Maple Leaf Cake Mixup | 22 Minutes

Maple Leaf Cake Mixup | 22 Minutes

The Maple Leaf Cake, by Jacob Bertrand. I remember well the winter of 2020. All of the other kids wore the red, white,
and blue sweater of the Montreal Canadiens, the best hockey team in the world. But not me! I wore the sweater of the Toronto Maple Leafs! The worst hockey team in the world. One day my mother said, “It is your birthday
next week. Tell me what kind of cake you want, and I
will get it for you at Loblaws.” So she wrote a letter to Galen Weston:
“Dear Monsieur Weston, I am writing for my son Jacob who is eight years old. He would like a cake of the maple leaf.” One week later, we went to Loblaws and I had
the greatest disappointment of my life. Instead of the blue and white cake of the
Toronto Maple Leafs, Monsieur Weston had made a cake in the blue, red, and cold cut colours
of Maple Leaf Foods. Who the hell does that!? What kind of a sociopath are you Monsieur
Weston? If it wasn’t bad enough being a Toronto Maple
Leafs fan already, now I am known as the Ham Cake Boy. My mother cut into the cake and gave me a
piece. I bit into the warm, meaty cake. What the hell? Who makes a meat cake with real meat? I threw up all over my Toronto Maple Leafs
sweater. Just then, we got a tweet from Maple Leaf
Foods! They promised to fly me to Toronto to watch
a Maple Leafs game and get some free ham. No thank you I tweeted back. I’m a vegan Penguins fan now. The end.


    The true beauty of the Maple Leaf cake is that it means at no point during the process of ordering, processing, baking and decorating did a single person go "Hey, maybe this eight-year-old meant his favourite hockey team and not the meat packing company".

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