Inside our Google Seattle and Kirkland Offices

Hey, I’m Tom. My name is Menna El-Sadaany. Shawn Hurley. Kyle Mullinix. And I’m a Technical Lead Manager. I’m an Engineering Manager. Technical Recruiter. Technical Program Manager
at Google. This is my first full-time adult job. The reason that I chose
Google over other companies had a lot to do with Google’s culture. So one thing that
Google does differently is we hire people, not positions. I’ve hired somebody who is a music teacher into software engineering. And then, of course, me being a military paralegal going into core HR. Not only does Google embrace diversity but it allows you to create and drive your career in whatever way that you want to. Google is a company that cares
not only about its employees through its benefit programs
but also Google has and all these campaigns, helping the world
achieve something better. That’s a really big factor
as to why I chose Google, ’cause I knew I would be
working with my skill set but I would also be able to use
that skill set to help other people. I actually work with
LGBT community here. Whatever it is
that I’m passionate about, I’ve been able to
drive change around it. I, personally, wanted
the Seattle office more than Mountain View’s office. Seattle is more quaint and it’s just a more homey environment to be in. I can say safely that everything
is great about Seattle. I moved here five years ago and just completely fell in love with the place. I moved here in ’91. As soon as
I got here, I was completely happy and never wanted to leave. Mountain View gets the gBikes but we get the gKayaks. Infinitely cooler. It’s so gorgeous out here. It think this is like my favorite part. I do all of my one-on-one meetings just looking over Lake Union. It’s amazing. There is mountains nearby for skiing. You can go scuba diving. There’s everything that
I could want is right here. So I start my day at the gym. We could go to the gym if you want. It’s a new habit of mine.
I’ve actually never really worked out. But I think the difference here is that they actively promote physical health. This spot over here
is actually our nap pods. I have a one year old and
when I was working and pregnant, you get so tired in the first trimester, I’d go crash here 20 minutes
and then feel better. The thing I really
like about Google in general is how empowered you are
to go and make a difference. Rather than being told what to do,
you’re expected to, kind of, identify the problems
and tackle them in whichever order you wanna do that. There’s a lot of exciting
things going on at Google from Cloud to,
building self-driving cars. This is the Unity game engine. As I move this guy around,
I can make changes immediately and then see them happen. It’s like the Wild West
for this kind of technology. We could do anything
but we can’t do everything. So most of my job is
just making sure that we are doing the right
things at the right time. Google has such a wide reach,
so anything that I work on I know it’s impacting, like, hundreds of thousands probably millions. So this is a free trial
for Google Cloud Platform that our team helped to create. And we just launched this last March. three months ago, we were
sitting in a meeting room saying, “What if we did this?”
And then we actually did it and we actually saw people, like,
touching it and playing with it and everything. As you grow
and learn about new interests, there’s always something
for you here at Google. Somewhere in Google there will be be someone working on something that you will be interested in.

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