kwon jung rok & oh yoon seo ✗ I’ll be there for you [touch your heart]

kwon jung rok & oh yoon seo ✗ I’ll be there for you [touch your heart]

Thank you for saying that you believe in me. Also, if there comes a time… when you feel like you’re alone in this world… and that there’s no one to take your side again, I’ll be there for you. I’m worried. Just as much as you worry about me… and console me, I wish… to do so for you too.


    مخططاتي2019 : معدل عالي في تخصصي 3،70، احول للخمس تخصصات، اتعلم انقلش في الإجازه الكبيره 4 أشهر، احول طب،، شخصيتي أقوى اشوف نفسي بعد 5 سنوات (2025)

    The way KJR looks at OYS gets me every time💕💞 you chose all my favorite scenes and made it into such a perfect video. Beautifully rendered 💖

    Perfect! And so beautiful. I know we read that these 2 are "just acting and only good friends" … but the way they look at each other makes me hope they have romantic feelings in real life 🙂

    They make a legendary Couple….Watching them again in Touch Your Heart is like A dream come true….Love them….

    I really love your work. The best videos ever. REALLY GOOD JOB
    Could you please edit the drama Less than evil Woo Tae Seok and Eun Sun Jae. Thanks.
    Everyone comment if you agree.

    كوبلهم كللش داخل قلبي😭💜💜

    والمسلسل يجنن وخفيف وممتع🌸كملته بثلاث ايام بلا ما احس من حلاوته😢❤

    Don wok hansom and yo in na so sweet i hope get merrid amin god more taouch my heart.. Komedi and romantis.. Hahaahhha i fans lee don and yo in na.. I hope wedding and merrid amin… 2019

    For the ones who wants to know the song,its 'love someone' cover by Leroy Sanchez,the original artist is Lukas Graham…thnk me later✌🏼✌🏼😊❤

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