How To Start A Digital Marketing Agency With No Money

How To Start A Digital Marketing Agency With No Money

He’s welcome today’s video. Make sure you visit Podcasts for marketers dot-Com for more information over there I have a really kick-ass course on how you can make at least a few grand a month on simple Reoccurring revenue right and that’s called freedom funnels and make sure that you like this video and subscribe to my channel man I’m put out videos every day So you don’t want to miss what I put up cuz I put out some pretty kick-ass content and man I always want you guys to comment below man I love absolutely love all the comments you guys bring. Let me know what you’re thinking if you have any questions I’m always in the comment section. I really love the community let’s get into the video guys today’s video is how to make money as a funnel engineer right so everybody is always talking about a social media marketing agency or a Digital marketing Agency and what I wanted to do is give you an alternative? now I’m also going to tell you how to do this with just writing emails and the first thing I want you to do is understand in the mindset area of this is that any of this will work and The next thing I want you to understand is when you’re approaching people you need to approach them with Value I know it’s really hard for you guys to imagine trying to give away a ton of information But just look how I do it on every day on YouTube If you’re thinking well guys just do do just do the stupid you know he’s giving away information Or whatever the case may be you would be wrong, right? alright, so The first thing I want to show you is how you can approach websites, and it’s not even websites man I see this a lot, and I’m giving you this cuz I’m not gonna do it myself right but influencers Okay, now a lot of people Approach these influencers right, but I’m telling you now That if you just go look at any given Instagram are any giving YouTube and really big our Facebook pages Okay, now you got all these doobs that are huge that go around and instagram And they had defines at first and they do free comedy videos or whatever they have absolutely zero Way to collect emails, right? Okay, and so at the most. They’re selling t-shirts Okay But they’re not collecting emails, okay? and this I know for sure because I have a partner mine that sells a book on dating and He’s selling through Amazon he refuses this different to collect emails cuz he’s like my people don’t check their email I’m like you’re a dumbass cuz they do Rayon and He’s really missing a lot of money right, but he’s he doesn’t want even change that I’m telling you now if you just go look through these super Facebook pages that have like six million Fans and they’re putting out these comedian dudes that are putting out these skits, right? Just what there’s one dude in particular sings his skits all he advertises is how to advertise? He’ll put up a post how to advertise on his page right he’ll put up t-shirts and Then he’ll put his shows where he’s gonna show up, right? But if you go look and even if you buy one of his t-shirts, there are no upsells Alright, so right then and if he’s not collecting emails so right there There’s value right there okay, so listen dude. I’m telling you right now that I can triple Right your income right now You can triple his income just by adding upsells on his T-shirt funnel The next thing is if he’s not collecting emails now you can 10x his income by just collecting emails and Nurturing and selling products through emails right even even if it’s for advertising His advertising is services. So you have that people that segmented off and you’re doing specials Okay, and then you don’t do that you add that to a funnel and How do you do a funnel an advertising well you just offer? monthly rates and Package deals, right so you upsells so once they buy one ad space You upsell them and say oh can I say about ad space for $30? all right, you ask you you upsell them a monthly package for You know 150 Right so they see the value They’re like art should I’m gonna do that and you’re gonna get you know and add a day or something like that This is just an example rate, so the next thing that you can do is upsell Their t-shirt funnels or You know you see dudes with the weed pipes or whatever they have going on right you can upsell that funnel? I’m telling you right now right, so Here’s what happens. You know you’ll see them with their profile their main profile and What they do is, they’ll have a link Going to an entire website it is a total waste of Space right a total waste of a link so the people are going to this website and they see all of their products all their information, and it’s not a landing page, and they’re influencers, so They’re not marketers They’re not thinking like that right so all you have to do is just approach them and just tell them flat out like again I own you’re losing money calm, right you figure that out That’s what you’re losing money calm, right I own that Eight you’re losing money calm, so it’s hard to forget or watch my video to go watch my video calm I own that right so so go watch my video calm. Are you losing money calm? It’s really easy Just get yourself something memorable like that. I’ll type in and just hit them you know with a video. It’s a dude You’re losing money and do exactly what I’m doing here, and just show them. Hey, man listen I say you have a link going directly to your website. I don’t think you should be doing that right and then show them Here’s what I had an idea for you, right? Go here. Here’s your product right here Here’s a video of yourself, and then show them say okay, so we’re gonna have a little bit of sales pitch right here we’re gonna have a buy now button right here, and And then we’re gonna go here and then we’re gonna upsell them you know the product blah blah blah and this show them entire funnel Right and show them how it can be done and say I guarantee you that I can three three extra income and The good thing about this is I’m not gonna charge you any money up front all I’ll do is. I’ll just charge you 40 percent over what I make on this funnel, right, so You’ll normally sell t-shirts and let’s just say you normally make you know 100 bucks or whatever. That’s cool Anything you make over that 100 bucks the initial funnels right here, the initial sell at all my upsells. I’m gonna take 40% You can’t lose right? This is an instant way and a no it’s a no no lose situation for either of you You don’t lose. What are you putting up a couple of landing pages? It’s nothing right, but I’m telling you now if they’re doing anything they got six million followers. They’re going to get Triple their income when you add, let’s just say you had two upsells and two down sells Okay two upsells to down sells It’s guaranteed to triple There are three extra income, and that’s not even including if they already have an email list if they of an email list and they’re not emailing every day you’ll 10x their income right the but I don’t care how big it is I make money off of 500 people in segments, okay. I have 500 people in a segment of emails and I make a thousand bucks on that, so imagine somebody with 10,000 emails coffee break


    I was going to ask a stupid question so I'm just going to say what up bro. Showing love keep it up. I implementing some of these moves and they work. I have a friend that has a IG page with 10k+ following him she sells shirts. No funnel, he delivers the shirts in his own car. Website is poop. I'm about to upgrade him

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