Is AdWords Worth It?

Is AdWords Worth It?

Is AdWords worth it? Can it help you to grow an audience here on
YouTube? We’ll get into it. Hey it’s me Brian G. And on behalf of myself and Nico at Morningfame
welcome! Simplify your growth here on YouTube by subscribing. Let’s talk about AdWords. Can it help you to move forward and grow? It’s such a common question. I see it all the time. Is AdWords worth it? Can AdWords help me grow my channel? The answer is possibly. You know, coming from a perspective as someone
who teaches YouTube, someone who has taught internet marketing and audience growth for
many many years it’s really easy to say no, it’s not worth it. But the fact of the matter is it really depends
on your individual channel. So let’s talk about some of the things you
may want to think about when deciding if you should move forward with AdWords. Number 1: Your channel is currently making
money. Hundreds of Dollars on a monthly basis and
you can count on that income source. For example, I’ve been really digging wearing
the hoodies lately. And let’s say you’ve got merch on your
channel and you are selling hoodies for 30 bucks. If that’s the case then AdWords will give
you all the tools you need to be able to track every single click determining how much it
costs in advertising spent to sell a hoodie. Obviously the idea is to generate a profit
with your advertising Dollars. But you know what? For most of you that are youtubers, that are
excited about YouTube, you are probably not making a hundred Dollars a month. In that case does it mean that AdWords is
something you shouldn’t move forward with? Absolutely not! It depends again where your channel is at. One of the things to consider is you wanna
have a strong unified brand. That’s item number 2: a strong unified channel
and brand. What that means is it looks put together. You are using the same fonts, you are using
the same color palette, you’ve got your brand messaging dialed in. This is something that YouTube talks a lot
about: a value proposition. What is the value that you are proposing to
viewers when they land on your channel? Now if you don’t have a consistent branded
message, if your channel does not look put together, if you are not leveraging the same
color palettes in your channel art, in your thumbnails, if you don’t have a consistent
look, you may wanna invest in that area first. And it makes sense, right? After all when a viewer lands on your channel
and they can easily identify that you’ve taken time to create something that matters
they gonna be more likely to click on and watch a video. And item number 3: high converting videos. Think about this: In order for this to work
it’s not just about getting your video in front of an audience. That audience has to like what you are producing. They gotta dig and enjoy your videos. So measure how many viewers it takes before
you get a subscriber. The rule of thumb I like to use is one subscriber
for every 100 views to a particular YouTube video. And that’s a 1% conversion. 100 viewers generates 1 subscriber. And the other thing to think about is how
long are non-subscribers watching your particular video? And here is why: If you are advertising, who
is gonna find your video? Non-subscribers. And you want to ensure that non-subscribers
like and watch your video so you’ll get a boost in the algorithm, so you’ll get
pushed out and you’ll really start to grow. So look at these metrics and use that to help
you identify if it makes sense for you to start advertising. And this is why: Advertising agencies hire
spokespeople. It’s why advertising agencies hire actors
who have the ability to clearly communicate, well, on camera, well, doing a voice-over. The most successful youtubers here on this
platform are master communicators. So these are the things you can think about
dialing in and focussing on. And once those are in alignment then move
forward and leverage the power of AdWords. Now lastly, when it comes to AdWords you can
get a lot more click for the same amount of money by improving your thumbnail click-through
ratio or CTR. Learn more about that by checking out the
video in the YouTube… well, that one right there. And I’ll see you next time. You dig?


    Great video Brian. Have thought of this and adwords is not for me. Have an amazing weekend, Andreas from Off Grid Sweden 🇸🇪

    This is really good I was thinking about using adword since long but not aware to decide finally you came for rescue bro. Thanks a ton.

    I've used adwords and found they can actually hurt a video by decreasing the engagement rate significantly. If you want to do adwords, I recommend creating a separate version and treating it like an ad.

    Such a helpful explanation of Adwords for those of us who've wondered how they work! Thanks for another great video!

