Microsoft Holiday Ad 2019 – Holiday Magic: Lucy & the Reindeer

Microsoft Holiday Ad 2019 – Holiday Magic: Lucy & the Reindeer

Computer Translation: We will prepare for next week’s order. We ordered 10,000 units. Mom: That sounds good. Dad: Pretty cool, huh? They’re speaking to Mom in Japanese, and Mom hears them in English. Mom: Absolutely, we can put a plan in place. [Dog barks] Lucy: Can you understand me? [Reindeer grunts] Computer Translation: Yes, I can understand you. Lucy: Okay. I have a lot of questions. How do you guys fly? What does Santa do in the summer? What’s his sleigh made out of? It seems pretty heavy. Is Mrs. Claus a good cook? Do you guys get presents? Can you roller skate or ice skate?


    cool .. possibly enable autism – neurotypical language pack ?

    – untapped potential ( so to speak ) autistic persons appears significant, and I suppose tis possibly because misunderstandings effected by the phenomenon of "reading between the lines" neurotypical persons ( 'naturally' perform )
    and, the 'overl-y precise' speech oft associated with autistic persons in my opinion.

    Potentially 'autistic – neurotypical language pack beneficial with regards navigating confusions I think.

    Hey i want to let you know i tried to download windows 10 on my windows 8 from your website and when it got to restart it said that my computer was damaged by a virus and everytime i try and boot it up it shows bsod so please fix that and now im sad because i dont have a computer!!!!😭😭

    Microsoft PC Is Trash Itself Came To Live, skipt that shit, WIn10 virtual keyborad cannot type from time to time (or not even able to click open it or make it go away (you must turn off your pc and restart again), Microsoft PC Is Trash Itself Came To Live.

    It's Christmas, not "holiday" that's why American ads will never be as good as British ads which actually say the word Christmas

    They’ve probably been trying to find Santa Claus cause they got lost and they bump into this kid, and they’re like “ah shit were gonna be here for a while”

    I remember when you guys made your first phone I bet you can't make a mobile computer that costs only as much as a pair of shoes because you're not crazy like Amazon who always end up getting our packages stolen, man I guess 1$ isn't enough for you guys

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