Make Mobile Work For You – Introduction For Advertising On Mobile

Make Mobile Work For You –  Introduction For Advertising On Mobile

Hi there. These days people spend more
time looking at their smartphones than they do their computers. Mobile devices
allow people to stay constantly connected, and are helping them become smarter
and savvier shoppers. Smart businesses are catching on and putting more effort into
reaching these potential customers through mobile advertising. In this video, we’ll
talk about the benefits of mobile- specific marketing, and its many
opportunities. We’ll also cover a few things you should consider when taking
this approach to advertising. Advertising to users on mobile devices can help you
achieve a lot of different things. For example, mobile advertising can help you
get more phone calls and inquiries or drive more people into your shop or
website. You can also get more people to download your mobile app, but here’s where it
gets really interesting. Mobile advertising gives you a lot of unique
opportunities to connect with people while they’re using their mobiles. For
instance, you can target potential customers based on their location or
offer them useful tools like click-to-call ads. Your business’
approach to mobile advertising would depend a lot on your specific audience
and your overall business goals, but let’s look at a few places where you can
target your mobile audience. First, your website can show up in search results
and you can also run ads that appear when people search for key terms related
to your business or industry. Say you’re a plumber, and you want to target
homeowners who might need your services. Your search ads might appear when people
search terms like “plumbers near me” or “kitchen sink clogged”. Try to focus on
shorter keywords and phrases mobile users might search. Remember, many people are all
thumbs when it comes to typing on their phone. They’re not searching in the same
way they do on a computer. They’re much less likely to search for
detailed long phrases. You can also use display ads to target people who are
browsing mobile sites. The ads can appear in text, image, or video form on these
websites. Since mobile ads are naturally small, they should present a strong,
concise message with a clear call to action. You can even advertise to people
while they’re using mobile apps. For example, if you wanted people in your
local area to know about your plumbing services, you could post ads inside apps
like Yelp or Which where customers leave reviews. Now while there are many
opportunities within mobile advertising, there are also a few important things
you should consider before investing money. Running brilliant ads is only half
the battle. It’s equally important to have a
mobile-friendly website or your impressive ads on Google or Facebook
could still fall flat, because your mobile ads will send people to a site
that hasn’t been optimized for their device, leaving them with a less than
stellar customer experience. Also remember, that not all mobile devices are
the same, so another useful trick is customizing ads. That way they’ll work
well across a variety of screens. One way to do this is to use short, clear
text in your ads. You can also use what are called ad extensions. These are
special features that will help you call people, or get directions to your shop’s
address. These features will automatically resize themselves to best
fit any device. So that’s mobile advertising. Just remember that these days people are
using their mobiles more than ever, so it’s important to think about how you
can reach them while they’re using those devices. You can advertise on search
results, other websites’ social networks or even
within apps. To get the most out of your ads, you’ll want to have a well-considered
overall approach to marketing on mobile devices. If you stick with us, we’ll cover
the world of mobile advertising in much more detail.

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