How to Stream and Record PC Games with XSplit Broadcaster

How to Stream and Record PC Games with XSplit Broadcaster

[Music] streaming PC gameplay is simple with xsplit broadcaster you can add your gameplay via game source using auto game source will capture whatever game is currently active you can also use screen capture if you’re playing a game that doesn’t work with game source like a web browser game you can position your game source in the corner and fill the mixer area by dragging into the edges to add a camera go to the devices then the video section in the source menu and select your webcam now drag your webcam to the corner and size it so you’ll be able to see both your webcam and gameplay clearly if you wish to hide your camera click on the icon next to the name of your camera in the source list if you right click on a source you open the source menu where you can change various properties [Music] one useful setting for webcams is chroma key if you have the appropriate backdrop go to the color tab in the source menu and click the chroma key option adjust the chroma key until you get the desired result click on scene to let’s call this scene our intro scene click on this white box above the source list at a tech source the source menu for the text will appear in the text field let’s put an intro message that’s also sour text to scroll click OK and position your scrolling text on the mixer you can change the transition between your scenes use the drop down menu to select the type of transition and set the transition speed click on the broadcast menu and select your desired streaming output to setup xsplit has simplified the setup process but just requiring you to log into your account and allowing our setup wizard to determine the best settings for your broadcast once the wizard is complete you can use the settings dialog to fine-tune your settings to go live go back to the broadcast menu and click on your newly configured streaming output at the top of the xsplit broadcaster window will appear status monitor for your broadcast to create a local recording file go to the record menu and click on the local recording option once a local recording has started you will see recording in the status bar for more information make sure to follow our social media [Music]


    You immediatly showed the Gungeon title screen, as I am drunkenly trying to set up Xsplit for streaming Gungeon. You're watching me. Get the fuck out of my house.

    after using this for 30mins… my laptop speakers started buzzing. i tried every way to solve it according to microsoft but nothing works. it completely damaged my sound system.

    Why did you move the show hide buttons from the left side where they are right next to text that says what it is to the far right side for no reason? Please revert this change, it's so bad and frustrating to have controls you get use to where they are moved to even worse places on the UI.

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