Learn SEO Tutorial: How Google Finds, Analyzes, and Ranks Content

Learn SEO Tutorial: How Google Finds, Analyzes, and Ranks Content

(calming synthesizer music) – I find the best way to explain how search engines rank content is using the library metaphor. After all, Google is just a giant library. Let’s pretend for a moment
you work in a library. You have a ton of books
in a pile in front of you and you need to figure
out where in the library these books need to be stored. This is a great way to think
about how Google finds, analyzes, and ranks content. Your first step is to
find all of these books. This is crawling. If a book isn’t in the stack to begin with or you can’t see it, you won’t
be able to put it on a shelf. That’s the discovery stage. In the sense of a website, do
you have a piece of content and can the search engines access it? The second step is to
categorize the books. This is indexing. The books in your library
cover all sorts of topics: fiction, nonfiction, science,
history, and technology. How do you sort them? This is where you assess the
relevance of a book to a topic by looking at the title,
flipping through some pages, seeing who the author is
and whether they’re known for writing around certain topics. Search engine bots index content on a website in a similar way. They crawl the content and say, what are the contents of this webpage? What do they mean? Then they bucket them
into some sort of topic and start to create some semantic
associations between them. Your third step is figuring
out which books to feature. What should go on your bestseller shelf? Which book should you make
easier to find than others? This is ranking. The way you determine which books are most easily discoverable
for visitors to your library is mostly based on whether the book comes from credible sources.


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