How to use the Elgato Stream Deck with XSplit Broadcaster

How to use the Elgato Stream Deck with XSplit Broadcaster

we’ve worked closely with the fine folks
at Elgato to ensure a streamlined experience with using the stream deck
with XSplit Broadcaster in this video we’re going to show you how to setup the
Elgato Stream Deck to control XSplit Broadcaster. First be sure to have
installed the stream deck software from Elgato and also be sure to have the
latest version of XSplit Broadcaster installed once the Elgato stream deck is
connected an extension will be running in XSplit Broadcaster that interfaces
with the stream deck you do have an option of uninstalling this extension
but this stream deck will no longer work if you do this so don’t do that.. to set
up XSplit Broadcaster controls in the Elgato stream decks you’ll need to open
the Elgato software the Elgato stream deck offers controls for
switching scens, activating sources, playing media sources, activating outputs,
starting recordings, muting microphones muting system sound and taking
screenshots. First let’s set up a button for switching scenes in the stream deck
software drag the scene option on to a button in your stream deck layout in the
lower menu you have the option to title your button and select which scene the
button will switch to you can also select a custom image for your button by
double-clicking on the preview button next let’s setup a button for toggling
sources in the stream deck software drag the source option to your stream deck
layout in the bottom menu you will select the scene and then which source
in that scene you will be controlling you can also enable any sources that are
linked to be toggled as well using the source option will enable or disable a
source in a scene regardless if the scene is active or not you can see this
reflected on the stream deck controller as well setting up the record and screenshot
buttons will allow you to start a local recording or create a screenshot of
whatever is appearing on the live scene when a local recording is active the
record button on the stream deck hardware will be illuminated. Setting up
an output button will allow you to start a broadcast once the button is added you
will have to choose which option is activated from the drop-down menu finally you can save buttons to enable
or disable your microphone and system sound sources with microphones you can
also start the stream deck as a push-to-talk button for your microphone we’ve also created some exclusive XSplit
buttons for the stream deck which you can find on Elgato’s key creator website. As
you can see the Elgato stream deck allows you to control almost every
aspect of XSplit Broadcaster and if you want to know more about the Elgato
stream deck and XSplit. Go to So if you have a cool
setup or if you just do something particularly interesting with the Elgato
stream deck and XSplit Broadcaster let us know on Facebook, Twitter or get all up on
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    Hey this is off topic but I bought the Xsplit license and use Xsplit Gamecaster and my frames keep dropping even when I set it to 60fps. Please help

    I have the installed the latest version of elgato stream deck software & the latest version of Xsplit PTR 3.1.1708.2902 published August 29.2017 but ……….on my stream deck screen I get prompted to ….Please launch Xsplit Broadcaster but it is launched . I have rebooted both programmes several times & rebooted my PC several times . Please can Elgato Stream Deck & Xsplit sort this asap as I'm not the only person with this problem.

    This works INSANELY well. The Stream Deck adds a fantastic new level of interactivity with your stream. We HIGHLY recommend it to any streamers looking for a way to increase the quality of your stream! Thanks for this tutorial guys!

    Glad to get this info, it was going to be a deal breaker if it didn't work with XSplit as the first software version focused on OBS and that's what initial reviews said. I'm glad I did some digging.

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