How to record & broadcast Xbox 360/PS3/PC/iPad2 1080p60 gameplay with AVerMedia Game Broadcaster HD

How to record & broadcast Xbox 360/PS3/PC/iPad2 1080p60 gameplay with AVerMedia Game Broadcaster HD


    If I get one of these, will I need to split my Xbox 360 HDMI before inputting into the Capture Card (so I can get an HDMI on my monitor), and is this compatible with software like XSplit or other livestreaming software?

    Hello, sry but my english is very bad haha.
    I have a question and its if you cant record the Ps3 with HDMI and the Component record only in 1080i, is foolishness buy this capture because you cant record in 1080 p. Is this truth or not?

    I use the european wall plug and my wall plug is 230v, Im getting the Dark Crystal HD DVR US/ANZ from USA next week.. Can I use a adapter/converter like a, US to EU converter? Does the HD DVR support 230v if I use a adapter/converter that goes from US adapter (3 plugs) to EU adapter (2plugs)?? Hope you understand!


    Hello. I am from Germany! Many of us are interested in your products.I had some problems with the Aver Media HD Capture Card h727 and now i will buy the new Game Broadcaster Hd. Is it so easy like it sounds? Hdmi cabel in the ps3 and in the new card? Is this all?

    i can capture the gamplauys/games of PC???
    im a pc gamer and i use Fraps to record, but hi have much lagg, avermedia gamecaptureHD have lagg when record?

    @AVerMediaGamerZone thanks but should I plug the adapter I bought ON the Power Adpater Outlet Module that I got in the box because that only works. Is the Power Adpater you getting in the box, is it the same adpater all over the world either if I buy it on Amazon UK or Gamestop in US?

    Is it that card ?

    And is it a problem that my PC has 16 gb RAM ?I heard people had problems with RAM over 4gb. Does it work with Xsplit ?
    Can i use a normal HDMI (1cable) or do i need the Microsft hdmi (with the 5 or so cables you know red, green, yellow, blue etc.)
    Can i record, stream and play at the same time ? i got a very new computer…
    Thank you very much 😀

    this product doesn't record [email protected] it deletes every other frame & works at 1080p30. thumbsdown for title fail. also, it seems to have blocking problems. maybe if they had the horsepower to record 60fps, they could also enable deblocking (rollseyes). and 15mbps max of 1080p source isn't enough. 25-30 results in higher quality youtube transcodings. (from 4-6mbps to 7-9mbps)

    I am aware of the HDMI on ps3 having HDCP. Would there be a way to bypass this by using a screen recorder (e.g. FRAPS) or would recording from ps3 have to be strictly from the component cable?

    Im confused… If i put my hdmi cable from my xbox to the capture card, there is no output to my tv so how am i supposed to see what im doing on my tv?

    really interested in buying one of these but can it record to 1080p @ 59.94 fps??? thats the realy question. the HD PVR can do 720p @ 59.94 which means when editting in after effects you have greater scope to use slow down effects like twixtor etc.

    Can you record to your pc at 59.94 fps? thanks in advance

    @avermediagamzerzone does the software support Linux and/or is there any open driver for the capture card? I heard it's using Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder is that true?

    But why would someone buy this for pc recording? You can record with Fraps, Dxtory etc. It does not lower yout FPS or what?

    I got a question: I thought PS3/X360 footage is HDCP encoded so you can not record it is that true? I was thinking of buying this Product.

    Is there a limit on cable length to the card? Our PC is about twenty feet from the ps3. Also is this available in UK? Cheers buddy

    i need some help with this card , i just got it installed but my pc wont recognize it, when i used the 3D app it says "can't find avermedia tv tuner cards"

    i just ordered one of these and i'm very excited, but im also kind of worried because im just above the minimum requirements, will my videos be choppy? I know i cant do h.264 but mpeg2 is more editor friendly anyhow.

    i actually got it working, one of my pcie slot is dead so i tried another, capture card works great. thanks for the reply.

    oh i meet all that, i have an Athlon 64 x2 3.0ghz and 4GBs of ram. will my recordings be impeded at all by not being better. basically, will it work but not perform so great? i'm just curious.

    In which Format are the recorded videos saved? Am I able to use the recorded videos for something else than streming them on TwitchTV?

    Thank you very much for these products, that are so so professionals! I bought the broadcaster hd on amazon and probably Today it's arriving, i'm so excited! 😀

    Do I can do more, than only stream live on Twitch chanell. I want to record, work with it, commentare it and post it on youtube… Is that possible?

    What is the name of this song? I feel like I've heard it in about twenty places, but I don't know the name offhand.

    Ii see a HDMI slot there but as I read the comments I just would like a straight up
    yes or no
    Can I connect my HDMI cable from my PS3 to the card?

    @iJihadTV I suggest getting a TV with a HDMI input so you can connect your PC to your TV making your TV into a monitor then also have the normal VGA or what ever plugged into a normal monitor so when someone else needs the TV you can also use your PC with little hassle

    I have a question, is there anyway i can live stream to twitch or something like that with my AVerMedia Game Capture HD? Thanks

    How do I capture PS3? Is the only way I can view the video being captured in the capture software? I want to capture on my PC and play on my TV, how do I do that? I have connected the PS3 already through component cable but how do I see what I'm playing? Can I only view it in the capture software?

    Can you please ask your friend what i need, to start live streaming to twitch….because i ve tried everything with this capture card AVerMedia Game Capture HD

    Not yet…see but encoder is like xsplit. my problem is i dont know how to get my computer to read my avermedia game capture hd when i connect it to the doesnt show up on the computer bro.any idea?

    It would be amazing if you guys could come up with something like that but as a external capture card. Would love to broadcast and stream in 1080p but i have a laptop and don't exactly have anywhere to insert this card. I know there are plenty of capture cards out there like this but none of them provide full 1080p as far as i know.

    this card installs directly onto an open PCI-e slot on the motherboard itself. there is no cable of any sort to connect it to a pc

    Well considering this card does record in 1080p and has HDMI some of your argument if already invalid. Granted it doesn't support 5.1 surround sound which i admit does definitely suck quite a bit, for the price of it it's a very great deal. I switched to this card from my Hauppauge HD PVR and haven't regretted it once.

    Ok so I have a ps3 and I dont have component inputs on my monitor so I was wondering how I would make this product work? Please respond quickly I need to know soon

    wait so do people have to get rid of the AVermedia Capture card HD if they have this? because this records? if so then i feel stupid for buying it. Please respond.

    I have a Broadcaster HD but dont know if I need 2 PC's or just 1 because everything I try to record PC Gameplay always fail.

    i heard that hdmi isnt working with the ps3 is that right? And if im playing with 30fps in 720p just live no Livestream or recording is it going to lagg?

    Di I need a HDMI splitter to record my PS3 :

    PS3 (HDMI) => PC (Avermedia broadcaster) => IIYame2210 (HDMI)
    PS3(HDMI) => Phillips television (HDMI).


    Currently, I am using a blackmagic device but I am looking another HW when i will my PS4.
    Thanks for your informations and your works.

    Do you think that a 0,8 mbps upload speed could handle a [email protected] fps stream with this card (With great software behind) ? I really want to buy it but I hope that my connection wouldn't affect my stream's quality too much 🙁

    i want to record gameplay on my single pc with this avermedia recentral broadcaster HD C127…is that possible or do i have to use another pc to do it?

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