Just Another Nice Guy – Official Trailer – Now Streaming!

Just Another Nice Guy – Official Trailer – Now Streaming!

Amy, I really like you. Me too. I just had to tell you, I like you. More than a friend. Oh… Did she just say, “Oh”? I’m gonna be sick. A lot of us out there know what it’s like
to be in this position. And we all hope that
it will go something like this: I like you. I feel the same way! Let’s hug tenderly. Was that too much to ask? I’m guessing last night didn’t go well? I messed up. I thought she had feelings,
but she didn’t see me that way. She hates you. Hate’s a feeling. I just feel… used. Or you just feel unwanted
and you’re taking it out on her. Do you want to talk about it? There’s nothing left to talk about.
It’s over. It’s done. I just wish I knew why. Partner! Nice guys finish drunk. Whoa! And then I realize
there was no hope for nice. Never has– Are you in the middle of one
of your internal monologues? Yes. Thanks for interrupting.



    NICE GUYS FINISH LAST THAT'S WHY I TREAT YOU LIKE TRASH.. It's not what I really wanna do…
    BUT (let's make a lyric chain. Let's see how far this gets lol)

    first time commenting on youtube since youtube is a thing and i wanna say i am looking forward to this cause something similar happened to me recently from the trailer, can't wait 🙂

    I'm sorry man I just can't take you seriously xD
    Also credited as just YellowPaco when everyone else has real names

    omfg i love wongfu. the production value is always on point. It makes me want to really get into film making for the South Asian community. Thanks for all the years of awesome content.

    really love motoki…[email protected] fu, please feature motoki often. oh! and ryan higga and detrix, they are my fav youtubers. oh wait! why are my favourite youtubers asians #wondering. ah well! i guess asians are great

    HOW did you get the actress Krista Marie Yu on your videos ? she is a pretty big star ??? wow are you guys popular in Asia ? and you really should have your own SHOW ? have you gone to the producers in Asia to try and get onto TV ? I would totally watch you and I am white ? ha and I LOVE your videos So well done looks like a real TV Show guys GO FOR IT ! YOU CAN DO IT ! LOL

    Wow Wong Fu, great job on making another vapid, souless, inhumane piece of film excrement to splatter all over our collective eyes. When are you going to understand how humans actually speak? I mean, I know you guys must be distant aliens to write dialog THIS bad, but did the science department do absolutely ZERO research before you guys filmed the fucking thing? The saddest part of this whole debacle that you call a channel is that you guys are on the cusp of great filmmaking and a Asian filmmaking movement. But you guys have withered off into obscurity and background chatter because you consistently fail to make content that engages and challenges viewers. It is incredibly easy to tell that the company as a whole has a very narrow view of the world and landscape of it's own industry, and unless you guys want to survive, even thrive perhaps, you NEED to change. Stop making another bullshit romantic comedy about unrequited love. It's boring, and it's killing your alien asses. "OH, WE'RE PROVING ASIANS CAN BE FILMMAKERS!!!!" No, the Japanese, Chinese, and plethora of South East Asians have proven that Asians can be filmmakers, you're just trying to win a dick measuring contest in LA. Anyways, I've rambled on a lot to a bunch of extra terrestrials long enough, I'm ready to submit to my new overlords and receive my daily ass-fucking for science. It'd be better than watching this garbage!

    If telling someone you like them even what will be their reaction about it you have to accept it all of your heart because we cannot teach them to like us back.

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