Most Hilarious Advertising Placement Fails

factors presents most hilarious advertising placement fails number one the giant carrot and the woman it isn’t uncommon for there to be two billboards side-by-side for different companies the placement of these billboards is unfortunate though on a lab – the carrots and it looks like it’s going into the woman’s bum on the right they could have at least switched sides you know to make it a bit more appropriate number two Burger King and heart disease most people know that eating too much fast food can result in heart disease this being said who thought it would be a good idea for Burger King to put up a billboard right next to the heart disease death statistics there’s a good chance the Burger King execs did not appreciate this advertisement placement number three black and unwanted gun show this advertisement placement is more shocking than it is funny on the left is a billboard advertising a gun show with the picture of a gun facing the billboard on the right the billboard on the right is the picture of a baby with the words black and unwanted on top Oh sadly the gun is pointing right at the baby do the people who put up billboards not take a step back afterwards to check their work to make sure it looks okay number four dirty panties this may not be the best place to place an ad for a pair of women’s white panties the ad is right on the bus near the wheel clearly it was a rainy day and the mud got all over those white panties which makes them look not so white like maybe she pooped her pants this picture is not as fabulous as the ad reads number five airline blunder this is a very unfortunate placement for an airline ad and the executives they should have known better it’s important that marketers and advertising firms photograph planes so that they look stable in the air well this advertisement for Turkish Airlines missed the mark completely on that one rather than making the plane go up the escalator it’s going down the escalator making it look like the plane is crashing not the best advertisement for an airline number six the soccer players you know what it might take just a second for you to see the problem in this particular advertisement because it’s so busy now if you look at the door handle in the back seat you’re going to see that the placement is a bit vulgar did nobody see this when they put the photo on the car number seven poor Yanni CD placement there is more to proper advertising than just getting a billboard or a sign right product placement is also important the person who owns this music store clearly did not understand that on the top is a photo of Yanni on his CD on the bottom it’s a half-naked woman showing some underboob look when you look at those two together it looks like Yanni’s body how unfortunate for him number 8 tire boobs speaking of boobs this person who created a full-size ad for Danielle Smith’s Wild Rose who is Danielle Smith likely had good intentions unfortunately when the advertisement was placed nobody seemed to notice that the bus tires are in the same place the woman’s boobs would be number 9 where’s daddy spearmint gentlemen’s club unfortunately these two billboards were not placed directly next to each other but just being close to each other it still makes it funny on the left is a billboard for the Spearmint Rhino gentlemen’s club on the right is a billboard that reads where’s daddy just makes you think that daddy is at the Spearmint Rhino number 10 the walking dead near a funeral home this walking dead ad would not be funny if it weren’t for where it’s been placed right around the corner for the ad is a funeral home I gives the term Walking Dead a whole new meaning number 11 shell hell this photo isn’t of a poorly placed advertisement it is actually a sign where after some type of accident the word shell became the word hell obviously not very good for the company’s reputation number 12 hilarious oversight when the Starbucks banned door is closed it reads Starbucks with the logo to the right when the door slides open it covers most of the word and all that’s left is the word sucks yeah whoever rap to this truck really needs to be fired number 13 Nike just jump here’s another example of poor advertisement placement at the bottom is an ad out of Japan for linkie and it reads just do it on top is a danger sign to keep people from jumping into a tunnel basically the sign is telling you that jumping is dangerous but you should just do it number 14 the tour and billboard it’s not uncommon for billboard companies to cover up old billboards with new ones and when they do this they should make sure that the new billboard doesn’t rip this particular billboard ripped right at the woman’s private area as you can see it’s a face of a cat pussy cat you you get the drift number 15 the torn billboard – here’s another torn billboard and it tore in the funniest place underneath is an advertisement for the movie The Shining and you can see Jack Nicholson’s face superimposed on the face of a blonde haired woman you know come to think of it that would be a scary film – number 16 come closer really whoever thought that this would be a good sign to put on the back wall of a train station did not know what they were doing when people are waiting for the train to come this is all that they see if there’s anybody on the platform who is considering jumping this sign could be the cause of it number 17 obesity and McDonald’s these two billboards do not go well together just about any two billboards would work in this area now the top Billboard is an ad for childhood will be city on the bottom is an ad from McDonald’s which can contribute to childhood obesity I the irony number 18 cancer and cigarettes here’s yet another example of poor and irresponsible ad placement on the top is an ad about fighting cancer on the bottom is an ad for cigarettes which of course is a leading cause of cancer number 19 travel ban these two advertisements are completely unrelated however when you put them together they seem like an advertisement for the travel ban one billboard reads born in the Philippines proud American the second billboard is for the film straw dogs with the slogan don’t let them in just a coincidence but considering what America is going through right now it is a crazy coincidence number 20 we see you pee this billboard is located in India and it looks normal if someone stops in front of the billboard to pee that’s a different story a little girl and the mother in the photo appear to be staring at the guy who is peeing creepy number 21 very poor ad placement of the most hilarious advertising placement fails this has got to be the best one this school system had very good intentions when they put stop smoking ads on their school buses my problem is the placement of the advertisement in conjunction with the sign letting people know that it was a school bus the ad tells people to quit school very bad very bad especially for a school 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