How To Save Your Past Broadcast On Twitch

How To Save Your Past Broadcast On Twitch

Do you stream on twitch and you need to
learn how to save your past broadcast to make clips, highlights, and more I got you
covered in this video let’s go! Hey it’s me it’s wild coming at you for
my stream support playlist where I bring you the best tips and tricks and if this
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for you if you’re trying to grow on twitch you need to learn how to improve
and refine your streams and the only way to do that is by watching your past
broadcast so you have to learn to turn on archived and past broadcasts this
will give you the best way to see what you excel at and what you suck at on
Twitch when you’re broadcasting out there to all the masses and the cool
thing about your past broadcasts is you can make things like highlights and
clips so you can share on social media platforms like Twitch, Instagram, Twitter
and Discord so this is a really good way to actually self promote yourself by
sharing it out with the masses while also refining your stream saving your
past broadcasts on twitch is really easy all you need to do is just log in go
under the settings tab and there you’ll see your channel and on the next page
that loads up all you have to do is tick this save broadcast tab if you’re an
affiliate or below you get up to 14 days of saved broadcasts and on the fifteenth
day it will be deleted if your twitch partner Prime or anything like that or
turbo member you get up to 60 days of stored broadcast space and the cool
thing about all this is you guys should go back and look at all of your past
broadcasts just see what you Excel out and what things you want to make into
clips or highlights that you want to share now that you’ve turned on
archiving and saved all of your past broadcasts go ahead and stream a couple
of things and when you’re all done come back to twitch and go under the video
producer section there it’ll show you all of your saved past broadcasts and
from here you can start looking and seeing what you excel at and what you
suck at you can make highlights clips export them some things now just to let
you know on a side row note if you guys play any copyrighted music or
copyrighted material you’ll notice there will be sections that are read it out or
blacked out that don’t allow any audio to be played they’ll be muted so be
careful what you have on your stream because
some things won’t capture the audio for you to make a clip or a highlight
because of the twitch TOS so make sure you pay attention to that and there you
go it’s that easy to save your broadcast and I highly recommend doing it so this
way you can learn from your own streams and make some fun clips that you can
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once again my name is Wild and thank you for all the fun and support and I hope
you enjoyed this video I will see you coming up real soon in the next stream
support video take care all peace


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    IF YOU WANT TO DO THIS ON MOBILE YOU MUST GO TO THE TWITCH WEBITE They are the same instructions to save streams as the video shows. Please like this so that people can see it.

    DUDE thank you so much im new to streaming when ever i have a problem i look it up and you come up not only do your videos actually work it really helpful to rely on your channel for help thank you SO MUCH

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    Question…, What about if that isn't there? Do you have to make a stream first, then it will appear? I have done exactly what you've shown however its just not there? Any ideas?

    If you can't find people past streams go here ( ) you don't need to download or pay.
    This link will not give you a virus

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