Introduction to Google Custom Search

Introduction to Google Custom Search

[VO] People love your website. It has great articles, photos, and video. But going through all that content to find
what you’re looking for can take a long time. So how do you make a great website even better? Simple: Google Custom Search. [Man] Yeah! [VO] It’s a Google search box on your site
that delivers fast and relevant search results letting visitors quickly and concisely search
your website. Customize the look and feel to match your
site’s design. You can search one website or even a specific
topic across multiple websites. Use it for free with ads, or try out the premium
service. For all types of websites, whether they’re
big, medium or small. Help your visitors find the information they
need easier and faster with Google Custom Search.


    For some reason I dislike and don't use the search function on websites using Google Custom Search. If they have an own built in search it is probably better and looks much better. Many sites now days are providing beautiful ajax-search results which google custom search don't have.

    I love google search and use it every day, but I don't know why anyone would want to put a search function on their website that includes links to other sites in the search results

    Very cute video, great graphics!

    Google's "Custom Search" is a joke. They don't offer any support, they will disallow you access to the function on a whim, never giving you a reason why.

    Google's use guidelines on anything is so stacked against you that if you run any kind of ad (especially Google AdWord Ads) or even have an external link on any one of your search engines they will take down every single custom search engine you have and deny you access to every single one even though you comply verbatim w/ guidelines.

    By default, the results show one site and you can optionally set specific other sites, or all other sites with specific ones blocked. Can be v. good solution for groups of microsites that could/should have been designed as a single site. But yes, I can't think of a situation where a google search bar giving universal results would be useful as a site's primary search.

    How up-to-date is the index? Do you have to use microformats to notify Google's bot? Will either make Google index the site faster? How much faster?

    Google's "ads" are already FAR TOO invasive… I'm frankly getting very tired of being SPAMMED from Gmail to YouTube with ads that relate to every email or IM I send, and websites I visited, only to decide NOT TO give them my business! (Or BOYCOTT, due to annoying ads!?) ADVERTISING may still constitute 90% of Google's revenues… however I can ALREADY SEE it's soon going to BACKFIRE on them! And if YouTube's ad content is any indicator, it's obvious the ads aren't converting well, already! WST

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    after some time when people addicted to google. Google ask to pay for search, like our communication provider

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    If someone is going to add a custom search to their site, why not sign up for AdSense and monetize the search. Just a thought.

    The Google custom search has tons of benefits and its REALLY easy to install. It just takes about 5 minutes and voila! It's up and running. If you're looking to build a quality site, then using this tool is a must.

    I think it is very interesting and I have watched digital stories with students that have special needs.  Students find them interesting and comforting.  I like them very much.  

    Never used this cool Google Search tool on any of my sites, but it does look cool. If it can find content within my site for my clients and visitors that would work swell. I'll check it out, thanks @Google Webmasters 

    I can't find the Google Alert page where I can specify more than jut the terms to look for. All the youtube tutorials I watched are obsolete because Google loves to change and move features.

    This video degrades women. I mean look at it – at first the woman was with the one with the problem, the young guy had the same problem but he was able to fix it using custom search. And then on the next part (0:46) – the part it says whether they're big, medium or small business. They categorized the lady in the small business. C'mon guys, this is Google. Make it fair.

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    Hi, master how can I disable this, "" every time I search it goes to this site unless am in incognito mode. I will realy appreciate your help

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