Is Artificial Intelligence the Future of Marketing?

Is Artificial Intelligence the Future of Marketing?


    Hey Neil, I am working on the same concept with iot, ML, AR, AI, Cloud integrated with marketing api. Will update you very soon about that.

    I wrote a paper in my university how AI is gonna co exist with digital marketing and be used in number of digital marketing strategies

    Technology which was originally made to simplify our lives looks like breaching into our spaces to an immense level. For marketers, things will remain a playground and profitable while the end user and tech security teams will find it insanely tough to catch up.

    I had a friend who ended up writing a paper based off your video. Now I come from a technical stand point and to talk about AI like it's something out of a fairy tale (like you've done here) is rather wrong. Also I had some real high hopes from this video. I was hoping for something far more technical and mathematical rather than a regular fairy tale/magical version of AI & ML. I'm pretty sure you can do much better.

    Heya neil! This wuestin might give you interest. You may have seen or used pop ups, wherein they say that they will give you back double money if not liked. In this cruel world people are like that, what to do at this situation?

    Nice video sir. and i had a dought . IF block chain concept affect the marketing??? because the main concept of blockchain is no intermediate.. so i am willing to know the answer sir.

    Great information Neil!👌
    I loved to hear you talking on this subject. More videos about marketing and AI integration please.

    Hello Neil sir you recommend us lot of websites and important tips and tricks how do you save and organise data that you came upon and find useful

    good go Mr Patel, India would be first to implement as we dont have security guidelines at all☺.cool effort nd elaboration but can only see that far as of now how long a car can throw light.

    haha, its an amazing video with a blend of knowledge, value, and almond milk 😛
    when you were telling about how refrigerators will communicate about expired milk or finished milk, for a moment I thought you will add "cheers, refrigerator" at the end. 😛

    Hi, Neil I am a web developer just got out of college. I want venture in freelancing its not working for me so can you help me out here.

    it will become annoying really fast when business' start over-using the 'free sample' tactic, maybe worse than spam email because you physically have to get rid of all the free stuff if you don't want it. then again, that could open an oportunity for people who want to merch the freebies. interesting stuff either way.

    Hi Neil! Thanks for your videos! For someone who is looking to learn more/break into digital marketing, do you think it's better to specialize in a specific niche or to generalize? Thanks!

    Hi Neil, I am the one who asked you a question about Youtube today. Great conference BTW and thanks for your insights.

    AI is so far over the heads of most of our dinosaur elected representatives that AI will probably end up writing any new laws long before the old crones get around to it.

    I just read some articles regarding AI.. will occupy digital marketers that true..if true…upto what extent

    "these are the big fish, that like to eat up the small fish" ~ Bob Marley
    What he is basically saying is, corporations are going to go bankrupt trying to get people to buy the SAME product from them (with the only difference being the logo on the box). There is no way that can be sustainable …. or can it ?

    great job Neil, Just one thing can you please tell that guy to come down About AI. It is so annoying that people get scared about this. It is here to help us.

    Hi can you please do a video talking about "jobs you wouldnt expect that will be replaced by A.I" & another on "what people in there mid 20's can do to prepare for an A.I future" i would like to see these because theres obviously things kids can do it college/school to make themselves educated/prepared for this new frontier but what about people who already in the workforce. Thank you.

    Hi Neil, the "automatic suggestive marketing" approach to AI is great and has already done wonders for companies like Netflix and Amazon. It's based on big data and compute power. But a different approach to AI, which I call "big knowledge AI" (as opposed to big data AI) is less known (and thus could become a competitive advantage for digital marketers who know about it and implement it).

    This big knowledge AI is similar to the open-source chess engine Stockfish, which would evaluate the current chessboard configuration and suggest the best moves.

    I'm currently creating a similar AI engine, but for digital marketing (not for playing chess).

    So imagine a junior digital marketer with only 6 months of experience, and he uses this digital marketing AI through his phone. He'd be able to beat a digital marketing veteran who has 5+ years of experience, just as any beginner chess player could, with Stockfish, beat the world chess champion Magnus Carlsen.

    This is because the junior digital marketer has access to ALL the digital marketing knowledge, practices, templates, blueprints, algorithms, apps, scripts, etc. from his phone. It's similar to Linux, the open-source operating system invented by Linus Torvalds.

    This is the true power of expert systems, an early form of AI which emerged in the 80s I believe.

    However, at that time, expert systems were static and inflexible, and could only do what they were programmed (painstakingly) to do. Today, we can have "organic" expert systems which grow and evolve, based on humans who train them but also based on new observations, facts, and the continuous refinement of their inference engines.

    We don't have to choose either expert systems (big knowledge AI) or machine learning AI (big data AI). We can use and leverage both!

    Thanks so much, Neil. I have a lecture on Marketing and AI coming up and this was quite helpful! I am a huge fan!

    Good job on this topic, Neil. Artificial intelligence is an incredible technology that can work wonders for your business.

    Nice but disagree with VR being that close to consumer adoption. AI is much closer than e think in offline products as mentioned

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