a 59% boost in organic traffic. Did you get something
valuable from today’s video? If so, make sure to subscribe
to my YouTube channel right now. That way you won’t miss out
on any actionable videos like this one. Now I want to turn it over to you. What do you think about
the skyscraper technique? Or maybe you have a
question about the process. Either way leave a quick
comment below right now. – [Voiceover] Alright. – More? Okay. Now it’s good? Bla-bla-bla. I gotta like sit back, relax. Did I say, I can’t, sounds weird. Okay, alright. Gas water.


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    Dean: blah blah.
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