How To Win At Pay Per Click Advertising In 2020! – PPC Trends

How To Win At Pay Per Click Advertising In 2020! – PPC Trends

hi Sam Fields from Matter solutions and
today we’re going to explore the topic of pay-per-click advertising and trends
that are coming in 2020 and how they’re gonna change the game I was a little
hesitant to do this video because I did a similar one last year on the 2019
trends and I’m still about mmm 8 out of 10 to go so most of the
predictions are still on track to actually be coming true it just means
that they’re taking a little bit longer than expected and I expect them to
happen in 2019 and 2020 as well anyway my film producer actually convinced me
to do the video because of two things one I’m actually using a lot of these
tips to great effect with current clients and two this doesn’t actually
require me to be a psychic it just requires me to use my expert observation
in 2018 this next trend that we discussed was my most hated feature on
the Google ad system in saying that though I have warmed up to it in the
past few months this particular feature I’m actually
hoping that my clients competitors don’t ever grab ahold of it because it is so
effective however I was raised to share with those in need and so it’s somewhat
but grudgingly I’m going to let you know that if you are an e-commerce store I
would strongly recommend using smart shopping honestly if you had asked me to
do a smart shopping video in 2018 we would have had to have put an r-rating
on our channel because I hated it but since 2018 the smart shopping campaigns
have improved considerably for example in the middle of this year I
had a client who had a normal shopping campaign that seemingly had hit a glass
ceiling of results and that seemed to be the case no matter what I adjusted in
the campaign so I bit the bullet and I actually tried out a smart shopping
campaign for this particular client based off my previous experiences with
smart shopping I warned the client that would be a slight downtime during their
slower time of the year but that it would increase in the future and I
wanted at least 2 to 3 months worth of data before I even considered pulling
the pin the client agreed to this strategy during their slow time in the
year and after the initial three weeks of learning and some minor adjustments
across the entire account the improvement started coming in massively
and it’s continually improved to this day and it keeps getting better which is
why I fully recommend a smart shopping campaign
I’m currently experimenting with a couple of different smart shopping
campaigns in a couple of different accounts I’ve got two things that you
should be thinking about when it comes to smart shopping firstly give it time
to learn a google smart shopping campaign will take about three weeks to
learn from the data it gets given while I understand that there is issues with
having a three week downturn for any business if done correctly it should
bounce back and bounce back in a really big way obviously there’s no guarantees
but I have used the smart shopping campaign to great effect across a number
of different accounts with varying degrees of success and depending on the
required ROI you should see continued improvements the more data that goes
into the account and the second thing you should be thinking about with the
smart shopping campaign is actually using a search campaign as a top of the
funnel campaign rather than a closer campaign this may sound odd but smart
shopping uses the traffic from your ads account in order to identify potential
buyers the experiment that I’ve been employing in regards to this point is
that I use a search campaign to get people into the account and so Google’s
machine learning learns off people from the top of the funnel all the way down
to when they buy in the past I have been super wary of anything related to
Google’s automation as longtime subscribers of this channel will be able
to attest because again I it’s mostly about the lack of control
and the blind insistence by Google representatives to implement it based on
nothing but their word as I have mentioned recently properly and
cautiously implementing any of these google smart strategies is the best way
to go about it my recommendation is to start with a small budget test of
measure continuously and once an ROI is reached then you can think about
increasing your budget well I was once resistant to automated bidding and smart
campaigns the improvements in machine learning and of course my experience
with careful implementation has changed my perspective so the key takeaway here
is to implement things carefully but also don’t be hesitant to check out
something that may work for you because things are improving with the Google
smart system sometimes doing something different with your pay-per-click
advertising can go a long way one thing that’s become really clear in the past
few years is that while Google owns the majority of the market share
there’s plenty of other platforms to go around so here’s our second trend
platforms such as Amazon Facebook LinkedIn Bing and Pinterest have all
revamped or revitalized or were already vitalized and vamped and they’re going
to work for you proverbial wisdom says don’t put all your eggs in one basket
and the digital realm is just the same investing across a variety of different
platforms makes sense it allows you to identify new markets that you can use
for your marketing funnel the reality is is you’re probably using several of
