Introducing Live Control Room – for Live Streaming

Introducing Live Control Room – for Live Streaming

in this video I’ll show you how to setup
and manage live streams in YouTube’s live control room we’ve built a brand
new stream workflow in live control room that combines the best of our classic
live streaming creation tools stream now and events the new live control room
centralizes all of our live creation tools into one easy to use destination
for live creators based on your feedback we’ve added many improved features some
of which we’ll walk through today before you get started you’ll need to have
streaming software installed also known as an encoder your channel also needs to
be enabled for live streaming click the link in the description if you need help
with either of these steps let’s get started with creating a new live stream
once you’re signed in click the upload icon at the top of the page then click
go live in this window you have the option to create a new stream or make a
copy of a previous stream let’s start with a new stream first select new
stream here you can enter in a title set your privacy edit your description enable monetization and select the
streams category you can also choose to schedule the stream at a later time and
upload a custom thumbnail once you enter this info click create stream now let’s
take a step back if you’d like to use settings from a previous stream select
copy and create just like with a new stream you can modify your streams
details click Next to continue if you’ve created a new stream a new
stream key will be generated for you for frequent streamers you can use the same
custom stream key for all your streams to set up a custom stream key click this
drop down then choose create new stream key in this menu you can set up a custom
name and description once you’re set click create you can now select this
custom stream key in this drop-down you always have the option of editing your
custom stream keys by selecting the manage stream keys option in this menu
you can change the details of your custom stream keys or choose to delete
them you can manage other settings like
latency DVR and captions now let’s connect your encoder to start the
streams preview copy the stream key here and paste this into your encoder
settings then start streaming navigate back to live control room now you should
see the streams preview here nice let’s get the stream on YouTube
click the go live button your live you’ll see this live icon along with
your stream duration on your preview window there’s quite a bit to live
control room so let’s go over the features the analytics widget lists
real-time data for your stream including the total number of concurrent viewers
chat rate playbacks and the average watch time this graph will show your
concurrent viewers over time but you can change this anytime to also see chat
rate and play backs you can also check your streams health by clicking this
widget which will give you a real-time status report of your stream if your
channel has super chat enabled this widget will show a running list of
people that have purchased super stickers and super chats during your
live stream live control room now has an option for saving Stream highlights when
you click this icon you can enter the highlights name then you can quickly
scrub through your stream to find a highlight you also have the ability to
publish a video during a stream if you’d like to edit the highlights metadata at
a later time you can save it as private or unlisted once you’re finished streaming click end
stream you’ll get stats from your stream as well as the ability to trim your live
archive and edit the video metadata in YouTube studio finally let’s go over the
manage tab this will show you all of your upcoming streams from here you can
edit metadata or change settings of upcoming streams and that’s it if you
want to learn more please check out the description and don’t forget to
subscribe for more youtube tips and tricks


    Continua sendo muito difícil. Por que é necessário ter uma plataforma externa? Por que desativarem o Hangouts? 👎🏽

    Oh yeah, make sure you turn on Monetization by golly,…keep that "below the poverty line" income coming in a nickel at a time out each of their nostrils

    rtmp:// game, hosting a live Q&A or teaching a class, our tools will help
    you manage your stream and interact with viewers in real time. Learn
    more about setting up a stream he

    It's funny. I clicked "Go Live" .. the first step, and it doesn't bring me to that screen to choose previous settings from other events.

    Please listen to your creators, not one comment I have read wants this update. Just because your new employee wants to impress you by showing how much they can "update / change" something on your website, doesn't mean it should pass through without inspection. It's an unfinished product. Do not roll this out.

    PC Diablo3 Season18 Crusader test~

    Good Luck!!!

    Хоть мне не нравился новый дизайн ютуба. Новая студия для стрима бомба… Прям как будто хотят вернуть Ютуб гейминг и сплагиатеть твич).Надеюсь у них эта фишка останется и не будет как ютуб гейминг мешать стримам .Хотя я по нему скучаю), но из-за него было плохое качество трансляции на стриме моём.

