Jeff Probst Credits Kids and Streaming with Survivor’s 20-Year Survival

-Talk about “Winners at War.” Who are the —
What is this season? This is all the past champs.
-Yeah, past winners. And it’s — if you’re —
Here’s the thing. The reason “Survivor”
is still working is so many kids
are into this show now. I meet 9-year-olds who say,
“I started watching a year ago. And I’m fully caught up.” ‘Cause now we’re on Hulu. So my point being we have
8-, 9-, 10-, 11-year-old kids who’ve seen 20 years
worth of “Survivor.” And they’re amped
for these people — They weren’t even alive when these people played
20 years ago. -Yeah, that’s the magic of
streaming and all that stuff. -It’s so good. -Did you ever think you’d do
40 seasons of this? -No, I remember being
in the jungle in Borneo, in the South China sea,
walking through the mud, in the rain, carrying a tripod, thinking this is the greatest
summer of my life. And I wonder if anyone will even
watch this show, you know, let alone like it.
-Wow. -And I remember being here
in New York, 56th and 6th, when Mark said, “We’re gonna do
an all-star season in 2004.” And I was like, “Oh, man, when you do the greatest hits,
you’re done. That’s the end of
the rock band.” -Yeah.
-And that was 14, 16 years ago. -And you’re still making hits.
-Still going. Still making hits. -Still making albums and still
making greatest hits. Exactly.
You’re still making hits. I’m looking at some of
these people in here. Wendell.
Oh, yeah, of course, Sandra. Oh, my gosh.
-Yeah. You know what’s funny? -Is Boston Rob on here?
-Boston Rob’s on there. Boston Rob met his wife —
-That’s it. That’s it. Boston Rob wins.
-You know Boston Rob. If you don’t watch “Survivor,”
you’re like, “Boston —
What is a Boston Rob?” -Oh, Boston Rob is genius, and
he wears a Boston Red Sox hat. And he’s just got
the great Boston accent. And he is so smart. He is doing
so many levels of gameplay. -Yeah, he is.
-I think he’s brilliant. I think he’s gonna win. -I think you’d
do better on the show than you give yourself
credit for. -Is his wife doing it? -His wife, Amber. They met on “Survivor.”
-I know. -They have four kids.
-They do? -They’re coming back
to play again. -Oh, wait, that’s gonna
be interesting. That’s gonna be interesting
there. -They left their four children
at home to come play “Survivor.” [ Laughter ] -I want to show everyone a clip. Here’s the moment that — Oh, my gosh, I didn’t even
talk about this. $2 million? -Yeah, $2 million. And they get a big reaction.
That’s a lot of money. -Oh, yeah, Jeff Probst
reveals $2 million prize in “Survivor: Winners at War.” Take a look. -If being crowned the winner
in a season of all winners and earning a million dollars
in the process is not enough to inspire you, how about $2 million? [ Cheering ] The largest cash prize
in the history of reality shows. All you got to do is win. -That’s right.
Jeff Probst, everybody. -Thanks, man.

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