these platforms already and even more if you’re an e-commerce store or at least
you should be Amazon in particular has a distinct benefit for e-commerce stores
on two counts firstly people looking on Amazon have a high intent to buy and
even if they’re on Amazon just to browse often they’re there to browse for
certain items in particular and that means that you can get your product in
unto them even if they are higher in the funnel because then you can get them on
your remarketing list or your marketing funnel the second benefit and what will
lead into our third trend is Amazon’s Alexa which is Amazon’s smarter system
and voice search our key takeaway from this point is that you shouldn’t be
putting all your eggs in one basket in regards to Google Ads try out a variety
of different platforms because they’re going to benefit you in 2020 recently
I’ve been doing a lot more advertising on LinkedIn which has been really cool
because I’m getting some really good results from it if you want to learn
more about LinkedIn advertising let me know in the comments below and subscribe
to the channel and now we’re on to our third trend so last year’s video I
included voice search as a trend that was going to happen in 2019 and that
you’d be optimizing your keywords based off voice search and that’s one of the
reasons why I was hesitant to put it in this video because you’re not
necessarily optimizing your keywords around voice search just yet
however my research team has let me know that 41% of adults this year are using
voice search and it’s expected to rise to 50% next year so it definitely has to
be included in the 2020 trends video and I’m also including the Alexa voice
search because with competition comes innovation and I reckon next year is
going to have some massive improvements to voice search across all platforms
speaking of statistics my video producers let me know that 50% of you
that watch this channel are not subscribed so what are you doing
hit that subscribe button before we move on to the last pay-per-click trend hit
that like button and let me know what you want to improve in 2020 so finally
the last pay-per-click trend of 2020 that’s going to blow up is definitely
video I’ve been spooking videos the next big
thing ever since I’ve landed in this industry
and it’s just getting better and better I mean you’re here right now aren’t you
in saying that this video isn’t really advertising but we are pushing it across
a number of different platforms in order to capture people’s attention before
they can hit that skip now button we’re doing a whole heap of short sharp and
to-the-point videos that get our message across ASAP we’re also doing some
two-minute videos that we’re putting in the Discovery section which gives a
longer explanation of some of the things that people might be searching for but
they also allow people to come to our website or to our channel the other two
types of videos we’re doing is short 60-second videos and also longer
10-minute full-on videos like this one right here the 60 second videos we’re
putting across a variety of different social media platforms including
Facebook and LinkedIn and the ten minute videos provided they’ve got a really
good retention rate we’re putting them on landing pages so people can watch the
video and also follow along with a transcript on that landing page hell
it’s even been proven that Facebook video stories are effective at selling
products so with 81 percent of businesses using Facebook video
marketing and that’s including us we reckon you should get on it too we
actually do all these videos because something like ninety five percent of
viewers will retain the message in a video form compared to 10 percent who
have just read text so out of text video the better ROI is likely going to come
from video in twenty twenty experts are predicting that 80 percent of all
Internet traffic is going to be on video so while I have been recommending this
medium for many many years I would strongly recommend that you get on it
now for the following two reasons if you’re watching this then you’re
probably nodding your head because you know that I am your favorite YouTube
presenter and if I’m doing it then you should be doing it too and secondly 2020
we’ll see video marketing and in particular YouTube increase its market
share drastically so in order to be ahead of the game you need to be in the
game seriously just grab out your phone and start recording small videos here
and there about what you’re doing in your day-to-day work life the key
takeaway here is to just start creating videos if you don’t have a budget there
are a range of different options and it can be as simple as pulling out your
smartphone so there it is the pay-per-click trends for 2020 and my
observations about why they’re going to be making a massive change to the market
so you need to get underway and set up smart campaigns voice search optimized
keywords any of the new platforms that you could test out and of course get
into video ASAP I’ve been Sam fields you’ve been awesome
like comment and subscribe and I’ll see you next week


    The PPC Trends of 2020 have already started, so here’s what you need to know to get ahead of your competition and don’t worry we will also explain what you need to do! We don’t do tips without action here at Matter!
    So that's what we're going to be doing today, talking PPC, CPC, and all the different platforms you can use to target people.
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