Introducing Google Wind

Introducing Google Wind

The Netherlands is one of best
countries in the world to live in. It has a strong economy and some
of the world’s best DJ’s were born here. There is only one downside… it rains 145 days a year. At Google we solved this problem
by repurposing Holland’s old windmills. Using them not to capture wind,
but to generate it. To pull this off, we needed to build
a better understanding about the weather. We used Google Cloud Platform
to predict how clouds will behave. We then connected all 1170 windmills in Holland
to prevent bad weather from happening. Let’s take it for a spin. Machine Learning enables all the mills to collaborate. Of course we need some rain now and then. With Google Wind we can also
decide when and where it rains. So Google Wind is able to keep clear skies any season. People, sun, sun and more sun.
Just like the rest of the year. I am proud to announce that from April 1st
we are able to guarantee clear skies for everyone.


    No one can do this and handle this matter is greatly done by only and only ALLAH (SUBHANA WATALA) .

    Lol, there was an actual (non-prank) video from Bernie Sanders stating that despite its efforts in using ML for Wind energy, Google still has big ties to Big Fossil Fuel companies.

    I'm a huge fan of Bernie Sanders, but his staff needs to do more thorough research before using prank videos.

    When will this product come to the US? Also, will there be a consumer edition so I can control just the land around my house?

    Google messes with the wrong person. This is nature. Nothing and nobody will change the Asia course. They think they do a good but they are wrong, they want to change the course of the climates. I am fascinated by your projects but in this I am against. Greetings from Mexico and of course, English. Goodbye

    The next thing is Google's Water clouds are at least 2 -3 kms above ground by tge time it reaches the cloud it would go away and tge clouds are heavy

    How come ive never heard of this. Damn where are the application for employment. I need a job like this. My job is so mediocre

    I actually believe the Google tulips idea but now start to think this channel might just a Google parody channel am I wrong? 😂

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