I have smoked pot for 20+years and it may not always happen like the commercial but 80% of the time it does..I grew up in Roseville and pot smoking was huge everybody smoked now half of my friends from then are dead(started with pot then moved up to real dope) and the other half well most of them still live home with mom/dad

    more lies from the state, go figure. they say these lies while they take all that money in taxes for everyone's hard work on their farms. no one buys their propaganda anymore. flouride is what's making THEIR IQ drop lol maybe learn something about that!

    Well that ad isn’t true for me, let’s look at 10 years for me. At 17 I was 300lbs, on my own with no credit or even a bank account living with a friend in Detroit. I lost over 100lbs in over a year, have been working for the same company for much longer than 10 years, I’ve kept off the weight, built my credit to excellent status, have a house, financially stable and I don’t drink. Not to mention laughing at clowns like this ad the whole time. Focus on alcohol you Whining haters.

    Robin Schneider is a dingbat.
    Body image? She's upset because the future of a pot smoker is depicted as a fat loser?
    Most Americans grow up to be fat losers even without smoking pot.
    Smoking pot, sitting around and doing nothing but eating "munchie" fueled junk food will get you there.

    Everyone is so sensitive. As a long time smoker. Yes marijuana can make you lazy which could lead to over weight. Also I'm guessing being lazy could drop your iQ. Not saying that it definitely does this. We do see this happen quite often look around!!! Remember the big bad wolf cigarette commercial?

    That commercial is bs I'm sorry but iv been smoking since I was 15 I'm 30 years old now that's 15 years cannabis definitely doesn't make you look like that fat guy lol some people are crazy but in my opinion cbd is a weight gainer but that's just me

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