This is just superb, been searching for "nrl wealth creation strategies" for a while now, and I think this has helped. You ever tried – Xiyannah Lansaiah Theorem – (do a search on google ) ? Ive heard some extraordinary things about it and my m8 got excellent results with it.

    The market and trading will be dead when Elizabeth Warren and the socialists want to take all of your capital gains money.

    He said don’t dollar cost average, but then explained the process of dollar cost averaging for “wealth building”. Did I miss something? Doesn’t make sense to me

    Greetings from Vietnam. This dummy learned something today that I wish I knew in 1985. Thanks for this video. 👍😎

    Jesus is the way to become rich………..
    He said ,"Trust me and all of your needs shall be met."
    Mathew 16
    …25 For whoever wants to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for My sake will find it.
    26 What will it profit a man if he gains the whole world, yet forfeits his soul? Or what can a man give in exchange for his soul?
    27 For the Son of Man will come in His Father’s glory with His angels,
    and then He will repay each one according to what he has done.…

    My investment strategy for a lifetime. I buy VTSAX, because otherwise your mutual fund alternative is: For a diversified portfolio you'd have active managers, out there, betting against each other, which by definition make up the averages, and you're paying them BOTH to do so.
    How about this… get the return of the average, and pay neither guy.

    For anyone interested in investing books, I do investing book summaries on the channel! Check it out if you want a solid base of knowledge before starting.

    Thank god most people in the comments think real estate is a better investment. Less competition among the buyers for equites shares.
    (And for some reason… they don't think rental properties are businesses that need to be managed. They seem to think it's a hands off investment. …AND there is NO risk in leveraging the properties.)

    What if I just buy say 50 Fav dividend stocks out of the S&P Make my own index and just live off a higher dividend yield?

    Real estate is a money maker you must buy in the right location, buy a house that needs work meaning a discount .

    It's awesome that explained about the lowest cost index funds in a 401k. The problem is, a lot of companies partner with terrible 401k providers. We looked at my wifes 401k choices and they were absolutely abysmal. there wasn't a single mutual fund on there with a price of less than 0.6%

    Here I am thinking to myself “this guy reminds me of John Goodman”, then he goes and brings up John Goodman around 18:45

    Everyone knows that index funds are solid investments, the problem is, that most people don't have the capital required to "Create wealth" by investing. Most people can barely pay their bills, let alone invest $1,000,000 into the stock market (Which is the minimum you'd need to make a good income by investing…even though Warren Buffet says the minimum amount is much higher)

    I wish he mentioned that in 401k account you can usually choose the self directed option. With self directed, you can buy whatever fund and stock you want.

    Moderator: Your in a room of above average intelligent people
    JL Collins: Perhaps, but not in investing

    love his inherent sharpness!

    He is right on several fronts, and so wrong on several fronts. To not invest in real estate properly is a big mistake. If you are in the Bay Area, then consider coming to this event. https://www.meetup.com/Bay-Area-Multifamily-Moguls/events/259973107/

    Index funds are not the only way to make money. A balance of index funds and building real estate portfolio is also important.

    man this guy is grossly overweight. All that money and he can't be bothered to look after the one body he was given. That being said, he talks a lot of sense

    But how could this work in a country who used the communist?(1989 it got eliminated). We still have peers who try to avoid stocks, we still have the communist mentality. How could this work?

    Buy a house..a little below your means..get a 15 year mortgage…try to pay off sooner…if not in 15 years you own the house outright…no rent payments..taxes may go up slightly but will always be much less than rent payments..annnnddd…whatever that house is worth at any given time…usually goes higher over time…you now have an asset worth that amount!
    Rent payments will leave you with receipts.

    100% In stocks is too risky. A target retirement fund has stocks and bonds according to your age. 401k up to the match point..then max out your Roth,,then pay down mortgage..holding some cash is always good. Then you can buy on dips.

    I have the vanguard retirement date index fund through my job. I also have the Swtsx index fund that I fund myself at home on Schwab

    I interviewed JL Collins recently and he has more to say about individual stocks, index fund investing, and what he is investing in today at https://youtu.be/Omj5eo4RCro

    You know how awesome Google is as an employer? They invite a guest who explains to their employees how they can say F-you to their employer and lets the host talk about how she's trying to earn that F-you money. Absolutely amazing.

    I’m thinking anyone that does not live under a rock has seen
    the television ads for Fisher Investments, fronted by its founder,
    sixty-eight-year-old, Ken Fisher, I can think of only one reason for doing
    business with this investment organization, it has been cleverly pointed out in
    its commercials as a profit advantage, and that is, “look ma, no gray hairs”…

    Consumers Reports wrote several articles about investing, 20 years ago. Everything he is saying is the same that CR stated. I followed what CR said and I have gained a good amount of money.

    Owning a home sounds good and often feels good. However, most of us have little or no idea how RISKY it is, and especially when debt becomes involved. E.g., a typical 30-year mortgage-loan covers about 5 to 7 economic cycles. That practically guarantees that at least one of the top 10 adversities of life will happen and you could lose everything, even if you were paying your loan well for 10 to 20 years. Best way is to save firstly towards what you want and then to buy for cash.

    My one disappointment is observing how overweight and prematurely aged Jim is. Wealth becomes of little value if we fail to invest in our health, our nutrition, and general good daily habits.