    Great video Brian. I already used Adwords for other channels and i think that Adwords for video is the best for the youtube audience and the CPV (cost per view) is really low compared to CPC, do not use ad display or google partners unless you make a really targeted campaign, and there is one overlooked thing: adwords targeting (at least on the demographic level) is less accurate than the facebook advertising. Adwords is really expensive when its not optimised. And the cost per conversion or per customer acquisition is very high. You must look for the ROI and never start a campaign by your own when you are a beginner, you can lose a lot of money for nothing, because there are lot of tweaks to do and one important thing is testing that really a lot of adwords users (i didn't say advertisers 🙂 just throw a campaign and let it run hoping it will get result.
    If you have something to sell or advertise for brand awareness then go for it, but if you use adwords for getting more subscribers then i think its a bad idea. Because the cost per acquisition is really high.

    Great Video👌, You're Right, I've started improving my thumbnails and noticed my CTR has gotten a bit higher. I haven't used AdWords yet, but was something I was very curious about. Thanks for covering that.
    Now I'm going to check out your end screen video on Click thru rate👍

    I respect your work Brian, but this is a topic you don't seem to know enough about. This video sounded like someone who has never used Google AdWords telling you about Google AdWords but is not sure if it works or not, so talked about everything but using Google AdWords and how to get it to work. If someone is looking for something and your standing in front of them with a big sign that says, something you’re looking for is here, do they ignore this, or do they click to see if this is the something they are looking for? I can tell you what the majority would do, or Google AdWords would not be making 97% of the 72 billion dollars’ worth of PPC advertisements that were purchased in 2015 (sorry latest figures I could find). You do not need to be selling a product to make Google AdWords pay for its self but you do need to be thinking long-term gain and not short term if your plan is to use it to grow a YouTube channel, think about it, if you can get in front of people that want your content as they typed in the exact phrase your topic is on (and assuming your not crap at YouTube) then they are going to click and they are going to watch if you deliver what they searched for and found via your ad. The questions then become, can you afford and sustain a campaign and how do you get together the funds at the start it. I have seen many a YouTuber who sell nothing us this form of marketing for example in gaming (since I follow this) I have seen EthanGamer, and RonaldOMG use it to grow their channels. Indeed RonalOMG's parents must have spent a small fortune when he was a nobody. So I think more research needs to be done because one thing is correct, it's not for everyone.

    Thank you for this! It's a question I keep asking! It would be good to go deeper into this – what ads work well (promote best performing video vs creating your own ad video for example) and how do you handle the challenging aspect of measuring the results of an ad? It's not as straight forward as you indicate if you're doing a content marketing strategy that drives people into a funnel vs asks for the sale up front (hoodie example) I do realize every business/channel will be different but this is a big subject at my company right now.

    When we run AdWords campaigns we are getting video views for .01/view and some convert into subscribers (but FAR from 1 to 100 ratio) but it doesn't really grow the channel. There are business benefits but they are hard to measure. I see a measurable uptick in our application forms being completed when we are running video ads to the right target audiences (usually competitive channels). However, I do see thousands of views coming through with minimal engagement.

    I don't really have a question, it's just something I'm struggling to figure out on my side because tracking is not perfect making it hard to really test and learn.

    Brian, Thank you so much for the video. I have considered adwrods to advertise my channel but i think I am going to continue to work on my content because I am such a small channel.

    I know it took 60 dollars of my money!!!!!!!!!!!! In 6 hours!!!!!!!! I'm so mf mad I got 10 subs fam can I get 60 subscribers to altleast make me smile cause my videos get views!!! But I dont got a 1000 subscribers so I can monetize that's some bs

    It will always depend on if you can draw someone in within the first 5 seconds, if you get someone's attention, you can get many new subscribers from Adwords

    if it depends on the individual, what are we getting from you then? "Oh yeah it can work or it cannot work. It depends on how you use it". Whats wrong with people

    Thank you for this video!!!! Adwords is the most interesting topic as I’m actively trying to promote my channel. My mail goal is to be in recommended panel (on the right side of a screen) and ideally will play next to big channel video. I set up AdWords right after upload a new video and always hope it will get approved within a couple hours so that a new video can accumulate lots of views within first 24 hours. Do you think it’s a good idea? Do lots of views within first few hours help a video to become suggested by YouTube algorithms?

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