Meet the new Google Drive

Meet the new Google Drive

Meet the new Google Drive. It lets you
have all your files within reach from any smartphone, tablet, or computer
and now it’s faster and easier to use. First, you’ll notice a
single button called “new” which is where you go to add
something to Drive or create something new in Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, or any other Drive-compatible apps. You may also notice Drive is now faster
and a single click lets you see file details and recent
activity. To open, just double click the item. After adding
more and more files to Drive you’re going to want to organize and
share them so we made that easier, too. Now, you can use the same commands you use on your computer to select multiple files and then use the
menu or right-click to take group actions or simply click and drag to move the files
and folders all at once. In the mobile app, you’ll see a list of
items in your Drive and you can change views to see
thumbnail previews of your files. From this screen it’s easy to search for
files or add something from your device to
Drive like photos and videos. And, on Android, you can even add other
files like music and downloads. Click the file info button to enable
offline access, see recent file activity, and move or print your file. This is also
where you can invite others to files or folders as well as set what types of access they
have. These are just some of the ways we are
making Google Drive faster and easier to use and we’re just getting started. Give it a
try from any device at


    I really like the new design Google, but unfortunately you are still too big and too hungry for data. Therefore I'm using your services as little as possible, even though they are excellent, handy and easy to use.

    I love the updated one. I like the old one too. I thought the old one was good, but the new one was even better. But what I love is that they give you a choice. If you don't like the new drive, then you can go into settings where it says, "leave the new drive" that will take you back to the old version of the Google drive. 

    It would be great if support for the old drive was more forthcoming. migrating from old mac to new mac results in an error for which I and many others can find no documented solution. I now face the prospect of 18gb sync over dodgy Thai internet connections… Thanks

    New google drive looks awesome! 🙂 Now, being the picky person I am I really love to organize by extension type (Doc, Sheet, PP), and then by name.  I'm thinking about just making a bunch of folders for each type of file (then sorting alphabetically), but this seems like it should be part of the built-in sort functionality.

    Google drive GUI is not good, but this is much worse on a standard PC with a mouse and keyboard available.

    whenever i click new and then click document it takes me to a new tab and opens some random advertisement.. i cant open anything to work on.. 🙁 help?

    i see you have soccer photos and vacation photos on your Drive!
    They better be backed up!
    Hey everyone 
    Google deleted my drive 
    I posted a discussion about it 
    Here is what the admins in the comments said 

    "Google Drive's stengths lie in its standalone office suite (GDocs), collaboration, file sharing and sync'ing across many devices, but not in backup" —DAS1951 

    "If one does understand what safe backup should be one would immediately see why Google Drive is not suitable" —DAS1951 

    "Google Drive was never designed or intended to be a file back-up service." -Colby Custerston 

    "That applies to everything, not just GDrive files." —DAS1951 
    (context: he was talking about backing up GDrive files since they aren't safe) 

    "Even Google Docs files should be downloaded into their desktop equivalents, " –DAS1951

    lacks connection with youtube, is there a way to embed yt links directly inside drive folders? without using presentation, that would be perfect

    It is hard to double click the icon if you are using tablet instead of mouse. I hate the new web version of google drive interface.

    My school switched from flash drives to Google Drive last year, and we have really enjoyed it. No more forgetting your flash drive at home, just sign in to your Google account!

    google drive 2way sync. google drive will create the same file with (1) at the end as it is not sure which one is needed. Please google this is very important. 
    1. Find the one with the bigger size and same name and replace the old file
    2. if not sure google drive on desktop should be able to give you the option to decide between the two files
    3. if a file/folder is the same size and has the same date then there is no need to make two copies, either skip or replace

    To bring back the old Google Drive, sign the petition here:

    Why does an advanced company like google insist on drowning out the commentary with that awful music. Is there any way to filter out the unwanted music on these kinds of videos?

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    I searched on facebook,, linkedin, and then I gave up decided YouTube as a point of contact. Working in youth development and the arts for my entire career has led me to lots of personal fulfillment but an empty bank account (more or less). Thank you team google for providing such an array of services to me for free. Gmail and Google Drive have helped me in way more ways than I can list here, but I sincerely want to offer my gratitude for it all and in hopes that it will forever be accessible. Thank you 🙂 – Let Your Clients, Customers and Coworkers Upload & Download Files Directly From Your Website With Google Drive.

    It could be nice to translate this video in some other languages, to give this quick overview to foreign not speaking English users.
    We could be available for Italian and Romanian.

    Genial aplicación … útil simple sofisticada etc .. gracias por prestar este servicio que sirve para tanto

    You people are so technical. You really need a madman around to shake things up in a dimly lit semi-basement office. Near the furnace? Hahah.

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