    I met mr.collins a few weeks ago and did not knew who he is but what a pleasant and kind person with a big heart which is important because fellings are contagious and thank. You mr.collins from all of us at Luna rossa

    Uncle Jim! I love your book on Audible!! I just rolled over my 401k into VTSAX and VBTLX today! 80/20 mix I feel is right for me at this time. So happy to simplify and accelerate my path to financial freedom! Thanks for sharing your wisdom with us!

    I do have a weak spot for rock bottom low or no fee direct stock purchase plans and DRIPs in select blue chips to buy and hold forever, but for retirement accounts I'm all indexed.

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    I avoided investing for years because I followed some simple advice I heard on npr after the crash of 08 and it was, "if you don't understand it, don't put your money in it". Needless to say I'm investing again thanks to this guy.

    Just my .02. Buy a duplex as your first place and rent out one half to pay the mortgage. After that you can rent both sides out and use the rent money to pay your rent or mortgage where you move to next.

    This woman didn't introduce herself and the guest at all in the opening. She sounded very disappointed for me with no experience at all. BUT THE GUEST is really down earth talking………………..STF…………….

    Concentration builds wealth, diversification preserves it. If you're young, leverage your unique knowledge about your industry and take a shot. Those that worked in tech in the 90s, doubled up on Intel, Microsoft, Amazon. They retired early. Once you've hit 2x 5x 10x, then diversify into index funds.

    With the inverted yield curve indicator and the huge bubble we re sitting on.. the market correction is way overdue. Looking like spring of 2020 after the election to me. Trade deal imminent with China will carry everything till then, and also lock in Trump for the win in 2020.. Will drop everything into FAANG investment.. Just my thoughts.. we’ll see

    None of this is new or original it's just a re-hash of Jack Bogle and Charley Ellis's work. If you want to read a book read Ellis's 'Winning the loser game' or Bogle's 'Little book on common sense investing'

    I get annoyed when financial people say you need to have a certain return on a certain amount of money to have a good retirement. You can't spend the $1,000,000 when you're dead and if you took out $40,000 a year, that would last you around 20 years, after taxes. Also, you'll be getting social security, which can range from $15,000 to $40,000 a year. There's nothing wrong with leaving money to your kids, but that's your choice.
    I know people in their 60's who have over a million dollars and still have anxiety about having enough money. It's ridiculous.

    If any government deserves money from inheritances the soundest & safest investment should only be to the divinely controlled 2020 government of THE KINGDOM OF GOD. At least the whole world would benefit from Gods love, and those responsible for distributing it would be able to sleep soundly at night knowing it would never be used to harm or hurt anybody, it would be the most righteousness thing to do. Even The Lord God I'm sure would look favorably on the founders of his Kingdom of God on earth. A very sound and divine investment for all concerned.
    AS A GIFT l it will allow so much MORE. Thank you & bless you. www.thealmightyfatherGod.com

    sound symbolism:

    -slimete rotet i en fysisk opplevelse
    -optimalt er en ren symbolsk merkelapp
    -perfekt (ferdig, komplett feilfritt) er en ren symbolsk konstruksjon en abstrakt merkelapp for noe eksellent

    JL Collins is inspiring me so much. I actually created my own channel called:
    Marcia Roial-Craciun -you come check it out and I will always follow back.

    Thank you so much JL Collins for everything and God bless you for what you do.

    Houses and children are not "investments" they are ways of life. No one can defend owning houses or having children because of lifestyle. Same with owning a dog. Anyone who owns a dog is an idiot, financially, but they love the dog. It's all about lifestyle and love, not money.

    Investment is owning my own business. Stocks, bonds, cash, gold, are just currency speculation as the currency supply is expanded using debt as money. It's all just a debt bubble that will pop causing immense suffering. Investment means I control and know my return. Sadly few control stocks, bonds, rentals, or their life. Get a good education OR own your own business. Currency expands by 7% driving stocks, bonds, gold, real estate UP 7% a year and driving the value of the currency saved DOWN 7% a year. That's the big simple picture. Live cheap, save it up.

    Much thanks Mr. Collins for the indexing and homeowning lifestyle advice. I will follow your advice and relay your advice to others.

    To answer that last question…look up ENRON. The answer is so obvious. You don't want to hold just Google stock. That is a recipe for disaster. It's ridiculous.

    You should checkout his version of a scene from 'The Gambler' whereby he plays John Goodman's character:

    It's regarding obtaining F.U money.

    If renting were cheaper than owning, nobody would rent out their properties. It is by definition more expensive, otherwise there'd be no profit for the landlord, straight-up. It's that simple. The cost of your roof / fridge / etc. is all included in that equation. You're paying all of that PLUS profit, so why would you do that

    Listening to JL Collins is like laying on a bed of huge fluffy pillows. So relaxing, you take in all his great wisdom while in a relaxed state of mind. This was an excellent talk !

    Probably great advice for SJ's and SP's personality types, this guy is an ISTP, he's 100% about security. This struck me most on his comments about holding Google stock or not. He's probably spent a lifetime watching people use their gut to make it rich and he considers it more lottery than skill. NJ's and NF's and NT's see patterns that sensors don't. When you've matured your intuition, gut, and knowledge your risks pay greater. Seems like he has sound advice for people wanting the simple path he's talking about. But if you consider yourself an intuitive trust your instincts, they pay dividends.

    Nice, Good info but. Where the heck can you buy Vanguard products in Canada. Ive checked everywhere and no where are they available.

    I disagree that home ownership is a bad investment. Home ownership is where America's wealth is stored. However, it is important to think about resale value and what the market would want re: home as investment. Perfect advice otherwise.

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