Internet Heroes of Genius: Video Streaming Login Sharer

Internet Heroes of Genius: Video Streaming Login Sharer

Bud Light Presents: Internet Heroes of Genius. ♪ Internet Heroes of Genius! ♪ Today we salute you, Video Streaming Login Sharer. ♪ Video Streaming Login Sharer! ♪ When there’s a hot new binge-worthy drama, your membership becomes a mothership for your mooching friends. ♪ Yes, everyone’s still watching! ♪ You gave your ex the best years of your life… and access to an endless supply of obscure crime documentaries. ♪ I just needed some space to watch T.V.! ♪ Isn’t it nice to reconnect with your college roommates every time you change your password? ♪ I had a feeling that you’d call! ♪ So, crack open an ice cold Bud Light, Keeper of the Content. Or better yet, get one of those freeloading friends to buy one for you. ♪ Video Streaming Login Sharer! ♪


    Thumbs up! Noble effort. Good scripts. Without the full sounding music bed, background singers and the voices I've admired all this time it does come off as homemade/amateur yet happy for the return. Probably would work just as well using Real Men of Genius but I see the target base. Crack open the bottle cap on the left for a comparison sample.

    THIS WAS AWESOME, Thanks Bud Light!!!
    My Friends and I actually created an APP for just this (iOS is LIVE, Android will be released in about two months):

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