    I like the new look a lot actually, but it is missing at least 2 key features that classic studio has, "Automatically start stream when YT starts receiving data, and there is no way to delete events, both are very important. Not having auto start just adds more steps to the process.

    Более убогой творческой студии сложно придумать.
    Складывается впечатление, что её разрабатывали вредители, которые хотят уничтожить ютуб.


    Great job! * irony * You destroy a great classic launch of streams, make a disgusting design … Make launching streams more difficult and inconvenient.

    Столько проблем появилось из за вашей студии!!!! Не могу сменить значок!!!!

    Please don't force this on us! I am an elementary school teacher who relies on this every day for morning announcements. I don't have the time or resources to change in the middle of the school year! Please don't fix what isn't broken! What I have works reliably every single day for me and I don't want to mess up what I have. It took me a couple of weeks and lots of tech support from my school district to get YouTube and Wirecast working reliably and I don't want to change now!! Please at least continue to give me the option to continue Classic until the end of the school year. Maybe I can find time to dig into the new stuff in June!

    Does anybody know how to setup multiple camera in the new UI? I have not found it. It was so easy to start 2 or 3 live streams that users could switch. But there is no way now to add new camera in this new control room.

    I completely agree with everyone, I hate this control room, it`s so complicated to stream! Please come back to the old version.

    bruh this guy sounds kinda like james charles

    and yes i do like the old dashboard better, the new one sucks. one, it doesnt work with obs, and two, its missing so many features like make archive unlisted when complete. the only good thing about it is that it has dark mod, but thats really it

    Hello YT Creators! I have just a little question about the Youtube Now LiveStreams. In this new system, if we are using a service to stream to multiple sources, like ReStream, will the Stream on Youtube start automatically together with the other live streams, or do we still need to open the stream page to click "Go Live"?
    I'm liking the new design, more simple, and objective.

    I really hate this new dashboard….whatever happened to sharing desktop? If it ain't broke don't fix it!!!

    How can you choose a random game to play when I just watched a video talking about copyright regarding having to contact developers and check their websites for streaming allowances?

    all ive ever done is click link in OBS , it took me straight to youtube < i filled my stuff out right there ,never had to change screens, could set everything right there and start streaming when i wanted , supper easy , this update is terriable ….. not to mention having google open is a stream killer since its a bandwith hog

    I'm confused… in the past I had to set everything up one time only (except for the title and description) and from then on it was literally just open OBS and click "start streaming" without even having to open my browser if I didn't need to change the title or description. Is there some way to replicate the "two-click no browser required" (launch OBS, click "start streaming") process from before?

    I keep receiving a constant error when I try to go live, this didn't do so with the old live dashboard, if anything, this change broke more then it fixed.

    Well, guess I will be moving to Twitch. Youtube is slowly burning down everything I loved about the platform. These changes are horrible.

    I can't get YouTube studio to see my Makita X stream. I can stream to Wowza just fine, but I can't stream to YouTube.

    بلاغ هام للمعحبين بقناة شاهد التفاصيل الكاملة .
    إخواني أخواتي الكرام اود ان اخبركم ان هده القناة ستتوقف مؤقتا لاسباب سأشرحها في الايام القادمة و أخبركم بجميع التفاصيل عن الوجدي ومن صنعة و عن من يستفيد من هده القناة و من يحميه لهدا أحبائي الكرام اطلب منكم ان تشتركوا في قناة الاحتياط سوف اترك رابطها في الاسفل لان هده القناة سوف تتوقف عن الخدمة و سأمسح جميع الأشرطة الموجودة فيها التي تخص الوجدي وعما قريب سوف اتيكم بالحقيقة الكاملة،لا تنسوا الاشتراك و نشر رابط القناة و شكرا لكم.
    الرابط الجديد:

    মুহাম্মদ মিডিয়া সন্দীপ চট্টগ্রাম

    Just give me a page that I do not have to copy things over and over again. A page that saves everything and I can just edit the title if I want to. The old one was good.

    Live streaming on you tube didn't a was fine the way it was.stop changing things that aren't broken!

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