How to Skyrocket Your Google Adwords ROI | PPC Advertising Tips

How to Skyrocket Your Google Adwords ROI | PPC Advertising Tips


    Why don't you make a documentary on your journey as a digital marketer?? It will help a lot of new comers in this field.
    By the way, thanks for advice.💖

    Hey Nick How D? Can you a video on how to properly seo youtube video . My niche is short films and funny vidoes

    Hey Neil I want to work with you can you give me this opportunity,and I can work for free I just need experience and knowledge to be like you.

    Neil I met person don't know he is to smart or stupid
    The person I met is a seller on Amazon, he himself created more than 50 affiliate site and promoting his product by affiliate link.
    Is it right he earns every time he sells a product and even get commission.
    Is it legal, I hope you understand it's hard to explain

    I was using this strategy for one of my client last 6 month..his quality score increased…earlier he was paying $10-12 for conversion. Now the cost is less than $2. It's a very good strategy if your campaign is small.

    Good tips! single keyword adgroups are great, but for larger campaigns a lot of knowledge on the AdWords editor is needed to execute on these types of campaign. Imagine updating tracking or running ad copy tests on a campaign with 150 adgroups.

    The quality advice on advertising and marketing strategy is increasingly difficult to find. Come to the video thanks to one of your blog posts, as always you have everything very well mastered 🙂

    Hi Neil, Thankyou for sharing this awesome video. I want to ask you that can I advertise my amazn affiliate links on Reddit to get sales and commissione? will this safe method or ban my account?

    Thank you so much, Neil! A question: do you suggest to create a separate one-page landing for the ads campaign, or I can optimize one of the pages (that will be for landing) on my website? Would much appreciate your advice, or link to the video (if you already talked about it). Best!

    Hello Neil, When I use the Same Keyword in BMM, Exact and Phrase match 2 of my keywords doesnt work. Plz suggest,

    hey neil .. huge fan of urs.. should i rank a page with affiliate links(wanna make some money from it) using adwords ??
    if yes then please tell me how can i make sure it to be profitable this is my first try

    hey neil…i am a huge fan 🙂
    I need to do ppc on a very high competition keyword.. What makes sure i get best roi and best ad ranking too.. Revert ASAP

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